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  1. I dont know who this is but I know the Starlet. It was up for sale a while ago.
  2. Sorry about the long reply Had a look in the parts stash and I do have my one off my mk3 GT. PM me if your still after one. Cheers, Dave
  3. Hello mate, I may have a spare one from my mk3, replaced it with a custom one years ago. I'll check in the morning and let you know. Cheers, Dave
  4. My experience with the Spec unit was terrible, the worst clutch I have ever had. Jerky, grabs when you dont want it to, difficult to get into gear, sometimes impossible. It ruined my car, made it horrible to drive as it was like hitting fuel cut when releasing the clutch pedal. I would avoid. The competition unit I have no experience of.
  5. Hello mate, I have one old EP82 wishbone. Can't remember if its the drivers side or passenger side. Based in Alfreton. £30 Collected?
  6. No real need for any sealant. You might use a tiny drop just so the gasket stays in place when you turn it over to put it on. I used none on mine, just pushed it into place firmley.
  7. I got mine from Tuning Developments, single wire.
  8. Easy checks to see if its the injector, plug or leads: if no change occurs when taking the fuel injector plug out do the following: Put a long screwdriver on the injector and check for pulse. if you do, check for spark so do this: Take a spare spark plug. Take the lead off, put the sppre plug on the lead. Earth the plug, easy way is to hook up a jumper cable to the plug to the negative terminal on the battery. Start the car, check its firing. They take the plug out the block, do the same with the plug, see if its firing. I had a similar problem, turned out to be a non f
  9. Looked like you were giving it some shit Phil around there What clutch are you using atm?
  10. They are Jap terminals. Have you not tried charging it up?
  11. I've had a look around this one and its a minter. Very well priced SR for someone.
  12. I've run red stuff pads for years, no problems.
  13. EP91 ones don't fit. Still looking for a set.
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