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  1. She started first time. Made a few funny noises and strange smells but she’s working fine. also cleaned most of the greenery off, and a few spiders are homeless.
  2. Well not sen this in a while she needs a good clean
  3. Which tracks and events are open this year any ideas?
  4. Fortunately I left the hand break off sitting in gear, Battery Disconnected too. Its fully charged,
  5. doesn't at the moment, Shes probably covered in pine needles
  6. Well after a year of good intentions and little progress due to Work moving Countries and then a year after I moved. Covid came along and kicked the world in the bollocks. I hope everyone is as well as can be expected. Well Emoji has not been on the road for 2 years almost. I have only seen her on a drive way and she does not look pretty. But I am on my way back to England, Essential worker status, been offshore for a month and isolated so probably the least likely person to have Covid atm. Brexit hasn't helped much recently either. Hers the progress part, she's insured for my retur
  7. I had My Glanza In Holland through out Winter and never had any problems with the police due to my headlight beams, I tried the converters they sell on the Ferry but that made very little difference. They were standard Glanza Headlights from Japan
  8. Ok last time I was in England I was lucky to remember to MOT the car she failed her first go emissions and a squinty headlight thanks to jelly baby and his MOT knowledge he got me through. If you need a reference that relates to imports and all sorts ask JB he saved emoji.
  9. Yep wired switch will do it you can have it on the roof if you want to my knowledge
  10. I really miss her the audi just is not up the Job
  11. Thanks skiny doesn’t look quite so clean up close I think a wrap or paint job this year maybe on the cards I am reluctant though I am used to the yellow! Never known her any different. shes had a tough winter in sand and snow too it was not the intention but not missed a beat
  12. Well not really a progress update as nothing has changed on the car but importantly. I have now got a new daily for Holland so Emoji is coming home for some much needed TLC. Service time and a little maintenance and prep for the season ahead no one likes cold metal in winter. Brakes have been a right pain can’t get them hot enough here it’s freezing always and Dutch motorways are not fun because of drainage! But let the fun begin!! work looks promising too so hopefully I can build a solid lil glanza track car seriously contemplating wrapping it soon!
  13. Lol I am the danger I keep forgetting when I wake up where I am
  14. I did not see this in real life but a mechanic I know does the maintenance on it sent me these yesterday. obviously this GT is better looked after than my glanza
  15. Turns out Nurburgring is closed due to snow but met dutch Toyota club people looking forward to some fun the track build has completely stalled. Moving house is breaking the bank no roll cage gear box in jelly babies garage LSD there too
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