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  1. Hi all. Im after the following parts for an Ep-82. . Distributor, not the cap. The main unit that bolts onto the side of the engine where you adjust the engine timing. . Ep-82 standard engine loom needed with original ecu plugs. (Not urgent) . Centre dash sourround. Good condition if possible. . Rear strut brace, open to options.
  2. Hi there, I'm thinking about a newer standalone ecu currently running megasquirt 2 and it's causing me no end of troubles.

    Been looking at the me221, my engine loom is completely custom to fit the ms2 it's got it all ford edis, single coil pack. With its own crankshaft sensor, even the 550cc injectors have been modified to fit with ford style connectors. My car currently isn't running a knock sensor so I'd like to add the standard one back in if it will work with me221. Does me221 doubles up as boost control as my gizzmo is rubbish, and been thinking about replacing it aswell. Lastly can I run individual coils with the me221?

    I have had a little look into the Link Storm. But think it may be a little over kill. Can you offer some advise and prices for an me221 setup. Any extra info you need just send us an email or message back. ioubig99@yahoo.co.uk. 


    Thank you Mark Wilson. 

  3. I'm on the look out for some Ep82 Mk1 Gt parts. Square headlamps, adjusters and side repeaters. One of mine has a broken mounting bracket and there looking a bit faded so every year its goes for an Mot it's becoming harder to get it through with the beam pattern ect. Even if someone has a faded set with good mounts I'm prepared to separate them and clean them up. Also require both wind deflectors and clips if possible. Mine are so brittle parts keep falling off them from where their cracked. Even if someone has one side its a start.
  4. GTmark

    Big Brake Kit

    Hi I'm mainly after a big brake conversion kit for the front of my Ep82, used or new reasonable priced. I have looked at a few kits and I'm unsure what to go for. Car will be tracked one day. As for measurements on the wheels I have the SR speedline wheels ready to fit. The car currently has 15" rims fitted. Any handling mods would also be great. Rear adjustable roll bar, Panhard Rod, anti lift kit, Master cylinder stopper. Braided brake lines front and rear or just rear if brakes come with them. Then just a few bits on the side front grill badge. Preferably a clear cam belt cover but just a
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