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  1. Know the feeling mate I'm same with mine it's still ongoing just taking much longer Wel get there
  2. Someone put one up on the Facebook pages if I come across it Il post it in this thread
  3. I keep hearing good things about SS performance glad its getting some love again
  4. You referring to the black SR ? There's a build thread on here mate
  5. Sounds awesome staying same colour I take it ?
  6. I had the headlight protectors off the pink one bet it's been for sale at least a year now tbh I think with the headlights it's a case of deep breath and be brave one of mine came off really easy the other was a pig to get off
  7. What a great find ! I looked at loads this past 12 months wanting one as a rust free donor car there just aren't any unless you pay big money Really glad you decided to do a build thread again for me it's the best part of the forum Looking forward to the updates
  8. Mirrors look great keep up the good work
  9. Get your wallet out mate i feel your pain
  10. Also unfortunately the tte lip badge was not savagble being removed for the respray I'm absolutely gutted about this so I had some decent replacements made up from a company in Ireland
  11. Arches seperated ready to be prepped for welding absolutely outstanding condition so lucky with these
  12. Great progress on this one
  13. If you look at the early pics in my build thread mine looked so good really low but on cheap springs worn shocks and 45 profile tires it was a terrible ride Best of both worlds with the coilovers such a good route to go down turning into a nice little NA build keep us updated on here
  14. Great buy can't wait to see these fitted congrats on the exams
  15. So it's been I while since I updated this few bits worth a mention is I've managed to source some inner arches that are solid from a good friend on here this will save so much time rather than fabricating some the donor car clearly had been garaged most of its life one of the cleanest shells I've ever seen it was great fun cutting them out seeing how thin they are was an eye opener though Also bought some parts I absolutely do not need but couldn't say no to some mint OEM wind deflectors with clips and not at over inflated prices Thanks to both of you for helping out
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