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  1. It stopped working the next day anyone know what can be causing it to not function again? I have voltage coming to the fan switch
  2. Managed to sort it now put an older type switch in and it worked the fan is now coming on at around 92 degrees is that correct and good for a 5E running 280bhp or would it be better to invest in a low temp thermostat?
  3. I have this same issue. On my mk3 gt turbo 1994. The fan is always on constantly. Mines is 1) stays running when disconnected and when earthed it stops. is anyone able to confirm if it means I need the old type fan switch sensor or new type by this please?
  4. Let me know if anyone has either or both for sale?
  5. Poly Bush wishbones was fitted to my EP82. Will also fit the Glanza £130 PM if your interested.
  6. Full Toyota Starlet GT Turbo Glanza poly bush engine and gearbox mounts. Drivers side Engine mount passenger side engine gearbox mount Rear gearbox mount (non LSD) £150
  7. Still looking if anyone has or knows any websites where I can get one?
  8. Looking for a outer cv joint. Let me know if anyone has one for sale or knows where to get one from struggling to find one on the internet and nothing left on eBay. Thanks
  9. Hi I’ve had these upgraded brakes on the car since I brought it for 5 years. I’m really struggling to understand what brake pads and discs I need. Is anyone able to help please. I was told they were celica brakes and saw that the v6 Camry also run them. They are single piston. Does anyone else run these and know what disc’s and pads I need to buy?
  10. Greddy Emanage Ultimate with universal wire in harness and 3 bar plug and play map sensor in excellent condition. Previously was fitted and mapped on a Tf035. £425
  11. After the drivers side sun visor for the ep82 gt turbo if anyone has a good one that folds up and down for sale. Don’t mind taking the pair Also after the Center console rear astray
  12. Anyone able to help how to fit this? Not sure where all the black wire connectors coming out the dials go to. I’ve found the resistive control as per picture where does this go to? I just don’t have a dimmer but happy without dimming or changing colours.
  13. I’m after the following parts if anyone has: - Crank dampener pulley with bolt - 4E timing belt covers (need to be very good condition no cracks)
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