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  1. Standard starlet spoiler and also one for the reflets in Japan which look similar but also haves a third brake light.
  2. Have a slim fan half rad with ac delete as well. Mine only kicks in once the coolants gets to warm. Only problem is I never actually installed and removed these parts myself. So need to trace everything to find what actually was done. I do have a glanza though if it makes any difference.
  3. Looks good mate, awesome Blitz boost controller you have there. Be sure to check the catchcan if it isn't hollow space, have one with the same design didn't have any baffling to actually catch any oil😅.
  4. Looking good the SR decals will finish it nicely, keep it up!
  5. Arm rests are not that common. The square fogs are also pretty rare they come for sale from time to time here, still have a set of round ones for the reflet.
  6. The 98 spec glanza I have does have these filters on the passenger side. Was under the impression all starlets with ac should have these filters🤔
  7. I would buy it without the gearbox if you still like the feel of your current gearbox and it is without any issues. The stock 4efe gearbox should handle a stock 4efte without any issues. Wouldn't prioritize a LSD for now they are nice to have but not a true necessity.
  8. The oem lsd for the 4efte should be out of the picture getting a complete unit with the custom mount and driveshaft is not an easy task. The viscous style is pretty much an open diff now and won't function like a lsd without a refurb imo. A helical lsd would be the best maintenance free LSD on the market as far as my knowledge goes. The black cap would be a reference to the endcap of your gearbox if I'm not mistaken. The 4efte ones are made completely of aluminium and the gearbox in the Corolla has a sheetmetal endcap coated in black paint. Gainzy is still selling a nice 4efte gearbox for about 150 gbp if you want a complete 4efte without paying the 500-700 gbp for a gearbox.
  9. Had a build thread for a while on toyotagtturbo, Will also keep it updated here, the more the merrier. Lots of thing still remaining to be done, but time once more became a luxury.
  10. Recently got a set of greddy license plates will definitely suits the greddy parts soon to be fitted/received. These holders fit plates from the USA, which are the same sizes as the plates which most import cars get here. Also got some braided an hoses and new foglight bulbs. Started to fit the tegiwa brake master cylinder stopper, to be fair it ain't a good kit, had to drill a bigger hole in the biggest bracket and had to cut the long bolt. Also they are a pain to fit, but well Cuscos also have these issues just not a lot of space to work with. Still need to complete the installation. So replaced the fog lights for some new ones, actually discoverer they where the lead type h3 bulbs which ain't good since the rubber grommets do not seal these types. Both replaced and it's all good now. Replacing these bulb is a real pain for sure, definitely the most time consuming bulbs of the glanza. Replaced the zip ties with clamps and the rubber hose with a nice braided one. Installed the brake master cylinder stopper which I would definitely not recommend to much effort to install. Did give a much more consistent brake feeling though. Still adjusting it a bit along the way. Sadly also found a small amount of coolant near the rear of the engine, wiped the water pump with a paper towel which came out pink so most definitely the water pump needs to be replaced along with the seals. So last weekend I decided to test my new tools since I had to replace the waterpump. Opted to go with full Aisin replacement unit. Got the car on the ramp in the garage. Removing the old waterpump and installing a new waterpump did take it's time. Removing the alternator from the engine bay was the hardest part. Waiting for the liquid gasket to dry it took ages. Bleeding the system was easy though. Removed an original Toyota aisin pump so it might have been the original one who knows. While I was at it I also did my first official oil change which was a peanuts compared to changing the waterpump. Replaced the battery bracket with one which is more fitting to the theme. Installed the braided an6 hoses replacing the pvc hoses. Test fitted the intercooler and route . Needs a bit of work to get it installed, will be fabricating the mounting brackets for the intercooler soon.
