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  1. with a decent quality manifold there shouldn't be that much in it. Stainless looks infinitely better
  2. This doesnt always work as some need load on them
  3. Theres also a aston martin cygnet with a v8 in it and 430hp
  4. I would almost put money on a 220-230ish tf035 glanza being quicker than a TD04 one at 240.TF035 is a great turbo
  5. Because it should be tested as a Cat vehicle. If someone is prepared to do a non cat test go for it
  6. id almost 99% sure that is a japspeed lol. looks like they did a slash and non slash tip
  7. japspeed or jperformance by the looks of it
  8. I highly recommend having a go yourself. Its really just a matter of attention to detail and following specs. Get the machining done and any measuring if not confident, rest is nuts and bolts
  9. true, but wouldnt you expect a gauge to be consistently inaccurate, so the difference is still relative to each other.There is a chance that the test was done wrong though granted. However even at 130 per cylinder id consider a engine freshen up(unless a reason for low comp)
  10. Who quoted you that mate? I can recommend you someone who will be pretty cheap if you wanna pm me
  11. 30PSI is a pretty big difference! Defo something wrong. Personally i think changing one piston is a bodge. Buy another known good engine or rebuild it. Did you do the compression test warm with WOT
  12. 500 bloody hell...worth more than most starlets
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