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  1. Gutted really enjoyed this thread was it the sills that finished it off ? Great news on another glanza though be sure to start a new build thread
  2. Thanks for all the kind words gents These cars are getting old now so want to be able to share my findings where potential problems with rust are
  3. This has been repaired with a rust free one off a donor thanks to trevstar BIG THANKS for this mate
  4. So the inner arch is gone as seen in earlier posts
  5. This exposed the inners that showed mainly surface rust and small area needing some TLC near the rear arch where it meets the sill thankfully overall they are in decent condition so was repaired welded and treated ready to be rust proofed
  6. Few updates to speak of still moving on just slowly Firstly i wanted to inspect the inner sills so off came the outers im replacing these anyway even though they look perfect from the outside ..................... just goes to show things are not always what they seem can imagine theres a lot more like this without even knowing
  7. Great updates il probably take a trip over to see this once running it's come a long way
  8. Brilliant how you found that is beyond me Great to see it's gone in a worthy car
  9. Know the feeling mate I'm same with mine it's still ongoing just taking much longer Wel get there
  10. Someone put one up on the Facebook pages if I come across it Il post it in this thread
  11. I keep hearing good things about SS performance glad its getting some love again
  12. You referring to the black SR ? There's a build thread on here mate
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