  11. After 15 month the time finally came to replace the old trusted steelies. Got a set of 4 jr 5mm spacers and a set of lug nuts. Replaced the steelies with some Enkies which have been powder coated with 3 new layers should last for quite some time. Wrapped the enkies is some nice bridgestone potenza re050a. Looks way beter but man I'm going to miss the carefree curbing of the wheels😝 I finally took the time to replace the old non turbo pcv valve. Ended up being a pain in the rear end instantly broke when I tried to remove the pvc hose which became hard and lost all it flexibility due to oil(currently running the same between pcv-catchcan-inlet but will be replaced with nylon rubber soon). Couldn't remove it so I ordered a new gasket set for the valve cover and started working on de valve cover. Cleaned up nicely. Sadly discovered some chipping of the cam lobes. Replaced the spark plug with hotter plugs while I was at it. Didn't look to bad but cylinder 2 an 3 seem to have some oil vapors problems due to the pcv(replaced the iridium BKR7EIX with BKR6E).
  12. So after owning my Glanza V facelift for around 1.5 years I have finally decided to start a progress blog. Actually haven't done much to the car yet since I owned it apart for the normal maintenance. Didn't have the time and actually wanted to keep the progress logged with a progress blog. Let me introduce myself, I'm Brian life in the Netherlands. Was looking for something special as my first car. Looked at a few cars like a bmw e46, Seat ibiza fr even an Impreza gt turbo. Soon I ended up looking for affordable cars like the golf mk4 gti, after speaking with my local garage they advised me to buy a Toyota instead since most GTI's here can have some poor maintenance history. Started looking for some fun and special toyota's mostly Celica's but after a while this white Glanza V popped up and I couldn't resist such a special little pocket rocket. Over the weekend I went over to check the car, and even though I had my doubts I ended up buying it anyway. Had some issues but instantly fell in love and genuinely wanted the car to be in the hands of an owner which will take care of it(me ). Bought the car at 156xxx kilometers currently has 163xxx kilometers. spec list: -stock exhaust and intercooler -hks oldschool bov -custom catchcan -injen dryfilter -stock engine with ac delete and short route intake -civic halfrad with 1.3bar mishimoto cap -ebc yellow stuff brake pads and discs front -braided lines in front -low boost delete -Tegiwa brake master cylinder stopper. -Enkei wheels with bridgestone potenza re050a First day I owned the car it didn't shift into the uneven gears. Broken gear linkage, didn't check them my bad(previous owner did send me a set of mint ones). Did the normal maintenance checked the belts replaced the oil and filter also replaced the transmission fluid and fuel filter. After the gear linkage issue I didn't experience any issues until MOT 4 months later. Car had some rusted rear calipers which one needed direct replacement otherwise it wouldn't pass the MOT. Got a new set of brake discs, set of ebc brake pads and a new caliper from Toyota(local Toyota dealer had one in stock since a few Paseo also have the same calipers). Did experience an issue with the boot full of water rear lights didn't have seals, fixed it luckily no rust. The crankshaft seal was leaking which was replaced also replaced the clutch with a new exedy one. Replaced the rear lights with a set which didn't have cracks all around and placed a new battery since the old one was done for. Reinstalled the strut brace and charcoal canister. Also added a home made custom catch can. The orange pipe is made of aluminum and has a few holes in them. The pcv is connected to this one. Threaded the pipe and the connection the catch can wrapped it in teflon tape to prevent any leaks. This pipe routes the air with oil vapors to the bottom of the catch can with a few holes to prevent a dirt water/oil to go back to the pcv ones the level of fluid rises in the catch can. The cyan space is filled with stainless steel wool which helps to cool the hot air with oil vapors which in turn condenses te oil to a liquid state and keeps it in the catch can reducing the oil inside the air which goes back to the intake.The red plate is their to separate the inlet from the outlet. Also prevents any pieces from leaving the catch can.The purple mesh filter is used to filter the last oil out of the air, also prevent any stainless steel pieces from leaving the catch can thus reducing the chance of damaging the pistons etc. Due to the mix of metals it will gall pretty bad but the oil should prevent this from happening.
  13. Found a corolla inlet the seller wants 100 gbp posted within uk for it. If you are interested we could sort something on the other forums since pm's still do not work here.
  14. I've been running generic 40mm red lowering springs which are fine and do not scrape to much. If I would buy lowering springs myself I would go for Apex ones which lower the car 35mm and new shocks(not just because Apex is a Dutch company😅). Apex offers a good warranty for the first owner and 40mm is just to much for standard shocks imo.
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