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  1. Where you get them from dude the kwik lifts
  2. where did u get head light from dude ??
  3. lol all mine are electronics sensors cop trigger wheel custom looms ecu full pdm set up can bus buttons turbo kit interior respray lol
  4. Right it been a long old time since an update and was due to a few reasons. Life got in the way of the build responsibilities changed and everything was focused on my daughter and my self building my self and my company and if Monday pays off then the project will be back on track few things have changed and been sold but looking at sourcing parts. Will keep ya posted
  5. Get rid of ya emanage and go for a better ecu emanage are shit go for something like heltech link etc
  6. Got any contact details for ss performance where they located ?
  7. regarding the injectors i guess you have checked them with a nord light injector tester ? have u done a code check ? i not sure if they are obd or via bridging the terminals in diag socket for engine light to flash a code
  8. I would invest in oil pressure gauge as well dude as the oil light will come on but it comes on to late and bye bye bottom end
  9. Have u gonE cop? if so wepr sell dizzy blanking caps
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