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  1. Hi thanks for the comments, firstly the air intake temp sensor is just tied up in the engine bay as it’s not an issue, I’m using the stock 4efe fuel pressure regulator but did have to change the fuel pump as it ran lean top end and I first ran the intercooler pipework under the front crossmember but it looked shit with the na bumper as the bumper fouls the pipes massively so I went for 51mm pipes round the sides and it’s much better I’ll try find a pic
  2. A few more tidy up jobs to do and a few more bits to buy and an mot to sort then it’s off to oulton park in January for a shake down
  3. Thanks mate it’s a project I never intended taking on but glad I have, it’s not the glanza by any means but it does put a smile on your face
  4. Cars all done and I’m really happy with how it drives, it picks up boost quite quickly and is funny to drive. Boost was wound back from 10 psi to 7 as it was having some valve float at high rpm due to na valve springs. A high flow fuel pump was needed as it began to lean off too much. I want the car usable and reliable so I’m happy with the boost levels and power it made I’m not chasing figures and I feel it’s on the money for what I intend to use it for. I can’t recommend tuning developments enough, they’ve mapped both my sr and glanza v and im more the happy with both results they know what
  5. Picking the car up from tuning developments in the morning so update to follow 😀
  6. It’s cool I’ve got a map sensor on the way 😀, I’ll get u a pic of the bracket tomorrow mate but it’s just literally a 90 degree piece of steel I bolted to the brake line bracket. I haven’t set the actuator yet Mike at td will do it when it’s mapped
  7. Yes u still need to use the additional 3 bar map sensor with emanage as well as a stock 4efte map sensor for it to work
  8. I know If using emanage u need a 4efte map sensor as the software can’t recognise a 4efe map sensor
  9. Don’t suppose u have a stock map sensor?
  10. I don’t plan on touching the internals at all, mike has a customer they mapped a na for with the same set up as me three years ago he uses as a daily and had no issues so far so fingers crossed all will be ok 👌🏻
  11. Thanks mate it’s getting there slowly 😂, I hope to be booking a trackday soon to shake it down
  12. Its been ported to help prevent boost creep
  13. Managed to get a couple of hours in on the sr today, trimmed the front under trays and front dirt guards to fit around the intercooler pipework. Fitted a catch can, made a bracket to fix the relocated header tank. Also managed to nip over and see mike at td and came away with an adjustable actuator and new seals for the glanza injectors. Last piece of the puzzle now is a standard glanza map sensor then it’s going to td for emanage to be fitted and mapped!
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