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  1. Lee-Robo

    Glanza Headlamps

    I’m after a decent set of glanza headlamps! Give me a shout if you have some 👍🏻
  2. WANTED! I’m after a few bits for my Glanza, let me know if you have any of the below for sale. Rear strut brace, ideally an OEM 3 point one but I’ll consider anything. Livesport rear spoiler Indiglow dials or full cluster Gauge pillar pod Cheers!
  3. As the title says, I’m after either an arc or an rx7 top mount intercooler! Let me know if anything’s about. cheers.
  4. Cheers mate! Plans are to turbo it at some point... yeah, I got some custom decals made up for my old sportif by Morgey and his mate. I just used standard NGK ones mate! I did have iridium ones in my old one though. sorry for the late replies!
  5. Cheers matey! I’m on the fence about removing the side strips, but we’ll see! Yeah, glanzas would of looked great in this colour! Can’t say I’ve seen a rep in this colour either? Cheers bud Cheers mate! I’ve got a few things planned but nothing mental at the minute appreciate the nice comments lads
  6. 28K I thought mine was low at 40k Got yourself a good base there mate
  7. Well as most of you know I had a red N/A sportif as my first car and I absolutely loved it. I had that for nearly 3 years but sadly the rust got too much on it and it was getting on mileage wise (100K+) so it went to the scrapheap in the sky. Last year I bought a white N/A as a winter daily and after using it for a while i knew i wanted a clean base to build from again. So for the past few months I've been looking high and low for a decent base. A 8L5 blue SOL popped up for sale. 42K and 2 owners from new! zero rust and everything is immaculate, as soon as I saw it I knew i had to have it. Once I picked it up I started doing some modifications, Firstly I fitted my GLS parcel shelf and pulled the wire through from the main loom for it. I then fitted a new headunit and sorted out the radio wiring and then I fitted my Cusco coilovers, Enkei RP01's and Seat Leon front splitter. I moved onto engine mods and gave the car a full service, fitted a new timing belt and spark plugs. I then put in my K&N panel filter, fitted my Paseo Air intake pipe, put on some red TRD HT leads, fitted my corolla inlet manifold, strut brace and finally fitted my TTE exhaust. I managed to pick up some crystal front headlamps from a local lad after some persuading, so i soon got them fitted and also picked up some 98 spec rear lights from facebook. I've also done and fitted other little bits like wind deflectors, cup holders, OEM floor mats, yaris rear wiper, import size plates and taped the grill so its black. I've got a few other bits to do to it yet but I'll keep updating this blog so I can keep track on what I've actually done. Here's some pics:
  8. So I've got a few more bits done to the old starlet! Firstly i fitted my usdm style side lights for the indicators and I fitted some oem wind deflectors I had lying around. I then bought some cup holders cheap from 1990timeismoney off of the forum and got them fitted. I then decided to take the rear trim out in preparation for getting an oem parcel shelf so i un-taped the plug from the loom and drilled a hole in the rear trim to pull it through so its just ready to plug in.I also waxed the inner of the sill from inside the quarter panel whilst i was in there. I've also given the car a full service oil, plugs, filter etc.and shes running sweet! I've changed my heater control bulbs back to the proper oem colour too! Not the most interesting updates but they're updates. I've also got an oem spoiler I might put on... opinions on it please. Few pics ... Wind deflectors. USDM Side Lights
  9. Cheers mate! Thanks mate appreciate the feedback! Yeah the red one was pretty sick! I do miss it a lot Thanks mate! Yeah the YOP on the number plate always reminds me of the YOP drinking yogurt advert ... youtube it! Yeah will do mate! I originally got them for my eunos but they suit this better and are light!
  10. Got sorted with the cup holders! Just need the shelf
  11. As the title says I'm after a oem ep91 parcel shelf with speakers from an SR, CD or GLS that plugs into the original wiring and some oem ep91 cup holders. Let me know what you've got! cheers!
  12. Well as some of you know I had a red sportif as my first car, I absolutely loved it but sadly the rot got into it so I stripped all the parts off it and sold them. Most of them went to a mates H22 starlet project. I currently have an Celica ST182 and a Mazda mx5 eunos so I wanted another car to keep the winter weather off both of them and so I could do a bit of work to them. A mate of a mate mentioned he was going to be selling his white N/A soon so I went and looked at it and said id have it! 74K and a years MOT and already has a corolla manifold and a paseo intake pipe fitted. The body work needs a little bit of TLC but overall its not bad. As soon as I got it i decided to put all the parts on I had lying around from my old sportif. Coilovers, Enkei wheels, Suede door cards, Upgraded dash speakers, strut brace, panel filter, USDM Sidelights, OEM Wind deflectors, OEM Tailored floor mats, Cupra splitter. I then got import size number plates, yaris rear wiper, new tailgate decals and new wipers fitted. The car is really solid! where my other one was rotten this one is completely solid! The plans are just to tidy the body work up a bit and daily it now Here's some pics of the progress... . My Old sportif!
  13. Well I haven't been on here in a good while so I'll put an end to this build thread! Sadly last year i found the starlet was completely rotten on the rear sill and the wheel arch area. Its was pretty much just held together with sealer and filler so I striped the best bits off and sold them on here and kept a few bits my self. The car then went to the scrapheap in the sky! I currently have a 1991 Celica GT-R Import and a 1990 MX5 Eunos roadster but fingers crossed I'll be picking up another Starlet within a few weeks....
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