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  1. I'm after a few standard parts but can't seem to find many for sale anywhere. Is anyone breaking any these days? Or maybe parts left over?
  2. Crash bar looks mint! Nice new bolts too 👍 i need to do this with mine.
  3. Good work going on mate! Get some paint or something on those new wish bones when they land as they dont get much of anything that will protect them. Im sure you are already planning to do that but just thought i would mention it.
  4. Another small update, boot is painted as are the front aero spats and the drivers side rear 1/4 was re done as there was a couple marks in it still, bumpers now refitted. Now he just needs to spray the rear aero spats, do the satin black parts on the top of the doors, and polish the car. Might be finished on Saturday but ive heard that a few times 😆 I also picked a set of these Gt Turbo gell door decals which recently appeared on ebay. Until now i havent seen anyone reproduce these so they turned up just at the right time, i do have one genuine Toyota set of these which i got hold o
  5. Haha go for it mate! Cheers Sam, hoepfully it will maybe be back together soon! Well we are slightly further on now. The bumpers and grill have had their first coat of primer and are currently been sanded down. They should hopefully get painted today / tomorrow.
  6. Bean

    Car events.

    I didnt go this year, they just keep moving it further and further away. I Liked it when it was at Newark show ground and they had the drift area for the drift cars.
  7. Just called down and it was sat outside, hes painted it again in the colour matched colour. It doesnt quite match the boot so hes going to paint that too now. The bumpers, arch trim pieces, grill, mirrors and aero kit are still to paint which hes making a start on this afternoon. Hopefully i might have it back next week. A couple pics how it came out of the booth, it still hasnt been de nibbed or had any polishing yet though. The finish is really good no orange peel which alot of bodyshops round here seem to think is acceptable to put out. The rear bumper was badly faded thats why th
  8. Cheers mate. I'm going to call round today after work, early finish its FRIDAY! So I will try get some more pics.
  9. Im mega chuffed mate, thing is the car is stuck in the booth now until its finished so he has to finish the car now or he cant use his booth! Ive had a really shitty few days this week and if i went to see my car still sat outside the bodyshop with no progress i think it might have tipped me over the edge! But its really cheered me up and i think once its finished and looks really good i will enjoy it more and get some motivation back to finish the odd jobs on it. Ive no idea what the job is going to cost as hes ended up painted alot more than i was expecting but so long as it looks
  10. Well EMO was starting to look very tired, all the clear coat was peeling off the bonnet, the front wings were rotten from a bad previous repair years ago and the bumpers had scuffs, and the spoiler was badly faded. So i swapped the wings over which i bought years ago that were rust free. The paint was pretty much holding the wings together. I stripped the car down as much as i could to help the bodyshop man, and just left things held on with a couple of screws or clips. The car had been booked into the bodyshop for just the front end and the mirrors resprayed originally,
  11. Just got updated on your thread mate as ive not checked it for a while. Great work going on here. The downpipe repair looks bang on too.
  12. Nice one on the IC kit. i think these are the best off the shelf kits for the starlets with a sensibly sized core. Just make sure all the pipes are clean before you fit them.
  13. Yep i would check your grounds im sure this happened on my teg after i sprayed the engine bay and the grounds needed cleaning up due to the paint.
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