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  1. I now have a stage 2 forged engine going in thinking of running around 240-250bhp now. Looking at fitting the td04 in now so i can definitely reach that just incase the TF035 cant make them figures. Which td04 is the best one to put in and from which year subaru does it have to be from. So many with different model numbers.
  2. Car is just a weekend car to cruise around. It has standard internals, wepr manifold with internal wastegate, full exhaust system, emanage ultimate, competition clutch stage 4. What sort of bhp can you expect from the TD035’s at a bar boost?
  3. So the whole time I thought I had a td04l on my gt as thats what I was told when I brought it 2 years ago. I had a look at the serial numbers and its actually a TF035. When I mapped the car last year at TD i got 196bhp at 0.7 bar boost as the controller was faulty on high setting. 14.5 quarter mile @ 95mph I was going to go back for another map and with a new controller. What sort of bhp are people getting on the TF035 turbo? Or is it better to go td04 to get more power if its not going to be much increase in bhp at higher boost?
  4. Question if anyones had the same issue..I’ve adjusted the coilovers the same length on each side when measuring but the passenger side of the car sits slightly lower then the drivers side?
  5. Sorry don’t have that one only have another spare one of the pipes that connects to the airfilter
  6. Ok I’ll do that then. Should the front and back sit the same height from wheel hub to arch or should the front sit slightly lower then the back. I’m going from dd coilovers to bc and luckily I have a adjustable panhard rod installed.
  7. Hello, I’m going to attempt to fit my bc coilovers on my gt and was wondering how should it be set up. Should it be same height around the whole car? So should the back and front have the same measurement of the thread? much help appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hello, I brought a pair of rear brakes which came with bearings and they have the abs ring on them. Does anyone know if they will fit a GT that doesn't have abs? much help appreciated, thanks
  9. Nilz90

    Steering wheel

    Looking to replace the standard steering wheel in the gt with a new one such as Nardi, personal, omp or anything else. Let me know what you have must be in mint condition though. thanks
  10. Thanks buddy I’ll look into those. Do you know if I would need a bracket fabricated if I was to buy it new? And do you guys do this?
  11. Hi all, Currently on my car I have a Kinguwa actuator on my wepr tdo4 internal wastegate set up. When i mapped the car I was told it’s not a good one as its a cheap china brand and doesn’t hold boost too steady. What would be the best internal actuator to buy next? Thanks
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