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  1. Have u gonE cop? if so wepr sell dizzy blanking caps
  2. It ok I sure I can sort the issues out if any arries
  3. Here we have my apexi avcr boost controller full working order looking at 220 delivered to the uK fully tracked and insured.
  4. thats very handy information feller thanks for sharing
  5. So today was a good day I got my carbon wings these won’t be fitted for a while due to doing measurements for a custom rad and fmic and needs to go body shop for fitting but my god they look the nuts
  6. Little update my wings are being sent Friday and should get them Monday or Tuesday. I also put a deposit on steering wheel and snap off boss and will pay that next week. also middle of feb will be ordering my Astra electric Ps pump ready to fab and mount.
  7. Cheers feller I know a lot about these cars but kinder keep it to my self and just help people that I respect and that’s turned in to 6 I look after now
  8. Unfortunately no chance of me road testing mine atm it got iy throat cut and waiting on turbo kit
  9. I have glanza with discs so shouldn’t overheat but nice concept ya doing
  10. Got any pics of ya set up dude
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