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  1. Bought a td04 manifold turbo and downpipe from ebay, Wuhan special, just wondering if I were to get an intercooler setup for the 4EFTE if the piping would fit my conversion? Asked the sellers but their english isn't very good dont think they understood me lol
  2. Not updated in a while but I've got myself another starlet, I still have this one but I found one for sale 3 door same colour 70k miles for £450, still has mot till october and no rust, does have a bit of an issue with changing gears but at this price I won't moan, just for college and deliveries + winter, changed the gearbox oil to see if it would help but nah, so gonna assess it down the line. It's filthy and rough looking but gets the job done. Drove to Belgium for 2 weeks too and took the starlet drove faultless, Got a backbox installed on it but I'll likely be changing it again in a few m
  3. So another update on the Starlet, got her undersealed last week, dropped her off and got her 6 days later all clean and ready. Underside got steam cleaned, needle descaled, rust converter applied and left overnight, then Dinitrol applied and cavity waxed. All the good stuff so hopefully helps it stay on the road forever, get a yearly checkup for free with Preserve & Protect in Johnstone, they seem well known in Scotland as many people I spoke to have used them or known customers who did and seemed impressed with the jobs. Also gave her an oil change but couldn't get the filter off was too
  4. Was that a straight bolt on? Videos and other posts I seen you had to mess around with the throttle cable and putting in washers for it all to fit etc but it looks the same as standard in this pic
  5. Another update on the Starlet, since putting the wheels on I've got my crystal headlights delivered and put them on the car last week, came with LED's too which is much nicer on the backroads here and helps freshen up the front of the car. Also got bored on Monday and bought a PA system and installed it on Tuesday, just put it on the driver's side of the engine bay where there's plenty space, drilled 2 holes and wired it up, quite fun on nights out speaking through it or blasting "its da sound of da police" 🤣I know its childish but its cheap fun for the time being I'll get pics of it in t
  6. I've to put on the headlights on mine next but jacked the car up earlier today to put on some new wheels I bought a few weeks ago, for £120 I can't complain they sit nicely in the arches and look good lol just has winter tyres on the back and center caps missing. I think it looks really good with these wheels I just need to check if its rubbing anything cause I'm sure I could hear a slight noise when driving above 20-30mph maybe against the caliper or something, had a girl on the sidewalk turn around and look so guessing it must be hearable from outside lol hopefully nothing major they're 15/1
  7. Hi mate, nice to know its atleast went to someone from the forums which is always better, atleast its parts live on to help other starlets, keeps more on the road. That's not a bad price at all to turbo any car lol I'm looking at getting some alloys for mine now that I've lowered it. Those TTE parts will most likely shoot up in value in a few years so he'll probably need to fight off offers from people in the future lol. That Shogun certainly looked nice and clean good thing its been restored, should last a few more decades at least. Goodluck on your turbo build though I'll be looking on updat
  8. Well, that's the turquoise starlet gone now, sold it on Ebay and Callum Wellens who's also on this forum came up to get it. Sad to see her go honestly feels weird lol her parts will live on in other starlets, hopefully keeps a few more on the road now. This'll probably be the end of this thread on the forum and I'll keep going in the new one with the other Starlet. video-1648658720.mp4
  9. I was surprised with how clean it is, there's one that's been for sale for months now with 29k miles seems clean too but its salmon pink lol and the guy wants 2k for it, I suppose there's still a lot of low mileage ones going for sale on facebook and autotrader still but a lot of them are automatics, useless for me but might be useful if its just a donor car for you, there was one with 70k miles or so for 800 last week when I bought this. That's me just paid the guy for the crystal headlights too so next week or so I'll probably install them, I'm not looking forward to taking off the head
  10. Dunno why its put the pictures as downloadables instead of posting them on the actual post but hopefully you get to see them and can be bothered downloading them lol
  11. So after more or less giving up my first starlet after its needing repairs from the crash I bought another one last weekend while drunk at a club...which turned out very well actually. Went down to Sheffield on Monday onced I sobered up and had a look at it, it's a write off to the insurance because of the damage to the boot and bumper...a joke lol. Sills are perfect, genuinely perfect, not a spot of rust underneath, only has 44k miles was owned for 8 years by Hyundai dealerships since 2014 as a "float car" to move parts between stores I'm guessing. Written off in 2015 so I'm going t
  12. Guessing I wasn't allowed to put the link to ebay in my thread so putting it on the right section then, selling my Cat N starlet on Ebay, 1 day left no reserve, full description on there about the car and link to walkaround showing underside is clean of rust etc https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/403542857933?_trksid=p2471758.m4704
  13. Cheers idk why it does that with the photos I’ll try sort it out, managed to get it from ID workz that bolt now trying to get a reply from people breaking starlets for a new washer fluid reservoir as mines cracked everywhere 😂 no luck so far
  14. Anybody know if there should be a screw here to hold the black box behind the lower adjustment bolt in place? Can't think of anyother way to keep it from moving about
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