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Build Thread

Found 70 results

  1. Contents: Stage 1 - Tuning the Stock Engine & CT9 Turbo, Reached 202.6bhp! Page 01: | Double DIN Pioneer Headunit | Blitz Access Plug n Play ECU | 6x9's | Wiper Arms Refurb | HDI FMIC | Toy Tuning Filter Relocation | Page 02: | TD Pro Race 1.2 Alloys | Central Locking Keyfob | Blitz Decat | Magnecor HT Leads | Iridium Plugs | Cooling Panel | Detailing Session | Page 03: | 255lph Fuel Pump | TD Socks | HKS Actuator | Oil Catch Can | Whiteline Anti Lift Kit | eBay Manifold | Swoosh Boost Gauge | Pillar Pod | Page 04: | Japfest Detailing Session | Painted Calipers | Headlight Refurb | UKSC Decals | eBay Manifold Failure | Page 05: | £160 SCAT Forged Conrods | EBC Fr Brake Discs | EBC Yellowstuff Pads | Ported Stock Manifold | Detailing Session | HKS SSQV | Page 06: | Zisco Ram-Horn Manifold | Varis Front Bumper | ID-Workz Strut Brace | Small Blue Hoses | Page 07: | Painted Rocker Cover | SS Rocker Cover Nuts | Cusco BMCS | Rolling Road Day | Stage 2 - Sourcing & Collecting Parts for More Power! Page 08: | Engine Removal | Full Bearing Set | Alloy Civic Radiator | 12" Fan | Full Gasket Set | Cambelt Kit | Cusco LSD Gearbox | Earthing Kit | Page 09: | SARD Low Temp Thrmostat | Athena Headgasket | ARP Headbolts | G-Reddy E-Manage Ultimate | Engine Damper | Poly CV Boots | Page 10: | Cusco Rear Strut Brace | Stripping Rear Out | Ancillaries Refurb | Bay Clean | SARD 550cc Injectors | HKS Fuel Rail | C's Shortshifter | Page 11: | RSR* Floor Bar | JC Light Flywheel | Roose Hoses | Poly Engine Mounts | Varis Rear Bumper | TRD Clocks | Clear Cam Cover | Plasma Dials | Page 12: | RSR* Panhard Rod | 16" Rota GT3's | Roose Jubliee Kit | Wheels Painted | Page 13: | D1 Spec Wheel Nuts | Alloy Oil Cap | ZEP C-Pillar Brace | Cusco Lower Strut Brace | 5x Swoosh Gauges | AP Raing 6 Paddle Clutch | Page 14: | Wiseco 74.5mm Forged Pistons | Refurbed Slam Panel | Apexi AVC-R Black | SS Bolt Upgrades | Scuttle Refurb | ZEP Braided Clutch Line | Page 15: | JD Rear Tow Eye | HID Headlight Kit | Lightweight Pulleys | Whiteline Fr & Rr Anti Roll Bars | Wilwood 4-Pot Brakes | Varis Carbon Bonnet | Page 16: | Bonnet Pins | Flywheel Skimmed | Crankshaft Micropolished & Balanced | AEM Wideband | Page 17: | 3 Bar Map Sensor | Block Re-Bored & Honed | Tolerances Check | GT28 Ball Bearing Turbo | Pistons, Rods, Crank in Block Assembly | Page 18: | Varis Front Painted | Intercooler Refurb | Headlight Refurb | Foglight Refurb | Reflet X Rear Lights | Decals | Page 19: | Braided Brake Lines | Livesport Sideskirts | Showcage | Gearbox Rebuild | Page 20: | Varis Rear Bumper Mesh | Bare Shell Respray | Delivered To Race-Tech | Stage 3 - Race-Tech Work There Magic Building The Car! Page 21: | TRD 98 Spec Steering Wheel | Bottom End Assembled | Headwork Started | Page 22: | Headwork Completed | Engine Completely Assembled | Engine Back In Shell | SSQV Welded | Top Mounted Manifold Fabrication | Page 23: | Fuelab Pressure Regulator & Filter | Top Mounted Manifold Finished | 3" Downpipe Fabrication | Rollbar's Refurbed | Page 24: | 3" Downpipe Finished | Wastegate & Screamer Pipe | Page 25: | Base Map & Running In | Decals | Page 26: | Detailing Session | C's Shortshifter | Mushroom Filter | Page 27: | TRD Center Console | TRD Window Switches | Cruise Gearknob | Page 28: | Blitz 9mm HT Leads | Domo | Saga Racing V5 Gauges | Page 29: | Mapped to 0.7Bar | Breather Lines Finished | Anti-Rollbars Fitted | Cleaning Session | TRD Petrol Cap | TRD Oil Cap | Page 30: | TRD Shortshifter | RC 470cc Injectors | Mapped to 1.0Bar | Rear Interior Painted | Duck Spoiler | Cleaning Session | Page 31: | GT28 Turbo Failure | New Distributor Unit | Car Delivered Back to Race-Tech | Stage 4 - Fine Tuning To See The 340bhp+! Page 32: | GT30 Ball Bearing Turbo Fitted | Full 3" Exhaust System Fabricated | Page 33: | Velocity Stack | Mapped to 1.5Bar | Stage 5 - Finishing Touches! Page 34: | Cleaning Session | Cruise Bonnet | Duck Spoiler Fitted | Page 35: | Cleaning Session | Gearbox Failure | Back To Race-Tech | Gearbox Strip Down | Gearbox Rebuild | Page 36: | New CV Boots | Rolling Road Day | Cruise Bonnet Painted | Major Clean | Start of Undersealing | Page 37: | JDM Brochures | Major Detailing | Red Steel Wheel Nuts | Re-Fit Sandwich Plate | Page 38: | TRD Short Shifter | Wired Rear Lights | More Underseal | Clean Carpets | Illuminated Ignition Barrel | Non Smoking Ashtray | Removed Condensor | Page 39: | JDM Decals | 3rd Gear Closeups | UKSC Decals | JDM Parking Permit | Footwell Lights | JDM Brochures | Page 40: | Apexi PowerFC | D1 Spec Earthing Kit | Washer Jet Wiper Blades | Japfest 2012 | Page 41: | Nardi Steering Wheel | Toyota Rescueman III | Banzai Mag: Dave Burwash Memorial Meet | JDM Sunblind | Tegiwa Tow Hook | Page 42: | Yellow Rainbow Bulbs | LEDs | Ultra Alloys & New Tyres | Sealing Wheels | Tegiwa Shifter Extension | Page 43: | Back From Race-Tech | Fitted Parts From Page 42 | Fresh MOT | Page 44: | Japshow | Rescueman Fitted | Ultralite Alloys Fitted | Page 45: | Major Detail | EBC Yellowstuff Pads | Helmet | Page 46: | New Clips | Rear Cup Holders | Silicone Bungs | Airbag Light | Fire Extinguisher | Full Service | Miester ZetaR Coilovers | Zisco 6 Brace | Stage 6 - More Fine Tuning To See The 370bhp+! Page 47: | Major Detail | Coolant Change | Photoshoot | Camber | Apexi PowerFC | Page 48: | Apexi Commander & Mount | Carbon Steering Cowling | Leather Red Stitched Gaitors | PowerFC Fitted & Mapped to 1.7Bar | Page 49: | Tidied & Mounted ECU | Zisco 6-Point Brace Fitted | Auto TPS | DV Blanked Off | Page 50: | Cleaned | Gaitors Fitted | Carbon Steering Cowling FItted | JDM Auction Find | Footwell Lights | POTM Snap | Page 51: | 2x POTM Snaps | Snaps & Video from Hulloween Cruise | Tucked Car Away for Winter | Stage 6 - More Fine Tuning To See The 400bhp+! Page 52: | Carbon Door Handles | Mk2 Rescueman | Honda K20 Ignition Coil's | Replica Varis Spoiler | Yellow Foglights | Page 53: | Carbon Clock Surround, Mirror Bases & Clock | ABS Removal Kit | Front Tidy Box | Rear Tidy Box | Wiring Loom Strip | Page 54: | ABS Removed | Rocker Cover Modified | Front Support Chopped Out | 60mm Alloy Civic Rad | Page 55: | Genuine Cruise Wings, Varis Spoiler & Varis Front Bumper | Carbon Handles | Optional Pedals | Cruise Bonnet Resprayed | Page 56: | Front Removed | Varis Bumper Changes | Rad Mock Mount | Rad Fitted | Inlet Fitted | Page 57: | New Intercooler Core & Swirl Pot | K20 Coils | Short