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  1. Im thinking of making a 4efe NA track car for the toyota sprint cup (E street class) but the thing I was wondering if the added chassis regidety was worth the added weight to the ep91 chassis over the ep81 chassis also could i buy a cheap 91 and cut some of the additional safety parts out to get the weight down?
  2. This is a custom made short shifter that was just cut and then a bit of bar added onto the bottom to extended it, will need to be pushed into the stock shifter and it should work for an NA or Turbo gearbox but Im not 100% as Ive never tested it properly as I went 6 speed before I used it Open to offers Also have a Hypersport HS-001 short shifter avaliable again open to offers Collection from portsmouth
  3. open to offers but i know these are rare
  4. Quite a rare part to find very good for NA tuning. Collection from Portsmouth
  5. Red glanza at the shell petrol station on goldsmith avenue I was walking past
  6. Reptagon


    Wanted a 5e engine to make a high comp NA engine with for my starlet
  7. so it fits on mine but be warned any speed bump if youre lowered at all at will scrape on and dent it up so i had to cut it slightly to get my socket in to undo a bolt
  8. So yes I do have an update, I have now fitted some new white 3 spoke meshindo wheels which cost me £40, an ultra racing 4 point lower bar, front lip and I've not had a passenger seat now for the past few weeks due to removing it to fit the mr2 seats and my welder packed up as I was about to do it, so I just bolted the tabs onto the seats and I can confirm SW20 (mk2 mr2) seats fit a passenger side at least. I also fit an anti lift kit which was a fun one, so the captive nuts that the anti lift kit mounts too tend to snap and I had this happen one on either side so there's slight cuts in both fo
  9. Anyone got a spare rear light or a blanking plate I could buy?
  10. Does anyone know what size bolt this is as I snapped mine today, also anyome using the ultra racing lower bar with a anti lift kit? If so how's the clearance on things
  11. I believe it's from a corolla. I'm gonna try at some point get to go to one Thinking of doing turbo valve springs to increase the rpm (hopefully to just under 8k) and then 5e rods to increase compression but I still have to look into that more Got it for free off of a mate and with itbs as it will be more air per cylinder in my head I think it will lean out a bit Gonna be using the stock manifold which will be cut down to be used as a flange and part of the piping as runners to weld on but gonna try keep them as close as possible
  12. I'm just trying to find an exhaust system for an NA preferably cat back that will work but I'm debating deleting my cat idk if it's worth it though. Kinda a similar thing atm with power steering as I don't know how much the whole system weighs and how much difference it will make
  13. My forth takes me happily to 100ish at a decent pace and I was wrong sorry I just double checked and I've got either a c161 or c162 not a c160
  14. Yeah got the c160 in it now, do you watch Matt berry on YouTube if not you should as I think he's done some testing with that cam before and using it with high comp motors
  15. Yeah I've found that tbh and this new box getting me there quicker is literally the perfect combination for it. I'm curious what the difference will be between stock man, corolla Mani and ITBs with that cam will be though
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