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  1. If Mike can't source them you can always buy them from epc(amayama) https://toyota.epc-data.com/starlet/ep91/61052/chassis/4301/31105H/. LSD seal(90311-50015) will set you back 3.84 gbp + 5.82 gbp shipping.
  2. Looking for an OEM 98 spec front lip. Would need to be shipped to the Netherlands. Please send a PM if you got one laying about and want to sell it.
  3. I've owned my glanza for a while, but I doubt the OEM actuator is looped correctly. The car has a filter relocation to the front bumper. Currently the top nipple is connected to the turbo and the one on the side is disconnected. Doesn't this create a vacuum leak, and should it be blocked? Have been looking around the forum but didn't find a clear answer. Kind regards, Brian
  4. All memes aside turbocharging your car is not just bolting on a turbo. You will need all the supporting mods that go along. Forged piston rods is one of a dozen mods required to reliably turbocharge your car.
  5. Air filter relocation kit for a 4efte ct9, silicone hose is a 90deg 38mm to 51mm . The alloy pipe is a 51mm 90 degree bend. Bought new but never ended up using it. £20 plus paypal fees and delivery (about £8 shipping with DPD to the UK, other available). Also accept bank transfers(traditional, TransferWise etc) Item location: Netherlands ship: Worldwide
  6. Complete wood effect set for a glanza automatic. Includes both the centre cover and gear knob cover. Centre cover has a blemish/dull spot near the top. Shift knob: the bottom half is in reasonable condition. The top half has some discolouration on top, and three cracks(see pictures). Overall this set is pretty rare and had a price tag of 33600 yen back in 1997. £50 plus paypal fees and delivery (about £8 shipping with DPD, to the UK other available). Also accept bank transfers(traditional, TransferWise etc) Item location: Netherlands Shipping: Worldwide. dull spot depends on angle: Gear knob
  7. Looks awesome, love the livery suits the car perfectly.
  8. The resistance between the anode(red wire) and cathode (black wire) should be more than 0. The wire to the left should have a variable output depending on the floater position. If this is not the case their could be a rupture inside the cable. This can be tested with a multimeter on continuity mode. Do mind that a variable resistor doesn't always give enough throughput to give a signal(Only with minimal resistance ). The best way to test it in this case is to put minimal voltage through the anode and cathode and measure the voltage between them. If it is nearly equal to the input the wires should be fine and the problem is elsewhere.
  9. The glanza non abs and brake booster from na starlets build between 1996 and 1997 are the same(OEM 44610-10370). If their is a true difference between abs and non abs boosters I do not know, they do have different OEM numbers. The internals of the master cylinder are also the same between glanza s/v and the na both for non abs and abs. The only parts that might be different is the reservoir since the glanza has rear disc brakes thus should require a bigger reservoir to feed the rear brakes (they do have a different oem number). Another member might be able to clarify this.
  10. Looks lovely, looking forward to the progress.
  11. Just found out my passenger foot well has wet carpet. The problem it start just after the elevated mounting points for the seat and ends around the plug in the floor. The fluid is not sticky nor smells sweet, so I'm pretty sure it's just plain water. Any ideas or anyone had this before? Thanks
  12. What I currently know: Corolla e12 2002- d4d discs 275mm width, 25mm thick and height of 49mm: need spacers and longer studs(63mm). Will require machined down to 260mm if no st202 brackets are installed. Astra tdci discs 280mm width, 25mm thick height 42.2mm: they require machine down to 275 or 260mm if st202 brackets aren't used, spigot ring required. Corsa C gsi discs 260mm width, 24mm thick and height 41.1mm: Require spigot rings. edit: Just ordered a set of Corsa C 1.8 gsi discs will arrive in the coming months.
  13. Hi all, I've been reading about potential discs for Levin twin pots with Levin carriers. I know the discs of a Corolla e12 2002- d4d and the discs of an Astra tdci fit . Seen a few post writing about Corsa C gsi discs fitting without machining the 260mm discs, only thing needed is a spigot ring. would like to know if I'm correct or missing some information/steps.
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