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  1. Stuck the rolla inlet in the blast cabinet and the parts washer then hit it with some high temp paint
  2. Got my seat and Corolla manifold too, manifold won’t be staying red !
  3. Got some more done this weekend just gone, I’m going for the oem look with the bump mouldings just need to find door ones now. Finally got some power flex steering rack d bushes and some solid shifter bushes. More to come soon.
  4. Hi all does anyone know if 4efe rad hoses are the same as 4efte?
  5. Thanks man yeah it has its ups and downs but it is a pretty cool place to work, unfortunately there seems to be an epidemic of people breaking them at the moment which is sad, I know there not as good a car as a clio sport but u can pick them up for nothing these days so it’s an ideal affordable track car in my eyes
  6. Bit of a thread revival, the 206 is now mine as no one at work could be arsed putting any money in to it so I bought it off my boss and have thrown a couple of grand at it. All the suspension and brakes have been rebuilt, vibra technics engine mounts a full Toyosports exhaust including decat and a ton of other stuff. Not been out in it yet but should be in the next month hopefully
  7. Thanks pal comments mean a lot, no Remus hasn’t been welded, all it’s original features still being on the car is what led me to buying it. Although it looks good in the pics it needs a respray and there’s a lot of dents so a lot of bodywork I just don’t have time for plus there will be a storage issue next year
  8. Gave the backbox a bit of a tidy up and lick of fresh high temp paint
  9. No where to store it really pal if that changes I’ll keep it but it’s not likely
  10. Thanks man, it will probably only see a couple of the sprint series rounds at most then I’ll probably put it up for sale as storage will become an issue next year. But until then it still needs a lot of work so on we go !n
  11. They are one of the sponsors for the sprint series mate so they have to be put on unfortunately
  12. Hi guys still on the look out for a Corolla inlet manifold, also after a set of plain mouldings for a n/a so wing door and 1/4 mouldings. Pm me pics and prices please thanks steve
  13. A few of it with the Fensport stickers on it, still lots more to do clutch next I think then the gear oil change
  14. Got the last mount done also, can’t wait to set it up and road test it
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