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  1. Hello all.. Been a while 👀 What turbos are people using nowadays on 4efte? Surely things have moved on from old TD04Ls? I'm looking into using something on a rebuilt (non-forged) 4efte.. Want something capable of 250bhp+ but with full boost below 4k (if possible). Seen the likes of these mentioned, but not seen them applied to our engines: -Garrett GT2560R -Garrett GBC-200 / Pulsar PSR 3942G TIA!
  2. Bit of a resurrection here (of this topic, and my account activity..) but did anyone get any further with plans for shifters? Was keen on speaking to a company to see if they would want to develop something.
  3. Any more details of the exhaust setup, Matt? Size of silencer etc What dB did it run? Wanna get a front exit to save weight but wary of noise so wanna get it right first time. Looks like you're having some wicked time on track, my work has not been friendly for free time
  4. Sighting laps showed how much of a fun track this was. I didn't manage to do any sessions (combination of a hospital admission the night before, weather and track closures!) but I will be back!
  5. Hi Sacha, Could you please PM me the current prices for mild steel EWG TD04 manifold kits please? (Ramhorn/topmount) Thanks!
  6. Videos on 4cm spool times on YouTube
  7. Haha no worries! Yeah I'm on silver Ozs nowadays (dp is old!)
  8. Nice write up! Can I just confirm, you managed to retain the JDM column?
  9. Amjad

    What's new?

    Evening all! First time I've logged on in about 9 months, what have I missed! Any interesting developments in the Starlet scene? Amjad
  10. Just went on the site to book but they've taken track time tickets offline
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