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  1. Refurbished thermostat housing running a td low temperature thermostat and new turbo coolant pipes bargain at £7 each from Toyota
  2. No all stock internals and no plans to forge it atm, kind of a budget turbo conversion will be good to run half a bar of boost on a stock motor
  3. Amazing story, glad your restoring it, clunking on full lock will be cv joint in the driveshaft, would be easier to just change the driveshaft from a breaker, I’ve got some amber lenses dm me a postal address and I’ll fire them over to u foc of course. Any other questions just ask always happy to help a fellow 1ao sr owner 😀
  4. Sure I’ve seen this for sale on eBay, project abandoned?
  5. About 30 mins 😂 all sealed tight though
  6. Elring dirko s ht they sell it at euro car parts
  7. Sure it was morgey on here mate but I’m sure there’s someone on eBay doing them
  8. Just waiting on a few more bits then it’s off to td for mapping 😀 rebuilt ct9 will run hks adjustable actuator and short route hot pipe with a td decat on a glanza centre pipe to a tte backbox @ 0.6 bar of boost 😀
  9. Glad u kept it and are now going to put it back on the road as you don’t see many anymore, it’s a shame they’ve never really gone up in value such a good little car, I had a white one as an 18 year old apprentice at Toyota I’m 37 now 😂 but definitely saved this one from the scrapper . Get a project thread going happy to help anyway I can just fire away 👍
  10. Power wise all uk spec ep91 are the same mate, I’m using kyb struts and top mounts with tein s springs, not too low and doesn’t sacrifice ride comfort whilst I find the setup is compliant and a lot cheaper than coilovers, thanks for the comments
  11. Right first time mate I’m a fitter ! Didn’t need to pull it out as it’s so soft it just plenished out the bench just happened to be under the ramp😂
  12. Thanks man, but they won’t split the hot pipe unfortunately and I don’t need the rest of the setup ! The hunt continues
  13. Yeah I’ve tried all the fabrication places, dean at rw doesn’t make them anymore, sacha at wepr will only do one with a full pipe kit and intercooler which I don’t need, td don’t do them, id workz no longer do them, hdi don’t sell the pipe kit separately 😩I might have to chance my hand with jperformance and just use PayPal
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