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  1. haha thanks Sam..just got some final pieces of puzzle the other day...hoping to hit the dyno soon (well sorta soon)
  2. try id-workz or TB-developments. they have them in stock.
  3. Hey welcome to the site..!!! Nice car and build !! 😀
  4. fitment of TF035 and TD04L is identical mate. so the TF035 will fit your Td04L manifold set up....so will the larger Subaru VF series turbo (single scroll). TF035hm is the correct model..it the stock turbo found in the Subaru Forrester where as the TD04L is the stock turbo found in the 2.0L Subaru WRX.
  5. for the power that you are looking for..TF035 would be better than td04L. faster response.
  6. you dont need billet main caps to run 300bhp...that's none sense. info on the TD website is bollocks too...they have severely under stated the capability of stock caps to promote/sell the billet caps..this is pretty typical of TD.. my car is running a shy over 600bhp(flywheel) at the moment on stock caps and i know many others around the world and locally here in Sri Lanka (friends and customers) who run in the 400-500bhp range on stock caps. i am in the process of getting custom billet caps now because i plan to push another +100-150bhp on my build. there have been very rare circumstances where stock caps have failed at lower power ranges...but this is few and far between and to generalize and say you need billet caps for anything over 300bhp is just silly and any "expert" who asks you to get billet caps for anything over 300bhp is either trying to sell you something you dont't need or they don't have much experience with starlets...simple as that. DONT get me wrong...IF..you have the budget...by all means get billet caps...but its by no means an absolute requirement for 99% of people building 4e/5e engines. my post is not in any way a personal dig at Sam...i am just stating facts...i've seen a lot of mis-information being spread on the forum lately.. Go with what Josh has recommended.. if going with Chinese rods...choose SCAT. they have thicker arp bolts.
  7. Speak to Tim at TB-Developments. you can find the forged engine prices on his website/facebook page and he is reliable and respected in the community.
  8. looks awesome mate..good job and great attention to detail 😎
  9. no loss in spool over the stock ct9 turbo mate.
  10. Have a look at our CT9 hybrid. Solid power/spool and reliability. wheel horse power numbers on graphs https://www.ukstarletowners.com/topic/109377-wepr-ct9-hybridpicsdyno-firgures/
  11. mate Sri Lanka is on complete lock down due to Covid issues. we can only resume work around the 2nd week of April .we have a military curfew on-going here. hoping things will improve soon...
  12. welcome to the forum mate!!
  13. looks lovely mate..!!!
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