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  1. Did you put the sensor back in? As Claymore said I had to refit mine remove the rubber bung and drill hole to relocate it
  2. burty

    Fan issues

    The help i get on here brilliant so i second that
  3. loads of Na popping up recently welcome aboard
  4. Looking good new strips made a massive difference great find
  5. I've sanded the ones you can see mate not perfect but much better just took the bulk off the big bracket removed the rust and used converter to stop it getting worse it's under the airfilter box so it wil stop it in its tracks, they was really bad the bracket it discontinued now aswell il be making a list of all bolts that need replacing and brackets if cheap enough amazing leaving a car stood for a few years how much rust can set in
  6. Few updates painted some rusty brackets and orded a k&n panel filter they sent the wrong one another item with the wrong fitment codes anyone else have this? Can anyone recommend a panel filter that actually fits
  7. burty

    Wheel nuts

    Thanks for the info much appreciated
  8. Fast progress great going the decals will really set this off aswell glad you are keeping it like a Sr on the outside aswell
  9. Nice really nice seems to be loads of threads starting lately some cracking builds going on be sure to have a read don't forget about the NA builds aswell will be keeping an eye on this one love a silver V
  10. I had a very quick look but couldn't see one it was dark though il have a proper look in the light
  11. I've got same to do jase spray all the surface rust on brackets, hopefully you will find the issue of the fan least your eliminating things
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