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  1. Hi, sorry for the late answer, I started to work on the headlights to fit the mini projectors in. It should work properly. The problem is, I have it registered in Belgium, so I have to pass certification tests for the car to run on Belgian roads...
  2. For information, I just bought some mini 2,5" projectors from ebay to built into the original headlights. I will try to fit them in, and hopefully it will give good light
  3. Hi there! Just read the whole blog, amazing progress! I have a question about the projector conversion... What type of projector did you use, and how did you install it into the headlights? Thanks P.S. I sent you a PM
  4. Hi everybody! I am currently living in Belgium, and for my 97 Glanza V, looking to convert my UK headlights (for left side drive) into EU headlights (for right side drive)... There are starlets in the EU, but the problem is the headlights of a standard starlet are a bit smaller than the Glanza ones... Does anyone have any clue on how I could solve this issue? Thank you very much!
  5. Hello everyone! I am new here and want to learn some things about my "new" car I bought my 97 Glanza V last year and it is slightly modified. It runs on the standard engine, with A/C removed, front mount intercooler, fuel pressure regulator, magnecor ignition leads, and NGK grade 8 spark plugs, and an intake upgrade. It also has a front bigger custom brake kit. It runs with piggyback emanage ultimate, and AFR and boost gauges. It currently runs at about 0.6 - 0.7 boost, on the CT9 turbo. It also has a stainless steel exhaust system. I am located in Belgium. I hope to learn lots of things about this magnificent car! I unfortunately only have this one picture of it for the moment.
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