Boost Route | Trigger Wheel & Crank Sensor | Top Rad Hose | Evo 9 Injectors | Page 58: | Japfest Failure | Carbon Dipped Parts Fitted | Japfest 2 | Page 59: | Front Tidy Box Fitted | Rear End Cleaned | Pedals Fitted | Polished Rocker Cover | Page 60: | Polished Intercooler Core & Boost Pipes | Yellow Front Foglights | Fibreglass Bootlid | Turbo Blanket | Polished Rad | Bootlid Fabrication | Page 61: | LED Number Plate Lights | Plastic Back Window | JAE | Drive About | Page 62: | New Headlights | Poly Engine Mounts | Engine Out | Polished Bay | Engine Checked | Baffled Sump | Braided Clutch Line | Page 63: | Gearbox Painted | Engine Painted | Inlet Polished | Recaro Seats | Bootlid Aerocatch Brackets | New Clutch | Page 64: | Recaro Seats Fitted | Seats Lowered | Page 65: | Custom Oil Catch / Water Expansion Tank | Mapping to 402bhp | Page 66: | Spark Plug Failure | Valve Smashed & Turbo Destroyed | Stage 7 - Another Failure, New Turbo & More Mods 430bhp?! Page 67: | Head Skimmed & Rebuilt | Engine Rebuilt & New Custom Garrett GTX Turbo Fitted | Page 68: | Mapping to 426bhp | Collected Car! | Refit Carpet | Clean Re-Baffled Rocker Cover & 3rd Breather Fitting | 431.1bhp | Page 69: | Another Gearbox Failure! | Video of 431.1bhp | Stage 7 - Drivetrain cant cope, Engine Swap!? 2ZZ-GE & E153 Gearbox! Page 70: | Old Setup Sold Off, Shell Back to Race-Tech | The Guesses Begin | Page 71: | Plan Revealed | Preparation of Engine & Gearbox | Engine placed into the bay | Engine & Box Mounted | Gear Selector & Driveshaft Parts | Page 72: | Painted Block & Gearbox | Engine & Box Connected Finally | DSS Outer CV & Hubs | Firewall Prep & Protection | Mounts & Chassis Legs Finished | Loom | Page 73: | P-Sport Center | Clutch Slave | Shafts | Loom | Radiator | Precision Turbo | Page 74: | Race Dash | DTA S60 | Inlet Plenum | Intercooler | Manifold | Page 75: | Manifold, Downpipe, Screamer, Hotside Boost Pipe & Exhaust Done | Page 76: | Driveshafts Done | ITG Filter | Radiator Done | Fuel Rail Done | Brake & Clutch Lines | Race Dash Mounted | Bodywork Refitted | Page 77: | Clutch Issue (Failure) | Engine Bay Looking Great | Page 78: | Heat Issues with Bonnet | Oil Leak | Turbo Blanket | Bonnet Protection | Fuel Supply Issue | 8psi Mapping Video | Page 79: | Mapped and Running 319bhp | Car is Home | Japfest | Page 80: | Cleaned & Reinstalled Interior Trim | Videos of Launch & Pulls | JAE Show | Japshow Finale @ Santapod | Quarter Mile Times & Videos | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- So it Begins... On the 28th February 2010! I purchased my Glanza from a importer in Manchester for £3400 She's a 1998 on a S reg. 58000km (which is about 32000miles i think) 12months MOT 6months TAX Im the first UK owner of the car too! Got a few optional extras i believe too! Climate Control Passenger Airbag Rear Blue UV Tints Wind Deflectors Clear Rear Brake Light and my Flare is still there Came with a few goodies too! Fujitsubo Power Getter Stainless Exhaust System SARD R2D2 Blowoff Valve Cusco Zero-1 Coilovers HKS Mushroom Filter G-Reddy Musical Turbo Timer! Enough chat anyways, here she is! The bodywork is completely mint tho! Not a dent, scratch, mark or crease! I love driving it! Its truely an awesome car! Watcha all think?
