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  1. Full system including cat, just needs measuring up and welding, reluctant to sell but the cossie livs has finally hit me. Looking for £250 Ono.
  2. Someone must have one.
  3. JLF88

    UKSO stickers

    Anyone still do these?
  4. I realised in 2021 when I went to JAE and saw 1 starlet 😂 was nice to see a few turn out for JapFest though.
  5. JLF88

    Car events.

    I'll be in a polo 🤣
  6. JLF88

    Car events.

    Well I'll be there, but be coming back from holiday so won't have the starlet, but will come meet you guys.
  7. JLF88

    Car events.

    I'll be at japfest, didn't think anyone would be going, never seems to be any activity here anymore in regards to events. Seems to of died a bit over the years.
  8. Didn't know anyone was attending this year, I'll drop by.
  9. JLF88

    Car events.

    Went to JAE, and saw 1 starlet 🤣 was a good event, but there was barely anyone there. Anyone else noticed a big reduction in people attending events?
  10. Must say, that's the sexiest model I've ever seen. Didn't know they were a thing. And amazing work on the clean, looks show ready.
  11. Only seen one in the last 2 year, was on eBay second hand, very hard to come by.
  12. Well today's a bit of a productive day, took the day off work to get a head start as busy most of the weekend, most of the way through installing noise reduction insulation, and two packages turned up, intake mani and throttle body 😁
  13. Yeah I know what you're talking about, but the high lift cam is from the acis version of the 5efhe engine is what I was saying. But high lift only really works at high revs and benefits bhp, I'm aiming for a nice torque curve, and don't want to increase the rev limit.
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