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  1. Thank you some great lads on here that really helped out As for the build long way to go yet it's getting there will be worth it in the end
  2. I'm hoping so once weldings done Il probably send it to the garage next door to replace the discs pads AC condenser and control arms and bushes and any other things that could be mot related before it's has the respray and underseal so they don't get marked or disturbed
  3. And a nice rare part thanks to Si A true gent
  4. Also some nice parts to be fitted thanks to callum
  5. Right it's been a while and I can assure you all builds still going strong inner sills repaired outer arch replaced and new outer sill replaced these as earlier mentioned are from estonia and the the welder told me they are much thicker and far better quality than the originals all primed up and ready for paint now to the other side
  6. Excited times such a lovely car been following this from the start almost there
  7. Thanks claymore they are on my laptop Il upload them at some point this week the new outer sill is tacked on aswell
  8. Thankyou it really is my forever car I've got some more updates on parts and the outer arch is now on il get some pics up Love the na 11 years is some time
  9. Just caught up on this great progress mate
  10. I always read them mate Mines same nobody replies But on facebook it's active and tbh I really don't know why same questions no build threads it's a proper flawed platform if people just made one comment a day this place would be on top form again
  11. jase what you have done with this was great i enjoyed your build thread from start to finish and il be following your other over on retro rides aswell loved seeing the car midway through your build just a shame i never got over to see it completed
  12. Agree I still post etc and check daily The Facebook format is shocking for car builds etc and if there's any issues it's always a link to this site people need to start using this site again
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