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  1. Hey guys just dropped my 5efhte into my ep95. Need to do all the fluids. What is recommended for the front diff and gearbox oils?
  2. Hi everyone, I’m currently swapping my 5efhte into a ep95. As part of the swap I am fitting a new aftermarket intake manifold with larger throttle body. It’s one of these common designs that you see around. Just wondering if there is any need to lengthen, replace or modify the throttle cable? Or should I be able to reuse it as is? Thanks in advance , Heath
  3. Hey guys i have a ep95 (4wd) Toyota reflet, 2 door. Been reading through this thread. My car currently has no lip spoiler and I’d like to fit the glanza to my existing boot. Can anyone please advise what’s required in fitting this? There are no connection points so is this glued in place? If so with what? And are there holes to be drilled or anything? Thanks in advance. Heath
  4. Hi guys, on the weekend we had some vandals f*#k up my house and my ep95 front / rear windscreens. Replacement cost is pretty high for the rear windscreen ($700 nzd) and insurance won’t pay anything. Its likely cheaper for me to replace the entire bootlid from a glanza v and get the lip spoiler at the same time. I’m aware that there’s additional reverse lights, brake light and changing locks over but other than that is it a direct bolt up? Thanks in advance, Heath
  5. Great thanks, will check it out
  6. That’s great, thanks for the response. Heath
  7. Hi guys, been doing a bit of reading around the centre diffs and wanted to check my understanding with you. As i understand it, the viscous coupling will only transmit power to the rear wheels when there is a speed differential between the front and rear. So driving in a straight line the rear wheels rotate on their own and the coupling is not transmitting any power to the rear. The car is essentially operating as a front wheel drive. But when traction is lost on the front, the viscous coupling will transmit power to the rear. This would occur when launching. Have i got this right? Or is the coupling always transmitting power to the rear and will increase / decrease it on a front / rear speed differential? And how does this tie in with the 60/40 split? Sorry I figure this has been discussed before but I couldn’t find the right answers. Heath
  8. Hi guys, looking for recommendations on engine / gearbox mounts for my proposed 5efhte ep95. I’ve had issues with aftermarket mounts before being too hard and having to remove them due to excessive vibration. I also found standard too soft on my gt starlet. So looking for something in between. What’s everyone using and are they the same as ep82 / ep91 mounts? My aftermarket ones were not powerflex, not sure who made them. Cheers
  9. Thanks for the response, all makes sense. I’m assuming from that that I can’t use my EP82 4EFTE loom as it’s different to the EP91 loom? I assume I use the EP95 dash and change out the dial cluster as opposed to changing out the entire dash to EP91. I was doing some reading through the forums and noticed some people having issues matching looms with their specific model. I have driver and passenger airbags. Not sure if that causes any issues. Thanks again for the advice. Heath
  10. Hi everyone, just signed up to the group. Great to see so much information available. I have 2 cars, my existing 5efhte (EP82) GT starlet that I've had for about 10 years and I've just acquired a manual 2 door EP95 after searching for some time. Plan is to swap the running gear from my EP82 into the EP95 as the body on my car is tired (and also to have a 4wd setup). I'm trying to get my ducks in a row before I take both of them off the road and have the following questions: Are the EP91 / EP82 wiring looms the same i.e. will my EP82 loom work with the EP95? Do you guys recommend sticking with the EP82 / EP91 looms or going stand alone? I'm currently using a Greddy Emanage Blue piggy back on my 5efhte producing about 200hp atw (TD04, 1 bar, etc) Are there any recommendations for gearbox / diff work while its out? How does the EP95 drive train hold up with the power? Any need for LSDs or anything? Current dial cluster doesnt have a speedo and I've seen that people swap over the EP91 cluster, is there any trick to this? Any other recommendations from your guys experience? If you guys can help or point me to the relevant threads would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Heath
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