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  1. Its not a 5efhe but ive a complete 5e never messed with i would happily sell for £650 lol.
  2. stock brakes are fine for me, i mostly fly about on little back roads. But i keep them in good condition and use mintex 1144 front pads.
  3. we have boooooooossssttttt!!!!!
  4. Theres a bit of work in there!
  5. Good work on the bearings mate. BC clearing trying to rip you there. Theres nothing special about those.
  6. That took a while. check the tracking number to see when he actually posted it. Atleast you have a spare now!
  7. ran helix paddle over 300 and it was great, nice pedal too.
  8. Block is cast iron on the Toyota k series engines.
  9. No more real updates as i hurt my back so had to take it easy this week. Me and the GF did get the air filter and pollen filters changed on on her EP3 today though, i got her to do most of it so shes trained up now. The pollen filters were mankey they have been in the car for 6 years and over 60k miles, next time i will change them more often haha. The air filter probably didnt need changed but it was only 9 quid for a blue print one. The new rad arrived though. 20200630_131209 by Bean Beano, on Flickr Im really impressed with it, the quality looks really good. 20200630_131220 by Bean Beano, on Flickr Also my new fuel filter finaly landed.
  10. pm Faisal Amir he might have some.
  11. nice updates. Do those nut sert things come in a kit? I could do with something like that it would come in handy.
  12. Yeah 6 years and over 60k miles done in it. Its been a decent car. Who needs a family car when you can just use a EP3. A good rust free one will be worth keeping hold of they will start dissapearing in the next few years and a good one will be hard to find. Ive just been popping in and out of the garage doing a few little bits. Got these de rusted and epoxy primed. 20200624_121110 by Bean Beano, on Flickr I did a little more work on the intercooler mount / brace, gave it a light sand with some 600 / 800 and ground a small bit of weld splatter off it and gave it some more primer in a few places where it got scratched from all the intercooler fitting. Im going to paint this with the front end of the car so i dont have to mix the paint twice 20200624_121122 by Bean Beano, on Flickr Not the best pic but I got these sprayed silver and clear coated. Its been a good day for painting stuff in the sun. 20200624_151242 by Bean Beano, on Flickr and the rad brackets in epoxy primer just to stop them rusting for now. 20200624_151256 by Bean Beano, on Flickr I've also been building up a substantial amayama order of honda and toyota parts, bits for the teg, bits for my scooter and bits for my Starlet Turbo. The starlet needs the front end resprayed i was gonig to take it down to a bodyshop down the road but ended up having a few beers then realised i best not 🍻
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