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  1. TF035 will not make your new power target because at around 1bar, its almost maxed out. td04L is very slightly laggier..but will easily meet your new requirements and have a little extra in reserve in case you want a little bit more power later on.
  2. check ARP. they have longer studs.
  3. hey mate..how you doing? back in an EP again now? good looking build so far...
  4. Hey guys..only 2 days remaining. hope everyone got their orders in. 😊
  5. 496whp (100oct)/5E on low boost (2.1bar)..going for more very soon...just waiting on some last minute stuff to arrive. just re-doing the interior bits at the moment. Rob...you need to make some super wide fenders mate..keep asking ya lol 😛
  6. Time flies...only 20 days remaining...get your orders in
  7. The Sale has begun as of today guys. hurry and get your orders in before the 31st..!!!
  8. Hey guys, its that time of year again. 25% OFF on ALL manifold+downpipe combos $100 OFF on TD04 Hybrid turbo kits $200 OFF on all Garrett turbo kit Prices Valid from 1st-31st October
  9. you can easily DIY something like this..
  10. nice..the 7cm back end i very hard to come by usually...
  11. yes cant go wrong with id-workz. also give Tim at TB-developements a try. you can contact them via their facebook page. they are in the UK.
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