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  1. Also make sure the igniter is well grounded . That can cause lack of spark.
  2. You ll be surprised how much better spool you ll get just by that tighter spring. I remember way back when i installed mine even though initial setting turned out to be 0.4 bar instead of the irregular 0.6-0.8 i was getting with the sloppy old oem actuator, i was caught in surprise by how much more responsive the car felt. Excellent work. Wouldnt have looked this good even when it was new in the factory!!!
  3. i ll also confirm that for bearing clearance as mentioned you need to torque the mains with the bearings installed. Measure the crank lobe with the mic and then the bore 90 degrees to the parting line using the dial bore gauge. Substract accordingly Your method seems logical on first thought but the bearing shells kinda distort to their apropriate shape once they are inside the bore Keep us posted on the results! 0.133 would be way off
  4. Thread revival guys but what has everyone done about the gasket between the rocker and baffle? I cannot find any info nor part number through epc for it.
  5. Its not bad tbh. Have done the rocker cover coldpipe and other parts back in 2015. They never got dirty and nothing really shows maybe because its black. Although to be fair wrinkle powdercoat is not a coarse as the usual wrinkle achieved with some dedicated spray paints. in short id say its minimal maintance
  6. what a lovely gearbox this turned out. Im doing mine wrinkle black but thats a damn nice colour dont know what you are on about lol Keep it up man!
  7. Does it crank? First thing to check is if you got spark at the plugs. Make sure the igniter is bolted to a solid ground. I had that happened to me and it cranked endlessly w/o starting up.
  8. oh this is getting goooood! Love a build with attention to detail and cleanliness. You are so lucky being able to do stuff like that at work lol
  9. NIce well at 250hp you bearly pushing its clamping force but from my experience with reputable manufacturers is they underrate the torque figures so i guess there's plenty room left. thanks for the input !
  10. wow thats amazing work on those pie cuts! Love the wepr kit Sacha does amzing work Cant wait to fit mine How does the clutch feel? I ve bought the exact same kit but wont be having my engine put together anytime soon as i need to source more parts. Also does the c160 transmission just bolt on? how is it holding up?
  11. Its a big hassle smoothing it, that looks great dont worry as soon as some paint is laid on it its gonna even out all the imperfections.
  12. I cant wait to see this updated. I m currently about a week away from receiving my wepr manifold and dp and cant describe how excited i am. I m also in the same situation with parts in my garage lol although not gonna say what turbo i ll be using, ita quite similar and should take me to 400 hopefully What ecu are you going with? I believe fiske is a fan of link ecus. I m getting the storm after i break in the engine
  13. Not in a starlet but here s mine after taking it out for a bay respray and mild wire tuck. I ve gone with several concepts for the engine bay throughout the years but this time i aimed for a kind of OEM feel to it with as many black bits etc. Its staying like this for sure.Still need to do some braided sleeving Sent from my Elite 1 using Tapatalk
  14. Are all p/e filters this short? I really could use this as mine pushes my filter hose and actually squeezes and reduces the diameter Sent from my Elite 1 using Tapatalk
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