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  1. stevie82

    Glanza foot rest

    As per title glanza clutch footrest needed pm me with pic and price please
  2. As per title I’m after a drivers and passengers side plain outer door moulding for a 3 door n/a see pic for reference, so I need the bit that’s missing for both sides
  3. Couple more from Oulton and some new stoppers on the ho
  4. Finally got round to fitting the Corolla inlet, just got brakes to fettle then it’s off to the Dyno for a laugh !!!
  5. Out at Oulton Park last weekend, took a battering but didn’t miss a beat 76AD4B46-FEA9-42B7-86F2-EA4C6F7EE13D.MP4
  6. It’s for time attack, what I’m using is perfectly safe and if the plate I’m using rips through the floor it would be the least of my problems. ideally I would mount it to a cage but it’s not having one and doesn’t need one to compete in the class it will be running in but thanks for the concern
  7. It’s just a mock up, it will be bolted with eyelets through the floor with support plates
  8. C pillar bar turned up today so got it fitted along with my belt, inlet gaskets also turned up too ( was like Christmas morning) so need to get the inlet done
  9. Decided to nip in work this morning and fill the box up with oil, ran it up and the gearing feels loads better so smooth and precise
  10. I’m looking for bumpers as per title in 1ao silver, a drivers wing and a pair of plain outer door mouldings (see picture ) pm me what u have
  11. All back together just need to fill gearbox with but ran out of time so will do it Monday and report back how it drivesand one with the seat fitted that’s all till next week, all comments welcome
  12. New td low temp thermostat also fitted
  13. Also fitted the power flex rack d bushes I’ve had for a while too
  14. With the box being out it made access easier to do a couple of other jobs, fitted solid shifter bushes (also going to be fitting a hypersport short shift)old rubber bushesnew solid bushes
  15. I gave the box a small clean whilst it was out and fitted a new aisin clutch, old one didn’t look too worn even though the pedal felt high but the release bearing was a bit buggered so glad that’s been donebeforeafter
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