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  1. As above all wanted Thanks
  2. I did not rip you off at all you fucking moron, you fucked me around for well over a month He sent me the payment for a bonnet an then said he would organise courier himself so that was all grand, i waited around for over a month at least for him to organise something and turned down numerous people that had cash for the bonnet, he mails me then one day an says a courier will be picking it up the next day, which wasnt possible as i have a job and had no way of waiting around for someone to pick it up, i did try and refund the money even though i dont think i should have after holding onto the bonnet for well over a month for this retard that wasnt able to organise a courier As for the other people saying how do we know if they are even the skirts, Read the fucking add it clearly says the skirts i have a sprayed a metalic purple and it clearly states NOT PICTURE OF ACTUAL SKIRTS!!! If anyone should be banned off this forum its that timewaisting cunt
  3. Item For Sale:Genuine livesports side skirts (NOT MY PICTURE BELOW) WILL GET PICTURES OF THE ACTUAL SIDE SKIRTS IN THE MORNING Item Condition & Description: very good condition no major marks on them They are painted a metalic purple so will need to be resprayed by new owner Price: 250 ( not really sure what they are worth Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details:Paypal Shipped from ireland
  4. Have 2 there in ireland can post though
  5. Pm prices posted to ireland Pm price posted to ireland
  6. Are they easy to map or who maps them lad? Is it plug and play or splice into the loom job?
  7. Item For Sale: Glanza S + Starlet rear light Item Condition & Description: Perfect condition Price: 15+p&p Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details:paypal Item for sale glanza S starlet ecu s Condition perfect Price 15 Pictures Item for sale various switches and buttons Condition all good Price 2.50 each Pictures Item for sale glanza V ignition barrel and 2 original keys Condition perfect working order Price 50 Pictures Loads more bits and pieces too add Will get them all up tomorrow
  8. I should have a set here lad i will have a look and let you know
  9. As above lads im after a piggy back ecu e manage or something along those lines Thanks
  10. As above after those few bits Must be able to post to ireland Thanks
  11. Should have one here for an ep91 lad but dont know if they are the same
  12. As above im after a few bits E-manage blue or some sort of piggy back ecu Td04 kit Sorted**** 98 spec front bumper + oem lip Boost gauge Sorted** Boost controller Driver side window switch Half rad Ht leads Cheap Electronic boost controller Few more bits aswell but thats all i can think of at the minute All bits must be able to be shipped to southern ireland Thanks
  13. nearly sure they are cusco top mounts lad pm me a price shipped to southern ireland
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