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  1. Who fits and maps me I’m interested and have read the how to on their web page but it sounds a bit too technical for me ?
  2. Forgot about the rear axle mount bushes so did them when I had a spare half hour
  3. Thanks but no thanks bud I can’t be bothered messing with cams it’s not where I want to go with it 👍
  4. There isn’t any really, it has a straight through powerflow pipe to the remus, a k&n panel filter and a Corolla inlet. It’s going on the dyno next month for a power check though
  5. It’s the rest of the car that’s off colour as it’s been painted at various points in its life so it was impossible to match it
  6. All built back up, I know the colour is slightly off but I’m happy with it 😀
  7. All painted and ready to be built 😀
  8. All pulled out plenished and lined up with new back panel spot welded in 😀
  9. I knew the car had been involved in a rear end shunt at some point of its life as I noticed the boot floor was creased when I went to view the car so was prepared to fix it properly..... even though the back panel was £240 from Toyota 😱
  10. Finall got front brakes done too and wheels are away for refurb
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