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  1. Any one got a auto throttle body from a glanza v please need one ASAP
  2. Hi all I want to polish my rocker cover any one can point me in the direction of what type of paper I need etc
  3. What’s the best front caster ?? As want to check mine as got it on a Hunter this week
  4. Anyone done it ? And is there a guide ? As I want to do mine and then tap holes and loctie bolts in to the cover to remove if needed
  5. So today managed a little while down garage before got to hot going back down this evening to fit stock cams i will reshim them once I got my new cam belt fitted once my shim for the bottom pully comes in at Toyota. So once that’s all done I will be selling my ecu and putting it towards a syvecs Ecu and all other stuff I will by in the new year
  6. Hummm I going to have a kook on that site lol dam you for making me spend money 🤑
  7. Check tyre pressures and that also was the car on a flat surface
  8. Just saw a white glanza in Colchester girl driver
  9. Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) No signal for 0.5 seconds or more at ignition ON. (VTA) ECU check you have wired it in correctly also might need to have a map update to tell ecu it has auto TPS as your current map is to the ol throttle body
  10. Yer I seen that but tbh it just easyer ordering a brand new one then asking online lol
  11. Yer got one on order from Toyota and cover to grand total 120 quid
  12. The engine is secondhand I just replacing the cams due to poor figment and clearance scored the cams bad. When the pully come off all I had was the crank bolt no washer on the crank think this is my problum then now need to find a new one
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