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  1. Small update. Recently got a set of wind deflectors in good condition with all the clips to complete the glanza once I get it back. After 4 weeks I visited the car this weekend to check on the oil leaks I have. Found 3 which 2 where known all seem to be around the sump so needs to be resealed since the rear seal is already replaced. The front seal will be replaced together with the timing belt once I get the car back. The oil stain on the bottom is from leaking grease of the chassis. Removed the catch can from the car to make a second revision of it with new internals so
  2. Very mint car, hope to see it one day for sure. I guess at a meeting once it is possible.
  3. Just started with my internship for my graduation for my embedded software engineer in the automotive sector. I do really enjoy it, learning more and more about the complex car stuff every day. Can't do much with the car since it is in storage until April. Of course still prepping things to get on the car when I get it back. Lockdown starts to be enjoying these days, but work has kept me busy. Since the new job I can go back to work again instead of working from home which in my experience I quite uplifting for your mental health. Working from home is fine for a few weeks but beyond that it ge
  4. Looking good. Amazing you still have it and had the time to post a few updates.
  5. Thanks man, nog geen Nederlandse topic voorlopig vanwege de lage activiteiten op het forum. De glanza heeft het een en het andere in de afgelopen jaren ingeleverd. Elke post komt de glanza wel dichterbij zijn oude staat inclusief een paar veranderingen. De velgen die je nu hebt zijn zeer tof en niet de zoveelste rota of japspeed velgen. Zelf ben ik nog opzoek naar een setje unieke velgen in de maat 15x6.5j. Ben al een tijdje aan het zoeken naar informatie van het verleden van de glanza en zo nu en dan kom je wat tegen. We zien elkaar wellicht wel eens op een meeting zoals japfest o
  6. I'm not familiar with Celica's or most Corolla's it is best to ask these questions on a celica and/or a corolla forum. There may be a few people floating around with knowledge regarding WRC builds. note: please stay on topic
  7. The E series gearboxes are much larger than the C series gearboxes. If the bellhousing would even be adaptable there will be a lot of work getting it to fit. In short they will not fit.
  8. I guess you mean gearbox and not just a differential . There is ongoing research on the topic of fitting certain gearboxes on the 4efte here(any new finding will be published there once validated and tested):
  9. Car is currently in dry storage sandwiched between the caravans😁 Will miss it but couldn't stand keeping it in the rain and humid air. The salted road wouldn't do it any good so haven't driven it for the past 4 weeks. I'll be getting it back on the road in the beginning of april next year.
  10. Looking good I have the same kit minus the intercooler, replaced that with a Mishimoto one. The first time I test fitted it I had a bit of a hassle with installing the piping from the intercooler to the throttle body. Do mind I didn't actually secure my intercooler at the time of test fitting which I can do now since I have sorted some mounting brackets. Interested in how you get it fitted on the car and your experience with the kit.
  11. facelift lenses: LH lens - 81561-10340 RH lens - 81551-10360 RH lens: 81551-10370 LH lens: 81561-10350
  12. Do you mean the red bulb covers or the the 98 spec rear lenses? facelift lenses: LH lens - 81561-10340 RH lens - 81551-10360 Both will most likely be discontinued.
  13. Looking good James. Massive amounts of progress in such a sort amount of time. The stock height on starlets is shocking🤣 Just wondering what happend with your other front bumper?
  14. Thanks mate, still enjoy ownership every day.
  15. Found some pictures of the car from back in the day, between 2011 and 2018. By the looks of it after 2011 the car got an engine which was running at about 200 bhp. Later the engine may have been swapped for a different one since so much is different about it no fmic anymore leads changed and a bit more. I do have an oem front and rear splitter now which need to be painted and find their way back on the car to return the past to the present with a small twist of now having 2 facelift wing mirrors😃 ? 2011 2017
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