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  1. Glad to hear it’s progressing mate, the work looks good. Maybe done for the summer ?
  2. just a few more bits to gather and bolt to it then it’s going in !
  3. Looking good mate I hope u get it back soon so you can start enjoying it again
  4. Mate u would be more than welcome to come over, I can’t wait till it’s back together and mapped I’m looking forward to getting it out on track
  5. The block and head are back from the machine shop so can now start putting it back together. Blocks been bored to 74.5mm with a deck polish, heads been stripped again, re pressure tested, valve seats re cut and lapped in with some porting also
  6. Forgot to mention also my neighbour unfortunately backed in to it as well last week and caused minor body damage and broke the left tail light lense 🤦‍♂️. Toyota don’t do the lenses anymore and are like rocking 🐴 💩 to find ! Lucky Dan at djr imports had one for £120 to help me out and I need to book the car in at work to have the bumper done.
  7. Not updated this in a while, the glanza still gets used as a daily and although it passes mot every year a few things need doing on it now. I have new powerflex mounts as the stock ones are a bit tired now. The flexi started to blow on the exhaust too so got a new stainless one to weld in. There’s also an oil leak from the timing side ( probably oil pump o ring) that needs seeing to and I think the water pump has a slight weep so plenty to keep me busy. Also bagged some new his gaskets for the exhaust as well.
  8. Also went for an fte lightened flywheel and new exedy clutch to match which is all at my engine builders being balanced
  9. Yeah it already had a forged crankshaft in it when I pulled it out, just waiting on the block to come back from the machine shop then I’ll get it back together
  10. So a bit of an update as it’s been a while, I put the head back on and built it up only for it to smoke as bad as before 🤦‍♂️. So I pulled the whole engine out and pulled it apart to find the oil control rings were stuck on all 4 pistons causing blow by. while it’s out and apart it’s getting forged, I’ve gone for maxpeeding rods and 74.5 mm wossner pistons with all new shells, bearings and a cometic gasket
  11. Thanks mate hope they are good, was going to go elsewhere but as there close to reopening I’ll wait 👍
  12. Cheers guys, any news on a timeframe of trading again ? Hope it’s sooner rather than later Mike and nick are good guys
  13. I’ve only ever had positive experiences with Mike at td. I can confirm that they are no longer at their old site and I can’t seem to contact them for parts, if anyone has a contact number please can you pm me
  14. I would always use a Toyota gasket for a sub 250 hp build or a cometic gasket from upwards of 250 hp just my opinion as I’ve had cheaper gaskets fail really easy. Search Matt berry on YouTube he does a really great video on starlet head gaskets
  15. Looking for an ep91 na fuel tank that’s not rotten, mines a 1997 but I’m sure there all the same. I’m in Manchester so closer the better.

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