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  1. whats it go like with the 4wd and over 250bhp lol i neeeeed a starlet project again
  2. hey guys is the ep95 carat model use the exact same gearbox and drivetrain etc that the reflet F and X use? im looking to import one for a turbo build and think a 3dr carat turbo would be a cool sleeper
  3. lol im also have this mental health issue, only this time i saw a therapist and they advised me to store the glanza until the funds return!
  4. Have you got any info on that mate as this would be extremely interesting and useful for all 4wd owners that are scared of their boxes breaking
  5. its news to me that theres a million 4wd gearboxes in ireland lol
  6. hi guys i want some real world advice on scoobs from previous owners if there are any. are running costs and maintenence really that horrific compared to a modified glanza? talking about a standard blobeye sti 280-300bhp maybe a few little mods but nothing daft. would love a classic but guessing they take a lot more looking after.
  7. when the coupling is engaged its still front biased. but my 4wd starlet with a set of meister coilovers was crazy good in the corners. like shockingly good.
  8. exactly right...the coupling only engages when the front wheels turn faster than the rear like you say. so if theres no wheelspin then the coupling never engages - theres no need to. during a hard launch it will engage the rear wheels if the front break traction (quite likely with a td04 setup) then when the car is moving and all wheels are spinning at an equal rate the coupling disengages reverting the car back to fwd meaning you get the best of both worlds...a 4wd launch and at higher speed the car doesnt lose as much power through the transmission meaning more acceleration. its a brilliant
  9. also sorry i misread the dash question - im fairly sure the ep95 and ep91 dash are the same. so yes its just a case of swapping the clocks/cluster.
  10. yeah I think the ep91 loom is different to the ep82 loom. you should get the whole glanza loom and full glanza dash cluster - it just makes things a lot easier rather than trying to mate the glanza loom to the ep95 clocks. not sure on the airbag thing.
  11. - you will need a loom from an ep91 glanza, that will be the easiest route to do the swap - it depends how much power you are looking for. I'm pretty sure the EMB is good for over 200hp atw (approx 230-40 at the crank for us English). imo a standalone ecu is only worth while if chasing very high power - you can put the taller 5th gear in the 4wd box but I don't personally think its worth it. close ratio gearbox is better in my opinion but it does serve some purpose if you want the higher top end for racing etc other than that leave the box and diffs well alone - drivetrain on th
  12. where was that because if its the car im thinking about then its a minter or was at least.
  13. nah that's what I mean dude lol I want the stock 4efe one so I can build it myself
  14. stick a decent set of tyres and springs and brakes on it and it would be a little street rocket id say fully properly finished though its gonna be worth something like £3500
  15. would anyone like to disclose the location of a nice black ep85 sports selection? I never went for the one that was for sale before as its had a few too many 300bhp 4efte's boosting through its drivetrain
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