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  1. I’ve got the apexi one now so might as well use that as it’s also a direct fit into the side of the ecu just not sure if I have to T it into my old one or just take the map sensor hose out and plug the new one direct into the intake
  2. Does anyone know if my coolant temp sensor on my gt is grey and the plug is green could it cause any issues or this is fine? Also my fan is on constantly could this be due to the fan switch sensor being green and the plug being grey? The A/C pressure sensor is plugged in.
  3. Hello, does anyone know when you have an apexi map sensor for the Power FC do I have to T a hose into my original map sensor on my EP82 or what do I do with the existing one if it’s direct fit? Also what the middle wire is for in the picture it came with the map sensor? Thanks
  4. Anyone know what size bolts I need for the WEPR down pipe brace? The two that go into the gearbox to hold the downpipe.
  5. Looking for the apexi power fc harness for the ep82 if anyone has one. Also does anyone know if the ecu was for the ep91 would it fit the ep82 if I got the right harness or would I need to modify something inside the ecu?
  6. Good news, finally got the issue sorted was due to the wiring in the ecu loom. Disconnected the emanage now and put it back on standard ecu as I’m looking to go stand-alone. Only thing left to do is distribution timing now on the 5E. It’s got the 1.3 head. Is it the same process put it on diagnostic mode and do it for 10 degrees?
  7. After a good condition set for both the passenger and drivers side. Message me if you have them for sale.
  8. Stock ecu with a emanage ultimate piggy back
  9. They look good will be trying another cap next week. Would that cause the coil to give no spark if they were bad?
  10. I'm getting 12V to the coil but no spark. Put a brand new Coil Pack on there.
  11. All earths above are all checked and put on the loom. Multi meter is also showing that it is earthed, I've added a extra earths also. It was only ever started once after fitting the block in so can't be sure it was running the whole time. The coolant leak was just on the turbo water lines and a little from the nut on the thermostat housing. Got it started after a week, left it on for a hour. Turned it off and then back on and then the exact same thing happened again and can't get it started. Just seems to be no spark on it like a intermittent issue. Had a few mechanics look at the car but stil
  12. Anyone else experienced this issue? Really struggling what to do now
  13. I’ve tried that mate even changed the igniter from my friends one and still not working. Engine bay is still original and not been painted. Anything else you think?
  14. I just fitted a 5E in my ep82 and it had a spark before but had a coolant leak so sorted that out but now it all of a sudden doesn’t want to fire up again. It’s cranking well. I’ve replaced the ignition coil and also tested a friend’s igniter. Checked the earthing points, checked the igniter is getting signal on the leads, distributer leads all look fine. Gave it extra earth with the power pack and tried but still no luck. It just has no spark I done a engine diagnostics and it gave me a code of 14 14 Ignition No IGF signal to ECU for 4 consecutive IGT signal during engine runni
  15. Managed to get hold of the correct thermostat housing so will replace it. Do you know where this single wire goes that is going over the master cylinder? I’ve just earthed it, is that right?
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