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  1. So one of my starlets is a uk ep80/82 1.3 2e-e Starlet. Cut a long story short the heaters packed in summer time & haven’t needed to use them until now. When I adjust the fan speed there’s a really bad smell coming from the dash almost like a burning smell. The fans are not working at all. Anyone had any similar problems? Checked the fuses & they are all fine with no issues regards
  2. Read a post on Facebook today saying that Peugeot 205 roll cages fit Ep82 can anybody confirm this for me please?
  3. can get a complete set for £300 includes fronts with sliders & rears
  4. As above Looking for livesports sideskirts
  5. Still looking aswell cash waiting
  6. Worth more imo I've got 2 Sets of these would never sell them
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