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  1. I’ve tried that mate even changed the igniter from my friends one and still not working. Engine bay is still original and not been painted. Anything else you think?
  2. I just fitted a 5E in my ep82 and it had a spark before but had a coolant leak so sorted that out but now it all of a sudden doesn’t want to fire up again. It’s cranking well. I’ve replaced the ignition coil and also tested a friend’s igniter. Checked the earthing points, checked the igniter is getting signal on the leads, distributer leads all look fine. Gave it extra earth with the power pack and tried but still no luck. It just has no spark I done a engine diagnostics and it gave me a code of 14 14 Ignition No IGF signal to ECU for 4 consecutive IGT signal during engine runni
  3. Managed to get hold of the correct thermostat housing so will replace it. Do you know where this single wire goes that is going over the master cylinder? I’ve just earthed it, is that right?
  4. Thanks Dan, I wasn’t sure either so 1 plugs into the coolant temp sensor but it’s grey and green. For 2 where is the other end for this to plug into or is it meant to be on the thermostat housing? The thermostat housing is from a glanza V and my looms are ep82
  5. Hi guys, I’m struggling to locate what each of these wires are for on a ep82 gt turbo 1994. Is someone able to help me identify them please.
  6. Nilz90


    Si is a real decent guy...Met in person and brought many things off him for the starlet and even more parts by postage. Would highly recommend and trust A* Seller @Siwfc
  7. Does anyone know if I’m not using the dump valve port can I plug my boost controller or boost gauge vacuum in their or with the 3 bar map sensor port T’s off? Also what is the carbon canister for, the pipe is currently chopped off is it better to use it?
  8. Hi, does anyone know what adapter I need for this braided oil feed line for the oil housing side?
  9. Nice I got the bc coilovers on there so I guess have to raise it up a bit. Any pictures of how they look on yours Dan?
  10. Does any one know if Rota Slipstream alloys from a glanza would fit a EP82? Or are they too big for the car. Thanks
  11. Nilz90

    4efte engine

    Anyone got a standard running 4efte for sale?
  12. Have a spare one also now. PM me if anyone else needs
  13. Still looking if anyone has
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