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  1. Thanks everyone will be updating soon 👍
  2. Haven't updated the old thread in a while, if you see it on instagram it went a long way haha fiske carbon bits, blitz k1, jam ecu
  3. Cheers mate! Yeah Only show I've been to in the UK with my old one, this one will be there too hopefully! Well, atm I've got the optional SI lip, and other OEM bits to freshen it up, no Turbo bodykit planned atm, too expensive for what is is tbh...
  4. Hard times are upon us with this virus so I decided to start a build thread for my new build! Some may already know me from my previous build, the green EP91 Glanza conversion from France, well, after all these years, I needed to start over, so I set my course to a boxy Starlet. Plan is to swap every little bit from my green one, who already has most of the blood, sweat and tears thrown into it (and money). This build will be better than the first one since I've learned a thing or two with the previous one hahah The first challenge was finding the perfect base for my build, whi
  5. Thanks man! it's a handful, soon it'll have some new bits!! little update and future plans: Car runs like a dream, no problems at all, engine has near 0 oil consumption, no smoke at all, really happy with it! Next on the cards is coilovers, for sure (BC Racing) and a panhard rod! Then it's new wheels time as I'm sick of the speedlines, (KONIG HYPERGRAM) same specs brake overhaul, can't decide if I keep the stock glanza brakes and just put in some shiny new competition rotors + pads... I'm really happy with how it brakes, problem is heat :/ t
  6. Thanks guys this project has been a dream come true so far, lots more to come Et oui!! Tu viens d'où?? Merci
  7. Just an update on this beast! New engine did 10.000km already on my Starlet and it didn't miss a beat, so happy with it! the LSD is awesome too, just powers through twisty roads! Went to Portugal and back, which totals 3200km and the trip was awesome, no overheating, just 98 and go! (A lot of it *cries in japanese*) Dyno'd it there at 144hp! Next on the list is definitely suspension and chassis reinforcement, it really needs it... And needs better brakes as the ultimax 2 pads I have fade like hell, to the point that I had almost no brakes at all while going downhill in a one car ro
  8. Check if there's a code and check IGF (ignition feedback)
  9. So the engine came in ages ago! Ahah Gave it a little clean and service and now it's in the car all wired in and starting! Got a japspeed catback installed + a jperformance decat and manifold combo on the way Pics!
  10. nah, small core and intact bumper for me Like to put my reg where it belongs
  11. Go to a body shop? I'm sure they'll sort that and the rear guard too
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