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  1. hi all I am looking for a intercooler pipe ive got the short route pipe just need a 180 bend or something to join up the front mount something like this bend in the picture cheers al
  2. Kleer r having a summer meet at buckmore park we could all meet somewhere and convoy there its on the 4th July 5er to get in
  3. I will do a meet on Facebook and put it on starlet groups
  4. We will have to try work some think out try getting it going as a monthly meet would be good anyone going tunerfest
  5. End off Aug time would be good for me
  6. About 30mins away I am from sheppey
  7. Sound like a plan blue water meet used to be a good meet have to sort some think out
  8. Don't they do Bluewater no more
  9. Hi all do u have meets in kent
  10. allyboistarlet

    glanza v

    Wanted glanza v in white
  11. Hi every1 my name is ali I use to own a glanza v Lookin to get another 1 very soon as miss it so much
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