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  1. New japspeed twin core radiator fitted today with jd tuning mounting brackets, managed to finish the revised intercooler pipework also.
  2. Quick update, decided to redo the intercooler pipework as I wasn’t happy with how it looked so waiting for pipes from auto silicone hoses. Also gone for a dual core alloy radiator so waiting for brackets to arrive from jd tuning. I had some timing belt cover “4efe” replica stickers made up and have one spare if anyone wants it fire me a pm and I’ll post it out foc of course.
  3. It was a wet one last time out at oulton p4 in race 1 and race 2, conditions were awful in fairness worst I’ve ever driven in 😱
  4. What did u get mate can’t really see from the pic ?
  5. It’s just the old ct9 from my glanza and yeah I’m hoping for a decent spool time as it’s going to be used for time attack 😀
  6. Not updated for a while unfortunately as I’ve been busy with the boxster, but dug it out of the unit today and finished the intercooler pipe work which I’m not chuffed with so I’ve ordered some more 🤦‍♂️. Gave it a bath too, still some more engine bay work to do and still on the look out for an emb if anyone’s got one ? Here’s how she stands atm
  7. You will get new drop links with the arb they also come with poly bushes mate
  8. Glad your saving it bud just fire me a pm if u need any advice looks like a great base to start from 👍
  9. They do fit, it’s tight but I just pushed the fuel filter back
  10. 24 cars in total split in to 3 classes, 986/987 boxster s and cayman s, 997 and a 944
  11. Car ran faultless all weekend with me qualifying 3rd in class, finishing p5 in race one and sadly a dnf in race to due to me spinning and ending up beached in the gravel whilst chasing down 3rd with 2 laps left 😩 but hey ho not bad for a first timer 🤷‍♂️
  12. After a failed test at Blyton park due to the clutch slave cylinder giving up it was straight in to its and my first ever race meeting at Oulton park
  13. Took the boxster for its first shake down on the local industrial estate today with trade plates on, happy to report all good 👌🏻
  14. Think they may have to be 997 gt3 coffin arms and roll bar tbh to fit 987, I can find out though if your seriously thinking about it
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