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  1. Rob H@RCH Engineering You would be best asking him on here Any pics, very rarely see glanza s now. If it was me i would just live it for what it is and enjoy it
  2. Is there anything on here on koni shock absorber inserts. Thanks
  3. Made a bit of a mistake, chopped a little to much off and springs was loose in the shocks, decided to give it another go with vogtland springs and chopped one ring of this time instead of two. They fit a little better than before and no difference in driving around, no knocking.
  4. Welcome, it doesn't take long to get hooked on these cars.
  5. Bought Vogtland springs, 35 mm lowering springs. Fitted them now a couple of months back, and seems to be no difference in them at all from standard springs apart from the front is a tad lower, a bit disappointing, so if anyone thinking of buying any don't bother, the rear springs are the same size when you put them next to original glanza springs, i would like to send them back but don't think i can with having them for a couple of months. They seem softer than original springs as well, i can tell this even from pressing them in by hands. I've had a couple of makes of springs over the years a
  6. Hi, is this the glanza that's auto? Looks nice untouched example.
  7. How many miles has your auto gt done and any mods more bhp? This is a big worry for me as i have a glanza v auto. Can it be fixed? I've been thinking of getting a spare auto box but just can't trust sellers these days. Hope you get it fixed soon
  8. Yes i did, had about quarter of a tank before so went to top it up to half way local tesco garage, i normally put Unleaded momentum 99 but this time i put Unleaded 95 in, drove home fine parked it up next day it was ok upto about 5 miles driving then that's when it started to play up. I had time to play around with the car today, put new spark plugs in NGk bkr7 because i checked the plugs and was NGK 5 thought that could be the cause but didn't make any difference, I've cleaned idle control valve as well still no difference. Disconnected the battery fiddled around distributor cap w
  9. Started up fine, drove for 5 miles 30 zone fine, stopped at a set of traffic lights for couple of minutes then car started to rough idle low idle, so set of normal as you do seemed to lack power and sounds like running on 3 cylinders then 4 and 3, depending if i try to push acceleration a bit, gets to a happy mode but push some more then running rough and when travelling up a steep hill the car would not go past 20, started to smell and smoke as i got half way up, then settled down again on flat no smoking but still hardly any power. I thought i wouldn't make it home today and didn't really wa
  10. As above white glanza v black wheels going through buxton Derbyshire
  11. mart1


    £76 new free postage 291360227467 ebay
  12. Welcome, another Derbyshire lad here ☺️
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