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  1. Vents sorted only looking for plastic trim piece
  2. Looks mint, fancy having one as a replacement one day. Oem wise the part numbers are the same for the glanza and UKDM starlets.
  3. Mine looks like this, panel might be cut a bit. Still looking for a mint one from an ukdm starlet since mine also has a hole for a retrofit fog light switch. I do prefer this iteration of adjustment since the rubber for the pre facelift adjustment is mostly degraded by now.
  4. I guess it would be a Toyota mark 2 blit or a crown estate😉(I do prefer a 1jzgte crown estate myself). It is nice to hear you still have your starlet, keen to see your further progress.
  5. Wil get some pics soon basically have na starlet panel and probably steering wheel adjustment of a Corolla levin etc. Doubt it is original Glanza since the OEM number for the handle didn't change, but I haven't seen any other facelift glanza yet so who knows.
  6. Thx Sam, atleast I now know what is was used for. Did the facelift glanza get a relocation? Mine is just next to the steering column instead of in the panel.
  7. Hello fellow Starletiers I have a question about the part marked with a red square. With the glanza it seems to be mostly replaced with some rubber strips. What is the purpose of this hole/square? Thx, Brian
  8. If you get a complete set we can split the set/price since I'm currently looking for a facelift Passenger side left one.
  9. Oem number is 41301-12190 came on the ae111 Corolla Levin/Sprinter Trueno. Ever Corolla Levin bzr seems to have a lsd unit. Also came with a few Toyota Vitz models(the NCP91 and NCP13(1)) as an optional extra. Sometimes if you are lucky these units go for 180 euros, but 300 is not unusual. Also do not know what power those diffs can handle. They are part of the TRD line(part number 41301-AE000) so should be able to handle a good amount of power. edit: Helical lsd's are in my opinion the best for street use, clutch type lsds just are to aggressive.
  10. Not to expensive and a proper fix for the limiting gears of the c5x gearbox, Definitely want to do the c64 upgrade myself when tuning for power. Using the gt glanza diff would definitely be quite handy and makes the swap a bit easier. Personally been looking into the oem helical lsd of the ae111 Corolla Levin and a few JDM yaris models, seems to be a good lsd for the money.
  11. I uploaded mine to imgur and used the link instead of uploading to the forum.
  12. Are you going to try and fit the c64 lotus box to the (4-5)e engine?
  13. Levin ae111 twin pots can "easily" be installed to boost braking performance, if you still looking for the an upgrade. Just need some corsa c sxi discs and a ring to reduce the center hub dia of the the disc.
  14. Looking for the panel underneath the steering wheel with fuse panel etc, needs to be min without holes(Looking to replace mine with fog light switch and go with an oem replacement switch). With kind regards, Brian
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