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  1. Thanks! No not too hard to do. Its fiddly to get your hands behind the clocks to release the plugs and speedo cable, but once you know what to feel for you can squeeze and release them. Each plug has a tab on the top that you push down to release the plug. The speedo cable has a tab on the side that you squeeze. The wiring was pretty straightforward. There are two guides on here depending on what model of car you have, as the wiring can differ. The one that worked for my car was this one: https://www.ukstarletowners.com/topic/12429-how-2-solida-to-sr-dials/?
  2. Small update, fitted some rev counter clocks. Followed a really useful guide that I found on this forum, very pleased with the results, look way better than the standard cluster.
  3. The Black on silver looks mean as hell. Interested to hear the dyno result
  4. That is impressive weekly mileage to put up on a GTT. I actually bought the speedlines years ago, there were up on adverts.ie, full set of 5 rims freshly powdercoated, no tyres or centrecaps. I got rainsports for them, a set of universal caps and got some speedline gel coated decals made up. I had them on my MK2 Jetta then for a few years (I'm also big into VWs) Once I got the starlet I knew the speedlines had to go back where they were meant to be!
  5. No real developments, but these arrived today: I went to fit my JDM grille badge but when I popped off the chrome bonnet badge I noticed there are 2 holes underneath! The starlet I park beside in work had no bonnet badge and no holes so i assumed they were glued on. Oh well, Ill have to fill and paint the bonnet at a later stage. I don't want to have a grille badge AND a bonnet badge as the front would look too "crowded"
  6. Did it have a different boot carpet to cover the larger wheel?
  7. Yeah the full size alloy barely fits. I was just curious because when I bought the SR speedlines I got a set of 5 which I thought was unusual. I wondered did Toyota supply a full size spare. The previous owner must have just gone and picked up a 5th one themselves.
  8. Did Starlet SR come with a full size speedline spare? If so, I assume it had a different boot carpet to accommodate the larger wheel?
  9. I bought a 1998 Starlet as a cheap daily. Its completely original bar the speedlines which I put on when I got the car. Here are some photos I took shortly after buying the car, excuse the dirt, I cannot keep it clean because I drive 70 miles a day to commute to work and havent had a weekend free to clean it. I have since done the following work: New timing belt and tensioner Alternator belt (It snapped on my commute home one evening) OS outer CV joint. New distributor cap and rotor arm. I plan to keep it fairl
  10. Hey, did you manage to find that piece by any chance?
  11. I might resort to that, but if I could get a look at what the OEM fixings are, 20 minutes with some scrap plastic, a dremel and some epoxy glue and I can fabricate something similar
  12. I bought one of these off ebay and it was only after buying it that I discovered that an additional piece is required behind it to clip the badge on to. Does anyone have a photo of these piece behind that it clips onto? I am going to make one and would love to see what the original looks like so i can copy it!
  13. Thanks guys. yeah sure, I have photos of my old starlet on a HDD somewhere, I'll fish them out. Owned them back in 2005 and 2007. I suspect they are probably dead now, Starlet is the weapon of choice for Autotesting over here.
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