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  1. Nice build Socks. Hows she holding up on the stock internals at that sort of power and boost? Pretty impressive bud.
  2. As above lads, Has anyone got a Power FC for sale, for an ep82 GT? Willing to consider other similarly priced standalone options also. Let me know what you have. Cheers
  3. Are these as reliable as 3bar Map Sensors?
  4. Does anyone where I can buy one of these kits from for my GT? I'm guessing the OP has sold this one already.
  5. Thank you. Apparently its a universal fitting for all the 2bolt type, so I should be ok. https://honda-tech.com/forums/welding-fabrication-53/wastegate-flange-options-2987382/
  6. Guys, are any of you running turbosmart 2 bolt wgs with your Td04 WEPR setups? Just about to place an order with Sacha and he has a 2 bolt flange for Tial 2 bolt wg setups - which should fit my turbosmart wg - but just wanted to double check?? Sacha is not 100% certain so I said I would check with the Uk members first. Thanks
  7. As above, I am on the hunt for a td04 manifold and downpipe...preferbly a good quality kit like wepr. Let me know what you have. Cheers
  8. Devs313

    WTB Coilovers

    As above lads. On the hunt for a set of coilovers for my ep82. Must be in good condition...no knocks or leaks. Let me know what you have.
  9. As above lads, has anyone got a used crankshaft pulley in good condition....preferably with no chips? Cheers
  10. Cheers lads. A good friend/member off here who recently rebuilt and forged his own engine, has offered to strip the engine for me and help to get it repaired. I'm hoping the damage is not too much :(. Am I wrong, or should an oil warning light have come on...if I was running low on oil?
  11. Lads, I think my GT engine is screwed. The car started making a knocking sound this morning....checked the oil level and noticed there was hardly any oil in it - school boy error ...I should have been regularly checking this, but I have never known the engine to burn oil. Topped up with some fresh oil...engine sounded much smoother....however I can still hear the knocking/rattling sound slightly anything about say 2.8k revs on deceleration . From searching around, I have read that I need to drop the oil and remove the sump.....initially. I can drop the oil fine....but
  12. Youtube was my first port of call. But I did not see any videos specific to starlets. I guess it is the same principle on all cars?
  13. Just bought a rear caliper rebuild kit for my GT. Has anyone got a tutorial of how you remove and rebuild it?
  14. How does the diesel work on them?
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