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  1. Fair play mate I'm so jealous it's gonna look unreal tbf I'm bang Central with access to the M1 and m62 within 10 minutes so anywhere is good for me really
  2. Wel organise a meet at tsome point later in year through here so newer members can all get together
  3. It is really smart I've never seen one fitted either so will definitely be unique mate great colour schem a 5 door aswell as a turbo conversion really looking forward to seeing it tbh
  4. Il have a look later on https://www.rhdjapan.com/live-sports-front-lip-spoiler-ep91-na.html The item above is showing in stock its the only one I know that's off the shelf for the NA Glad your going for that look mate will really set it off
  5. Those clocks look great mate much nicer than the dull ones in my SR nice touch The 23rd if June will soon come round bet your itching to get started as for the bumper splitter someone on the FB pages modded a civic one to fit you still thinking the black silver two tone with the pinstripe look?
  6. Great stuff trav never a half arsed effort
  7. Nice V those wheels really suit it nice to see another build thread popping up
  8. there really is at the moment all taking different approaches aswell making things really intresting
  9. im sure theres one near silverstone (pretty central) in september
  10. Wow mate so much information and attention to detail this sleeper is gonna be up there with the best if not the best
  11. Agree, they do a lovely deep blue colour that matches the 98 spec seats, and a green that also matches the sr theme aswell
  12. Thanks mate I love it, hopefully in the near future wel get a starlet meet sorted
  13. Thanks that would be great il need to pack around the speedline alloy to level it off , like I said it's trav that sorted this out so he deserves the credit for finding it, should have some photos pretty soon but the easter deadline is long gone now
  14. Honestly don't know mate it I can't see a part number printed but it has a date of manufacture sticker on it saying 1997 and its decent quality one things for sure it's rare and il probably never see another
  15. Well slow progress at the moment no pics as yet there coming I promise but I have picked up some more parts oem mudflaps And a rare bootliner thanks to trevstar on here if you haven't already check out his build thread
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