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  1. I've seen this in person so can vouch for it honestly you won't find better
  2. burty


    Spent yesterday evening collecting some mats blown away with the condition won't find a better set ended up buying a lot more than I went for everything was as new seriously if you see he has a part you need it's worth the journey priced very fairly genuine seller too many people getting silly with prices his items are worth his asking price Thanks
  3. Been across to pick some bits from siwfc today and saw these parts / panels in person.... Belive me he could ask alot more than he's asking it's not your usual crap on facebook genuine guy these will be gone in no time at all
  4. Need to shoot over again Jase and see all the progress crash bar looks perfect mate
  5. Yeah I got really lucky with the AC was the first SR looked at, at first I just assumed they all had ac after a few months I realised they didn't thank you regarding the offer of any other bits that's very kind Yeah I'm really looking forward to getting it back shame it will be over winter How's yours been running since its map
  6. The second hand ac condenser arrived yesterday other than slight oxidation and spiders webs it's in great condition and at less than the 3rd of the price of a new one I'm really happy sometimes common sense takes priority and at 300 plus vat for a new one was a no brainer Another part ticked off the ever growing list
  7. Great news il look forward to the updates Sam
  8. This week the bodyshop managed to split the lip from the bumper there was absolutely no way I was doing this for fear of snapping it Now it can go on my own silver bumper
  9. Thanks Sam and thanks for the great advice 😁
  10. Me either Sam sure your lip will look great a very rare item indeed
  11. Yeah I'm sure trav got some with the canvas top in
  12. Thankyou mate and for letting me take that lip so grateful 😊
  13. It really will mate the help off here has been amazing whether it be advice or the parts I've been offered
  14. Also as most will be aware the 98 spec rear bench fits different to the UK spec one to my surprise you can still get the jdm clips to secure it down from Toyota!
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