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Build Thread

Found 12 results

  1. OK so I though it was about time I created a thread as I have some big plans for over the next couple of months, while I have no License . I bought the car last September (2010) with 80K miles when I passed my test. The bought the car like this: The spec was: Rota Slip Streams 15inch Lowered 60mm Circuit sports lug nuts Remus Back Box Clear indicators Unknown induction kit. Just before Christmas the engine started to lose oil pressure on tick over, then the oil pressure switch went and ended up spinning the No3 crank shell. The car had to come off the road for 3 weeks while a f
  2. Well as some of you know I had a red sportif as my first car, I absolutely loved it but sadly the rot got into it so I stripped all the parts off it and sold them. Most of them went to a mates H22 starlet project. I currently have an Celica ST182 and a Mazda mx5 eunos so I wanted another car to keep the winter weather off both of them and so I could do a bit of work to them. A mate of a mate mentioned he was going to be selling his white N/A soon so I went and looked at it and said id have it! 74K and a years MOT and already has a corolla manifold and a paseo intake pipe fitted. The b
  3. Item For Sale:Glanza tail lights Item Condition & Description:perfect condition Price:30 Pictures: More parts to add and better pictures !! Item for sale : heater controls Condition: Perfect Price: 10£ Pictures: item for sale: Glanza s clocks Condition: Perfect condition, Pictures: Item for sale: JDM 100bhp n/a engine Condition: Perfect, Timing belt and water pump done 2k ago Recently serviced Doesn't leak or burn oil Good compression on all 4 cylinders A/c unit still on engine Very original genuine engine Also have loom to go with it Price:150 for engine .e
  4. I have a '98 Starlet SR, I am an apprentice with Land Rover and finally got the chance to put my car on a hoist and check the condition of my exhaust and find an oil leak... Well I found it, between the bell-housing and engine block, so far all I can think is rear main? I don't mind changing just the seal, would like some guidance on how to go about it as I am sure it won't be as simple as drop the box and take off the clutch? had a look around and cannot find what I assume a rear main seal for a 4-EFE looks like; any tips/help appreciated. Thanks Liam
  5. Looking for a good condition tubular bug eye corolla manifold, cash waiting.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm looking for the following: Drivers side door for 98 EP91 4EFE GLS (preferably Silver), rear bumper (as before) and some lowering springs I don't mind if these parts are 2nd hand (or more) just need to get the door and bumper replaced as there are nasty scratches on mine thanks in advance from Lewis
  7. Unfortunately due to a sudden and unexpected loss of a family member I have to break my n/a Starlet project, I now have the only car to run people about in and it needed to have more than 2 doors and 2 seats, so had to run out and buy a Volvo L I am mega gutted but hope these parts can help you guys out and help pay me back for the car I have just had to buy on borrowed money! All prices include postage but I am in the Bognor Regis / Chichester area if you want to collect anything. What is here is what I have, the shell and anything left has already been taken away, no other parts are avail
  8. So what do you guys think I should do, Fit clear corners to my red n/a or keep the amber ones? Here's a picture of a red one with clear corners... .. and here's mine with the amber corners What do you guys think I should do? Cheers!
  9. As above people, as last starlet is getting wrote off probs, Dont really want to keep buying n/a's as this will be my third lol, However will accept any, Needs to be tax/tested/driveable And as close to bristol as possible!!! Cheers People!
  10. Year: 1998 Model: Starlet Sportif N/a SOLD SOLD SOLD Tax: March 2014 MOT: Till January Mileage: 76k Description: Hey Guys, Up for grabs is my spares/ repairs Toyota Starlet Sportif. Great little runner, i have tried to look after this as best as i can, even with the marks , A friend of mine went into the rear of the car due to the sale, its be quoted £650 to repair. This would be perfect for someone who wants to strip or if your in the spray/body repair trade a good project. Car is tax and tested and runs sweet. No other issues other than: Slight Damage to Boot lid - Rear bum
  11. Finally sold the Lupo, so now I can finally afford to start on her, it's time to make a thread. After months of looking for a 3 door, in rose quartz, which is also known as Salmon Pink as nobody on here has a pink n/a, I finally found the right one. Missing the power steering and goodies that the sr had, but for £500 and with 65k on the clock you can't go wrong! First thing on the list was wheels. After months and months of looking for a set, a set of Wedsport tc05's came up on ebay in 14inch 4x100 fitment. Anyone knows these wheels knows they are as light as a feather.
  12. Been meaning to re-upload these UK EP91 brochures (1998) I scanned for a while. Enjoy looking at a brand new SR. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cuwk3xd9i0f77jj/EP91%20NA%20UK%20Brochures%20%281998%29.zip?m
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