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  1. This is the glass from the JDM starlets with the UV glass it's etched into the corner it's in much better condition than mine so these will be going in You can really see the green unlike UK spec glass
  2. Been cracking straight on with the filler and blending another once over is needed then its glass out and onto primer in next few weeks I do have some nearly new glanza green tinted UV optional extra glass with brand new windscreen to go in some updated pics attached
  3. Good to see someone updating their builds few and far between keep up the good work mate
  4. Thanks will all be worth it in the end
  5. Where next ? to clean up the beams/axles supension components etc and replace worn bushes ...................watch this space might get it painted this year🤞
  6. And here we have it an absolute milestone for me all welding is done and i cant tell you how good this feels No its not totally original anymore but its absolutely rust free now and solid on the body and ive used toyota metal where possible
  7. Then we cleaned everything up and started putting it back together and finishing off the rear sill
  8. So onto the arch first off we cut out all the rust on the inner and outer
  9. After that was completed it was onto the mammoth task of the drivers side sills and arches joe made a great job of this and it took a lot of time we repaired inner sills cutting away small rust patches replaced outer sills for new
  10. these next pictures show the completed rear all primed
  11. More overdue updates We decided to tackle the rear to tidy up small rust patches its something you would never see but ive come this far so it needed to be done rust free donor panels again to the rescue
  12. Absolutely gutted for you Always kept track of this build and was honestly one of my favourites
  13. More progress the pictures didn't download on the update for some reason one final sand before paint on that side Currently on with passenger side Also picked up a new windscreen so have some nice new glass to go in More updates to follow
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