  2. To start of with as many know I already have an n/a, for those that haven't seen it before it looked like this... I still throughly love the car, but it was and never would've been a real one. I then found a website called 'tradecarview'. For days even weeks I had been scanning it for the perfect car. The wish list was rather long then this one popped up one night and by lunch time next day I had agreed the price and shipping ect. So here are two photos from the for sale ad. So this was early July and it wasent even going on the boat until the end of the month. After watching it online stop at various places round the world it was finally destined for the UK on the 13th. So I picked the car up on Tuesday and it was more than what I expected. I'll let the pictures do the talking as that's the best bit to look at lol. One mid way home... Then the rest were taken at work today That's all the photos I have, the car came with so many extras I didn't know it had! Looking to get it all under sealed, polished up and how I want it for Combe next year. So look forward to updates soon.
  3. Hello, my beloved EP70 got broken into and almost stolen last Monday (it is now at Toyota to be repaired). (they ripped out the lock cylinder from the door and destroyed the panel near ignition) Once I get it back I want to fit it with an alarm system. I tried to search the forum and googling alot, but I would like your opinion on which one is the best, considering I do not have central locking and such. Also I would like to get notification on the phone in case the alarm set off as well. If anyone have any other security tips they are more than welcome. I would like to keep my car (I live in Sweden, if that makes any difference) Thanks in advance for any help
  4. I painted my boot emblems with model paint in silver (the xl and starlet badge), but it looks kind of shabby. How can I restore them to look as stock as possible? Any tips are welcome
  5. Hi I’m looking for some good quality second hand coil overs as new ones are just too expensive. I was looking at tein and MeistR before. Thanks Ashley
  6. Condition: NEW Price: €285 + pay pal fee Extra Info: This new unit delivers a host of new functions. Standard features include: Engine RPM, Vehicle Speed, Travel Distance, and Battery Voltage (All which can be displayed in real time graph mode, numerical mode, or analogue mode; 1-4 channels at a time.), Peak Hold, Replay (With 60 second playback.), Speed Limiter Cut, 0-100m, 200m, 400m times with trap speed, 0-100km/h, 200km/h, 300km/h times, 100km/h, 200km/h, 300km/h b 0 times, user defined Mid Range Acceleration, Stop Watch functions, Best Time Memory, RPM Warning, Speed Warning, RPM and Speed Outputs (For external devices requiring an RPM or speed signal.), Tire Size Correction (For acceleration and timing accuracy.), and Vehicle weight input. Shipping Prices: Ireland - €7 UK - €15 Europe - €20 Rest Of World - €25
  7. I have received my paseo clocks in the mail and I have taken them to my mechanic to fit them and he says he needs a wiring diagram because he is aware that they'll need rewired to fit. Can anyone direct me towards the information that i need to give him. Ive seen tutorials on here relating to changing clocks over but not sure if it is the right information for him. Thanks Daniel
  8. Just spotted this on JDMauctionwatch going through the auctions, I saw one along time ago, not sure if it is 4x4 offroad starlet. Anyone got any experience with one? http://auctions.jdmauctionwatch.com/aj-S95S5xfFSaqbc.htm
  9. PLEASE SEND ME A PM IF YOUR INTERESTED yes yes its an AE111 spoiler and this is Starlet club anyway get your hands on this rare piece of kit, one the best spoilers for the ae111 imo PRICE: SOLD! SHIPPING PRICES AS FOLLOWS: UK £25 , EUROPE €37, REST OF WORLD £48 .. Optional £15 insurance cover SHIPPING WILL COME WITH TRACKING NUMBER
  10. Item For Sale: Two pairs of brand new hubcentric spacers to fit Toyota Starlet Glanza, MR2, Yaris etc. Item Condition & Description: Brand new. 20mm size per spacer. Only one of the four has been fitted on my hub for test fitment. My OEM bolts stick through slightly and I don't have a recess in my wheels for that, otherwise I'd keep them. 8x Slimline nuts included per pair. Two pairs available to give you a complete set all round if necessary. Manufacturers details: 20mm 4x100 - Wheel Spacers CNC Machined from 6082 High Quality Aluminium 10.9 Grade High Tensile Studs 20mm Per Spacer (40mm total track width) M12 x 1.5 Studs and Shallow Slimline Nuts 54.1mm Centre Bore Price: £70 per pair. They retail for £85 on eBay. Free delivery included in the price. Pictures: See attachments. Payment & Shipping Details: Payment by Paypal recommended. Please add 4%, or cash on collection from Horsham, West Sussex. Item will be posted by Royal mail or courier with full tracking available.
