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  1. So I not updated in a long while but watch this space fiske carbon live sports wings ordered
  2. Nice i should be putting the deposit Down on the cf wings in next few weeks
  3. has anone got one for sale or can direct me to a place that still sells them
  4. looking good Where did u get steering wheel snap off boss kit feom and wheel ??? As want to change mine
  5. Be updating this over Xmas as took all the the photos off photoshop and I b re uploading them my self soon
  6. Nope unfortunately not continuity just checks if a current is flowing. From point a to b resistance check ya have to have say the injector harness disconnected and the ecu disconnected u then with selected on the ohms setting see what resistance is. To check the injector u have to test it disconnected should see a resistance depends on if the high or low injectors some will say 14.5 ohms then check the rest and see if there a difference. I rather do voltage drop test on the circuit
  7. Least u found the issue tip in future u can have continuity through a single strand of wire it always best to do a resistance check or a volt drop test
  8. Any one got a auto throttle body from a glanza v please need one ASAP
  9. Hi all I want to polish my rocker cover any one can point me in the direction of what type of paper I need etc
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