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  1. Nice one mate, glanza is looking neat. Any plans for engine modifications?
  2. Indeed pretty extreme what a few facelift items can do to a car back in the 90s. Pretty shocking the standard starlets in japan came with these units while the glanza got a lexus lights which I do not really like on a white starlet.
  3. Test fitted the rear lip and reflet lights. With all the lips and the rear units the car does change quite a bit.
  4. After getting the glanza out of winter storage and driving it for a week it is time for an update. Installed some enkei stickers after degreasing. Really need to clean the wheels (Don't get white wheels you need to clean them every single day😫). So the great reveal is here the glanza is back to the state it was back in 2017 in the front with the addition of the original badge. Fitting the fmic is going to be a healthy challenge now. Didn't completely fit the bumper yet still need a few new bolts from Toyota to get it flush. Moved the bonnet lock up a bit so I can now close the bon
  5. Reflet lights are the way to go on white starlets in my opinion. Really looking neat with the glanza rear bumper with lip. Just needs the skirts to be installed, but I'm sure you will get there. Don't you mind, not installing the parts yourself?
  6. Thx mate it is getting along, 2021 should be an exciting year with a lot of progress. It worked really well with the previous revision. This should outperform it easily. Just need to get the standard glanza intake to the box show it can be actively cooled to keep it performing well. Currently use a piece of pvc fuel hose to connect the inlet to the aluminum tube inside the catch can. Was planning to use a piece of copper tube instead, still some improvements to be made but happy with how it is now. Yup the gc8 platform is amazing would love to own one someday soon
  7. Getting the glanza back next week small update. Cleaned the catchcan en swapped the inlet etc so the lines don't cross anymore. Replaced the internals with copper instead of stainless, nature made copper conduct heat way better which makes it a better alternative to stainless. Folded some wire in the inside which now functions as a retaining spring for keeping the copper sponges down. This time also prepped the surface better so the dirko sealant sticked better. Overal very happy with it now stil flows really wel in my opinion(no measurements but when blowing through it no pressure build
  8. If you replaced the dodgy piston and still have it spare you could cut it open and remove the inside piece which functions as a 'nut" to compress the spring and make it easier. Below is a screenshot from the workshop manual:
  9. Minor update just collected a few bits still waiting on getting the car back in april. Neat glanza badge: Also collected a set of rsr braces and maybe the best panhard rod a rsr stainless one: Not much more yet but watch this space much more to come once I graduate in June🎓
  10. Great work did the waterpump(replaced it with a complete asin unit) a while back without removing the inlet. Took quite a while to get the alternator between the driveshaft and power steeringrack, it did however feel like the car was designed to be like that. Also used Erling Dirk, have been told it is the way to go and havent had any leak which is great. Did however took me a full day to replace it.
  11. Great progress as always. The 3 spoke steering wheel does look way beter and more modern. Did you turn the rad cap to the very end? By the looks of it we have the same rads and when I had it positioned like that it did look great but didn't completely seal the system and it never build pressure inside the system and just leaked a wee bit(I would imagine it is even worse on hot days). Could squeeze out coolant by just squeezing the coolant pipe on top. Just a small note and imo a thing to check to make sure it seals well.
  12. Cost me just over 59 euros to get them shipped to the Netherlands. The sills are the only questionable part of my car for now other parts are still solid.
  13. Ordered a set Pretty happy there are still some out there.
  14. They are back in stock again need to order myself a set. I'll check with them what the difference is between the 15 euro one and 55 euro one. Labor will be quite a bit as well. The inner sill may well be gone two which will make it cost way more if done proper would at least be 350 gbp I guess.
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