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  1. The sills would still be fixable within a week or a bit more. The other bits like a cut and patched loom dented rear and rusted wheel well. Rusted battery mount and a few bits of the frame rusted. Really starts to add up and with the other projects I have, it made more sense getting a good one. If everything works out I'll be getting a paseo (hopefully a blue one) and swap it with the 4efte and get it registered so it is a legal swap. Seen a red 1999 one in very good condition with the optional rear glanza disc brakes, but will needs to be a pre 1998 spec, since one after 1997 costs 1k or
  2. This glanza has come to it's end most likely, the engine will live on inside a paseo or something the otherbits will be parted out most likely. But not to worry another glanza has been bought and I'll be picking it up next week.
  3. https://coolerworx.com/products/coolerworx-short-throw-shifter-toyota-starlet-glanza One dutchie is now running one aswell
  4. Got a A20A4 with 12 valves. Also got fuel injection boosting it to an output of 120hp and 166nm😅 Soon... We could do a race and see whose car turns to Japanese gold dust first right😆
  5. It's a third generation Honda Accord Aerodeck, representing pop ups and the mighty sportbrake at its finest including a very welcome independent double wishbone suspension. The old school cars are really getting rare and beyond very expensive as well. Picked this one up at a reasonable price, but included alot of work aswell. Which I'll be sorting with the help of a few other lads.
  6. There it is the replacement for the ae111 which I would have bought instead if this one didn't pop up. Rear arches need to be replaced and a few other places need attention but all just in time to not be a massive project. Will need a proper swap once it is restored.
  7. Happy 2022 all. Sounds like a great plan Sam. Paseo’s really are a dying breed. Was thinking about getting a Corolla Levin ae111 this year and do a few mods to it. But something else crossed my path the second of January so if that one is bought the levin will be removed from the list of things including the list of mods for the current daily civic. Maintaining a levin in the Netherlands is way to hard though and most parts would need to be sourced from abroad. Think the glanza is the better example of a maintainable car here since most bits can be replaced with standard Starlet
  8. I currently have the adapter akayakpotter mentioned ready to go on. Reduces the load on the thread in comparison to the extension I mentioned before. The actual oil pressure reading should also be very accurate at that location only the risk of damage if any metal shavings are present is very high. I've bought a d1 spec one(just like you did😅), should be arriving somewhere next year(not easy to source anymore to be fair with Toyota thread). One Dutchy had great experience with them fitting without any work, so had to check it out myself. Maybe he got a very rare spec, he did bought it 8 y
  9. Only way I would think it could be recored incorrectly is when it is possible to bypass the core itself(Flow follows the red arrow instead of the green ones). But maybe someone else would be able to help you with other possibilities.
  10. Amazing work. Really like the look of fresh plated bolts and nuts. Also in the process of mounting a z-line intercooler and representing RS-R with the panhard rod. Amazing part, can't really get any better panhard in my opinion.
  11. Sorry mate, meant the c160 and c161/2 gearboxes. Got them mixed up with others. Indeed the c163(c161/2 I meant) is the g6 gearbox, pretty hard to come by these days in the Netherlands.
  12. What 6 speed will you be running? The c160, c161/c162? Nice build you have going. Especially like the color, have though about spraying the glanza in the same color(since getting a prefacelift in the correct color is near impossible now).
  13. inspected the first bit of the sill to see how bad it might be. Doesn't seem to be that bad, but we all know what lurks beneath.
  14. The only thing left is checking if the core gets hot then. Seems the coolant may not be flowing through the complete core. Maybe the air flows past it instead of through the core? Not sure if that is even possible, but at this point should be considering every possibility.
  15. Sure do, I'll start with the sleeper look anyways since it is cheaper and still have a choice then.
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