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  1. They light up with a bulb in the centre, the rings are just reflective for the looks I suppose.
  2. Thank you very much😁. I guess the Vauxhall corsa c sxi is the same as the opel corsa c gsi delivered in the Netherlands. The discs here are 260mm width and have a "Hub" diameter of 126mm. edit: Just checked the Astra discs they indeed have an inner dia 123mm and if the 3mm machine work is correct the final size would be the same as the corsa c discs.
  3. After some strolling around the forum I couldn't find any better fit than the Corsa C or Astra discs depending on carrier setup. They both need 1.5mm of skimming on the inside for an inner diameter of 129mm which should fit over the hubs. Your Astra discs are 275mm right?
  4. What inner diameter did they machine them to?
  5. inner part(where the hubs sits) dia is 126mm So it probably needs a few mm of machining, but if the hubs have a diameter of 126mm or lower they should fit no problem(I think they are 131mm). I didn't swapped mine yet, but if anyone knows the diameter of the glanza front hubs(from top to bottom) it would be useful for sure.
  6. Thanks lads I probably leave it venting to atmosphere. After checking the diagrams once more. I believe Toyota designed the actuator to have a small hole to bleed air, just like a bleed valve. If this would be true blocking the nipple would restrict the turbo to low boost. Unfortunately I do not have a proper boost gauge installed yet so I can't test this.
  7. Found quite a bit of dirt inside the arches, luckily it didn't get wet and rusted the arches.
  8. Welcome Coen, enjoy your stay.
  9. Hey guys, I got a question about the clips holding the front wheel arches. I removed most of them, but the clips where the sideskirt cap bolts into are still stuck into the arches(part 90189-06013). Can you pull those clips out or is the only option removing the front wings. Kind regards, Brian edit: I decided to cut them since I have some spare plugs.
  10. Did you ever fix this? Had some water in the wheel well some time before finding the wet carpet, might spilled some water from their to the front of the car. The wet carpet actually was more towards the centre console/ shift boot. After a few days of heavy rain it is still dry so whatever I did in the past might have fixed the issue or potentially moved it to another place.
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