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    Mainly to have fun and learn along the way. I'm after building a fun daily driver that could also be taken to the track without much further modification from how its driven daily

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    Japanese shite! Mechanics and broadening my slither of knowledge about it. The various different car scenes around the world
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  1. White OEM glanza spoiler with wiring and high level brakelight. Paints not mint like but could easily clean up. Seen one snap on Facebook so please collection only. I'm located North Manchester but I'm willing to meet someone for fuel. £135.00.
  2. Burty lad you make me scared to start mine underneath lol😂
  3. Few members on here have really motivated me recently. Thankyou lads, it's been great speaking to you. So, more turbo preparations. I want to throw more handling into it before power. Always of the belief that using the power you already have more effectively is better than throwing tons of unusable power into it. To do this, I'm going to finish the Polybushing kit with new arms, balljoints and track rod ends. I've also got a new set of wheels. Gone from 14x6 et47 to 15x7 et35. Most importantly, 15s open up a better tyre choice with obviously wider sizing and better fitment. I'm th
  4. Progress has been slow recently. Mainly due to money and me catching covid. I have since "fixed" my oil burning issues by swapping the engine from @RWDM47 into mine. Whilst doing this, I upgraded to a comp Clutches lightweight flywheel and all three fensport aluminium pulleys on the auxiliary side. She picks up a hell of a lot better now. I did want to paint the replacement up, but as it's only a temporary engine, I decided to just get the car mobile as quickly as possible and save the VHT for the other engine The original engine for my car is currently being rebuilt. That engine wi
  5. Does anybody make an off the shelf cooling panel for an NA? Making preparation to go turbo and I'm currently focusing on cooling. But I don't want to glanza swap the front end. Thanks!
  6. I know a few people produce these, not really bothered on branding. Anybody gone one for sale, let me know. Cheers
  7. Yeah mate, any idea what the threads called? Would love to read some more about it!
  8. Just a small collection of photos I took at japfest. Massive shoutout to everyone who took the time to talk and explain with some great advice given too! P.S. got a real soft spot for the 20valve 4age, if your on here, please shoot me a DM mate. You wasn't with the car and I didn't get chance to chat.
  9. White N/S/F wing, good con. £50.00 Teal O/S/F wing, good con. £50.00 Tailgate, Teal. Great con. Can come with wiper and/or wiper delete bung. £50.00 N/S/F door, Teal. Good con. £40.00 O/S/F door, Teal. Good con. £40.00 O/S/R door, Teal. Good con. Window has been tinted £40.00
  10. Yeah sorry mate, didn't know the rules as the warning at the top of the page won't load for me.
  11. Engine, box and fuel tank gone. All panels available. Most of the interior is there. All engine ancillaries and suspension/steering available.
  12. Since the coilovers, not much has taken place with the car. I've installed a kenwood headunit. I wanted an old school one for a while now, something that 17year old me 20years ago would have bought new for it and this suits perfectly. No Bluetooth, just Aux and radio. I've thrown some speakers in too, as the sound was lacking to say the least. Just upgraded to the best for factory sizes, didn't want to go cutting stuff. They are 16cm in the parcel shelf and 13cm in the front for anybody wanting to fit the same way as I have. Interior wise, I've also installed an eBay under radio cupholder box,
  13. Great to meet you Patrick! Yes, sadly the car is going to be broken. Must say, I have fallen in love with the colour a little. The engine will be transplanted into my car, which is currently burning oil. I'll use your engine whilst I have mine out to make turbo preparations on my engine and then it will be built as a spare. The Box and all thats attaining to it will be going to Reece Cummings (Reece lad if you read this, get on here properly and start a build thread!) To manual swap his home made turboed car (he's done it for less than 400quid, it may not be pretty but it beat an A
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