  11. Item For Sale: rear mats Item Condition & Description: good need clean Price: £10 Payment & Shipping Details: pay pal ..... £10 postage Pictures:
  12. most of the photo are from the ukso stand but found others round the show
  13. So it's time I pulled my finger out and started cracking on with the gt. Bought the starlet pretty much standard just with a japspeed exhaust Done a few things but time for it to be stripped down and rebuilt. Currently stripping the starlet down Pictures to follow
  14. Item For Sale: Glanza S + Starlet rear light Item Condition & Description: Perfect condition Price: 15+p&p Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details:paypal Item for sale glanza S starlet ecu s Condition perfect Price 15 Pictures Item for sale various switches and buttons Condition all good Price 2.50 each Pictures Item for sale glanza V ignition barrel and 2 original keys Condition perfect working order Price 50 Pictures Loads more bits and pieces too add Will get them all up tomorrow
  15. Got a few bits ready for paint! More updates soon http://www.ukstarletclub.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/tongue.png
  16. Item For Sale:Glanza tail lights Item Condition & Description:perfect condition Price:30 Pictures: More parts to add and better pictures !! Item for sale : heater controls Condition: Perfect Price: 10£ Pictures: item for sale: Glanza s clocks Condition: Perfect condition, Pictures: Item for sale: JDM 100bhp n/a engine Condition: Perfect, Timing belt and water pump done 2k ago Recently serviced Doesn't leak or burn oil Good compression on all 4 cylinders A/c unit still on engine Very original genuine engine Also have loom to go with it Price:150 for engine .ex postage Pictures: Item for sale: Glanza full size rad Condition: few bent fins but no leaks working perfect, Does not include extra fan Price;25£ Pictures: Item for sale: Oem strut Condition: good but could do with fresh coat of paint Price:15 Pictures: Item for sale: 4efte distributor Condition : perfect working order Price:35 Pictures: Item for sale: back box (unknown make)SOLD Comdition: bought over 2 years ago but was only fitted to my old car for 2 months or so Price: Pictures: Item for sale: 040 white Glanza side skirts Condition:used but overall good condition Price :20 Pictures: Item for sale: JDM 100bhp Glanza s import for breaking!! Condition description:front end damage Item for sale : Glanza head lights Condition: 2 head lights are in good condition could do with a wipe of a cloth, 1 head light has 2 scratches on the lense Price:SOLD Pictures: Item for sale: GLANZA heater fan Condition:perfect working order Price:20 Pictures: Item for sale: Glanza s/starlet exhaust and back box Condition: perfect no holes or rust Cat very good passed test a couple of months ago AFTERMARKET BACK BOX SOLD!! Price: 80 complete with standard or after market back box not including postage Pictures: Item for sale: 4efte fuel pump Condition:working perfect Price :10 Pictures: Item for sale: Indicator and wiper stalks Conditions:slightly faded but work perfect Price:10 Pictures: Item for sale: Driver side clear indicator Condition:perfect Price:15 Pictures: Item for sale: OEM gear knob Condition: Good condition,just needs wipe of a cloth Price:7 Pictures: FULL CAR FOR BREAKING !! CAR WILL BE GOING TO SCRAPYARD THIS WEEK!! All parts available at cheap prices! Will add more pictures and parts Payment & Shipping Details:paypal add 4% fee or send as gift. Registered postage or courier
  17. Item For Sale: Rare Toms front brace Item Condition & Description: used and in great condition and still original color Price: SOLD Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: BY COURIER..., PAY PAL
  18. I have a '98 Starlet SR, I am an apprentice with Land Rover and finally got the chance to put my car on a hoist and check the condition of my exhaust and find an oil leak... Well I found it, between the bell-housing and engine block, so far all I can think is rear main? I don't mind changing just the seal, would like some guidance on how to go about it as I am sure it won't be as simple as drop the box and take off the clutch? had a look around and cannot find what I assume a rear main seal for a 4-EFE looks like; any tips/help appreciated. Thanks Liam
  19. 3 sheets of gram lights stickers I got these as spares WAS £90 NOW £60 free tracking post can make your inner rim look cool like this
  20. Item For Sale: Work Emotions Cr Kai Item Condition & Description: nice clean, lil bit of marking on 2.. some light scratches..main thing is no bad kerbing ,no welds, no cracks 15 x 7 4 x 100 +37 SOLD Payment & Shipping Details bank transfer/ pay pal +4% fee.. £30 Courier with tracking number Pictures: What They Be Like With Stickers
