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  1. Very nice build, makes me want to do a build thread for mine, seems like Facbook has taken over tho sadly. I have one of the TD 3" exhausts, very nice bit of kit and not silly loud for track days.
  2. StanMan

    FAO: Keri

    Check your PM's on Facebook and here please Keri, after some discs.
  3. Still for sale? Won't let me send PM for some reason.
  4. Kenya.........Just a bit warm there . I think WEPR do a AC friendly kit too.
  5. Hi all, After a engine only (barebones) 4E-FTE for a forged build, preferably with a head gasket problem within the midlands area. Also open to bottom end failure at reduced price. Cash waiting for the right buy (£200 - £500). Regards Stan
  6. StanMan

    FAO: Keri

    Will say first hand that these brakes are the dogs nuts even compared to the Wilwood equivalent, they will rip your face off and there is zero fade (when used on track) after using them for nearly a year the 277 X 25 kit and DS2500! Keri and his support has been 2nd to none (when using PM) he's a top bloke and a man of his word.
  7. Only different thing is the Hubs as they are 54mm on GT turbo instead of 55mm on the Glanza, there are also 3 types of mounting bracket dependant on disk size I think. You will need to measure the disks when buying new ones as there are 3 different sizes of disk 275 x 22 / 277 x 25 and a massive 295x26. http://www.ukstarletowners.com/topic/28282-wms-brakes-for-54mm-hub-starlets-92-ep82/ That explains it all
  8. Yeah it's great fun, had it fairly stock when I 1st got it. It's a T reg 1999 and the bodywork is mint. Done everything brakes and handling wise you can within reason apart from quaife lsd. Tbh im looking for the region of 320bhp once all is done engine wise with WEPR TD04 hybrid kit and port, polished head. Just looking at gearbox upgrades, as pretty sure its going to lunch 3rd gear at 320bhp. Car atm stands as: Engine: Tubular manifold (braced mild steel) Blitz de-cat (braced) Blitz SS BOV Full stainless catback system Air conditioning removed Air filter front relocation Jperformance front HDI intercooler HKS actuator CT9 Hybrid turbo E-manage ultimate ECU FET turbo timer Exedy Clutch Chassis: BC BR coilovers Whiteline Anti-Lift kit Whiteline 24mm front anti-roll bar Whiteline front anti-roll bar droplinks Whiteline rear anti-roll bar & droplinks Whiteline adjustable panhard rod Polybushed lower arms Polybushed rear beam Polybushed gearbox mounts Polybushed top engine mount Cusco adjustable rear strut brace Brakes & Wheels: Toyo proxies T1R's 15" X 7J ET35 Team dynamics pro race 1.2's WMS 4 Pot calipers Earls front braided lines Grooved 277 x 25mm disks Ferodo ds2500 brake pads Boost was sorted after dyno as the graph highlighted the actuator wasn't holding boost correctly.
  9. Hmmmmm that had occurred to me. Checked mine last night and saw the same (slightly touching lip in exhaust tunnel) gonna get the grinder on it tonight and rust proof it after.
  10. Ct9......hybrid lol running a whopping 210bhp saving for forged etc. Im just outside Stafford in Eccleshall.
  11. Using the Whiteline ALK Mine has a fair bit of clearance on the passenger side and is about a 1mm from touching on the other side, this is with the supplied Whiteline drop links. Trying to work out why its offset Drivers side 1.48 degrees castor: Passenger side 1.45 degrees castor:
  12. There is a hole in the oil filter housing, its just blanked off, you need to drill a small hole in the power steering bracket so that it you can fit the sensor wire.
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