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  1. Is there anyone near appledore or Wittersham in the group as 97 p reg starlet 1.3 auto need a cam belt change and idle and fuel needs turn down 

  2. As above guys, if you’re in or around the SE of the UK, drop your fb here as there is a Kent meets page on fb! Would be good to get to know some other local owners!
  3. Still in need of an engine, nothing about at all? Just needs to be healthy and running!
  4. So guys, we getting this meet going for the evening of the 24th?
  5. As above, need a decent running engine, ideally as near to the south east as possible, what’s about?
  6. Ash, you know any decent tuners down our way?
  7. Guys, may be a silly question but here goes... would having a 4efe rocker cover cause any issues on a 4efte? TIA Jay edit: I’m running a TD04 if that makes a difference!
  8. If the engine runs fine, the turbo is ok and it’s only on boost but you can nurse it through on gentle boost, I’d bet my left nut (my favourite one) that it’s leads
  9. Afraid so, I’m in Kent. I’m sure there’s a few owners around near you who could help you out! Have you tried the fb pages, they are a tad more active.
  10. Its really hard to diagnose without seeing the car but if the engine runs fine except on boost it’s usually something in the ignition system breaking down, you’ve replaced everything else so other that I’d need to see it!
  11. The other leads take a hammering as well, they can also break down under load! You have any males with starlets that you can try their leads?
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