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  1. Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) No signal for 0.5 seconds or more at ignition ON. (VTA) ECU check you have wired it in correctly also might need to have a map update to tell ecu it has auto TPS as your current map is to the ol throttle body
  2. Yer I seen that but tbh it just easyer ordering a brand new one then asking online lol
  3. Yer got one on order from Toyota and cover to grand total 120 quid
  4. The engine is secondhand I just replacing the cams due to poor figment and clearance scored the cams bad. When the pully come off all I had was the crank bolt no washer on the crank think this is my problum then now need to find a new one
  5. Hi all I bit stumped to discover this evening that my bottom pully has worn through my cover any reasons for this as I don’t have a clue y it’s happend
  6. So I been plodding on sold my turbo kit now so money is use to clear some low debt off to free up some cash each month. This evening I removed my rfpr and remounted it I also re doing the braided fuel lines with Teflon style internal and an fittings. I then started removing the timing belt covers and to my slight worry my bottom pully has been rubbing on my cam belt cover and worn a hole through it not a clue why this has happend anyone can shed a light on it much appreciated. Cam belt is removed now and going to get a new kit ordered up once I done all the other cam removal work. So so my plan now is save hard for the following kits Fisk billet cams and there borgwonrer turbo kit at just under 4 k lol
  7. Anyone got a engine loom knocking about it don’t have to b Mint as I only need to so I can do some loom work to mine replace connectors etc
  8. So today I went down my garage and removed my rocker cover so I could check the cams to def sure they couldn’t b saved unfortunately they can’t but I have a good set of standard ones to go in so now got to get time to remove them etc. I also after speaking to a member on here I going to update my sensors to new faster reading ones so just purchased a new intake air temp sensor and coolant temp sensor. Grand total of 133 quid. Not to bad and easy for me to do.
  9. Or read my thread I about 20k in and got another 3-4 k to finish it to my spec and taken 6 years
  10. I would replace the valve as well if u can get hold of them still also where it located ? As I just fort mine never been changed lol
  11. jellybaby

    map sensors

    Yes or u will get a eml light on I using both on my hks ecu
  12. Ya engine still lives but got shim issues lol
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