  21. ****postage will be standard irsh post unless buyer wants registered or express post, please state this before payment is made**** Item For Sale: electric windows switches RH/LH Item Condition & Description: removed from a 98 glanza, both are fully working with no damage or marks at all Price:30 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: add paypal fee plus 8quid postage irish standard or tracked postage which ever the buyer prefers Item For Sale: various buttons/switches Item Condition & Description:all in perfect condition Price:5 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details:add paypal fee plus 2 quid postage Item For Sale:rear light bulb holders 2 double contact 2 single contact Item Condition & Description:all in perfect working order (NOT A COMPLETE SET) can sell separately Price: 99quid each offers Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: paypal Item For Sale: Passenger side door handle Item Condition & Description: removed from 98 glanza very light scratches on surface (not noticeable when on car ) Price: 15 Pictures: Item For Sale: 4efe ecus Item Condition & Description: both fully working 1 ecu is from uk starlet and the other is from 98 glanza S Price:15 and 20 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: paypal add fee plus 5 quid postage Item For Sale:fuel cap Item Condition & Description:removed from 98 glanza Price :10 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: paypal add fee plus 5 quid postage Item For Sale:rear shock top mount covers Item Condition & Description:perfect condition Price:10 Pictures http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_170147_zpsyf9ujcel.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details:paypal add fee plus 3 quid postage Item For Sale:speakers came on rear shelf of a glanza i had for breaking Item Condition & Description:not sure what they are worth if anything as they are quite ugly ha only reason im putting them up is ive seen them in a couple of glanzas on goo-net and other import sites,and have been wired in professionally looks like it came from the factory maybe? i dont know if anyone knows anything about them fell free to fill us in Price:99 offers Pictures:http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_165429_zps0d04yxal.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details: Item For Sale: oem ashtray Item Condition & Description:looks very clean Price: 10 Pictures:http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_165650_zpsisx3u2cn.jpg~original http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_165645_zps7evqgxfz.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details:paypal add fee plus 4 quid for postage Item For Sale:bonnet hinges Item Condition & Description: perfect working order Price: 5 Pictures: http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_165218_zpsly3ratrg.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details:paypal add fee plus 5 quid for post Item For Sale:rear lights X2 Item Condition & Description: both sets are in mint condition 1 set is from irish starlet other set is from glanza 96 spec Price:15/25 Pictures: http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_165118_zpsnwmxwhdi.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details: paypal add fee plus 10 postage Item For Sale: driver clear indicator Item Condition & Description: clip is broke, would sell lens only Price:99offers Pictures: http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_164111_zpstnihkdjj.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details: Item For Sale: 4efe manifolds Item Condition & Description:both are in perfect working order Price: 15 each Pictures: http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_164319_zpseolhm0tj.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details: paypal add fee plus postage will have to check that as these are heavy enough Item For Sale:rear brake light oem Item Condition & Description: all lights are working but one screw hole had a piece broken off still works perfect and is held in position fine (NOT NOTICEABLE WHEN ON CAR ) Price: 99 offers Pictures http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_163641_zpsevfhfiab.jpg~original http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_163653_zpslg1c6ks4.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details: paypal add fee plus 4 quid postage Item For Sale:ignition barrel plus 2 original keys Item Condition & Description:perfect working order both keys work in ignition Price:30 Pictures http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_162718_zps0039cv2s.jpg~original http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_162731_zps9m4ctsf3.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details: paypal have loads more bits and pieces to add just have to get more pictures will try get them up tonight at some stage
  22. Item For Sale: Genuine JAM Racing Side Skirts Item Condition & Description: used great not cracks or anything, small scuffs i had these imported by JDM Distro Formerly Know as Japanese Performance 2 years ago and have been stored ever since Price: £300 Payment & Shipping Details: PAY PAL +4%.... Courier Pictures:
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