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  1. Thanks Sam been in the game for so many years now and it will b finerly finished eventually
  2. Ah I mean the wheel colour not the act car as when ya paid 2500 for a house of colour pearl black and like to keep it original enough lol
  3. Cheers i prob will have them re frurb at some point and change colour not sure what to go tho
  4. little bit of a update not been able to work on the car to much lately due to work and family etc how ever i am at a junction atm option one is stick with current ecu which is good for its age and just get a tdo4 kit for now saves me money bla bla bla option to is sell my ecu plug and play loom my apexi avcr and all my defi bf gauges to help fund fiske efi turbo kit syvecs ecu and supporting items and cop conversion and push for over 400 lol as my engine is built to take it and now clearances are sorted for the cams etc also my fiske carbon wings come soon so needs to go body shop and get it all sorted bla bla bla
  5. hope they look after it and dont break it for parts. looking forward to seeing what you have replaced it with
  6. Sorry for the hassle dude glad ya keeping it etc we owned ours near the same amount of time well I had mine 13 years lol I so deep now I could never brake it. just a turbo kit to go then will b able to drive it again
  7. So few days ago I managed to fit my new brake kit just got to bleed the system now at some point. Here before during after lol also removed my shins and my new ones arrived today so will be fitting them 2moz that’s should sort that side of thing’s out. also got a an fitting to try in my steering rack so i can get them orded ready for my Astra electric ps pump install.
  8. Can ya let us know how that tps works feller as I looking to get me for build i be doing soon as he wants auto tps etc. I seen the kit just don’t no it it reliable
  9. Thanks for comments guys now to get treat of the money for syvecs ecu cop efi turbo kit and map commence the 12k investment
  10. So as I been mega busy with work even through COVID bla bla bla. today I was a kid at a sweet shop again when my latest parts arrived
  11. try toyota once they open best place to get them from but i will warn u they are not cheap
  12. jellybaby

    Rear Brakes

    no one will do one as tbh unless ya running a adjustable brake bias valve all ya need to do is make sure the rear calipers are in a good condition as they like to bind on mainly due to the hand brake cables getting stuck etc or calipers needing a refurb
  13. So I not updated in a long while but watch this space fiske carbon live sports wings ordered
  14. Nice i should be putting the deposit Down on the cf wings in next few weeks
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