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  1. The plus side is they are a lot cheaper than the real deal and don't require much maintenance. The customizability on the models is what really amazed me. The only limit is your creativity really. They give the possibility to own a representation of the real deal without the issues and pricetag.
  2. Great work as always. Great job on the tribute model car. Another great lineup of models coming up I see. Be mindful this can become a pretty expensive hobby quickly
  3. Finished the complete loom for the interior lighting. Just need to get the dash out now and replace the dam vents. Also started to notice the difference in green with the center console. This is due too one being original and one aftermarket. In person this isn't really noticeable but something on the list for the next order.Just the footwell lights and ignition barrel left to fit
  4. This looks pretty sketchy. Does the oil filter still seal well? I've been told the d1 spec sandwich plates fit without any work. Not sure if this is true, didn't try it myself.
  5. Thanks Sam, seems to be a common thing around here. Only works above ambient temp though since the ac is removed.
  6. The past week I've been replacing the timing belt and front seal. Did the job without removing the engine mount which might have made it more complicated than it should have been. Installing the timing belt was a major pain. Very hard to get it on all pulleys and in most cases it jumped time. After a few attempts I retarded the timing of the camshafts which resulted in the correct timing after installing the cambelt and tensioner. I did use a puller for the crankshaft to not chip it. Also replaced the rear mount with a new one since it was torn. Already had my suspicio
  7. Thanks @Trevstar , nothing gives more satisfaction than replacing a china button with a good panel and a oem looking switch. Just need to wire the interior lighting for the green button, not sure from which connection I'll be tapping it from yet.
  8. An easy filter to get in Europe and other places is the Injen nanoweb dry filter. No oil used and made of pretty good material. It was made in collab with Amsoil so can't fault it. Also using one myself.
  9. Thanks, I've got a adapter with the stri gauge set, but no idea if it is the correct one, the pitch seems fine and the socket for its is 17. Stri also doesn't mention it in the manual😅 Maybe something like this would be usable depending on the space around the pressure switch. Did some searching a while back though a Y-adapter has been used successfully.
  10. @akyakapotter Do you know the thread size for both the relocation bracket and the pressure sensor(1/8 BSPT probably?)?
  11. Installed the fog light switch and a new panel. Just need to rewire the switch so it works which is the next job.
  12. Very exited for the parts. I'm fine, haven't had any issues yet with everything going on. Just having a few weeks of now.
  13. While checking for a loom to plug into for tapping the ign light a discovered that my hazard bulb was blown, now replaced with a new one and in working order. discovered the glanzas don't seem to be using the bulb for the rear defog switch when it comes to interior lighting. After some more digging it seemed that Toyota also blanked of the switch so even if the bulb is lit it isn't shown. Not sure if all glanzas have this, but pretty sure this is the case since the loom is also not prepped to work with interior lighting.
  14. Car got a fresh MOT just now. Received the rear fog switch today, came without the silicone caps around the bulbs so had to install them myself. Switch is ready to be wired in once I receive the connectors, also looking for a connector near the ciggy lighter to make a loom for the the illuminated ring around it. Thinking about using the hazard switch if it is illuminated since the climate control plug is a bit involved.
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