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  1. Now that is stunning mate there's a bit on arch's aswell rather is be done right getting the decals becoming a pain aswell il prob get a spare set made up
  2. Place called JR Classics in Doncaster fantastic cost 600 quid but you get what you pay for they have cars come from all over country mate they will be doing the respray aswell
  3. least it turned up !! shocking courier
  4. trying to do a build and family life is hard work im finding that one out even nipping out for parts loses an evening and mines a 45 min drive away ,yours will all come good though im sure
  5. it is mate ive got a rust free glanza door in silver to pick up this week just dampened spirits with the rotten sills near arches prob added 500 quid to build , its booked in to have the surface rust cleaned off the underside then rust converter followed by zinc primer then underseal at a specialist they will also be cutting arches and re welding them i took my celica there il attach some pics im going balls out with the starlet saved up 5 years for this my mrs thinks im bonkers but understands shes fond of the car aswell she drives a yaris SR but hates the celica
  6. Thanks for the kind words you set the bar for SR's to be fair cracking idea with the backbox aswell gutted about the rust near the sills amazed as rest of the car is really clean for 22 years old
  7. Has anyone else had issues with corossion? remember it's got 155k on and has been used daily except last few years she's not been sat in a heated garage, side the rust is on
  8. Looks like I've found a bit of rot to the rear of the sill near the jacking point it's pretty soft wel see how bad it is at mot time as could be some more areas I can't get to aswell feeling a little nervous now fingers crossed its not rotten all underneath I can't really see anything else other than surface rust , I'm aware it had some rust on the rear arches anyway worse case il have to have it patched then when it goes to the bodyshop il have it repaired properly with a complete sill if you can buy them I'm only doing this once so it's got to be right as it's getting garaged after and used only on sunny days I'm expecting to plough at least 3k into this project on bodywork undersealing and paint etc must be mad be cheaper to buy a silver 3 door and and swap bits but then it wouldnt my Sr would it? I'm attached to the little thing after all these years
  9. Won't be getting fitted just yet fortunately I have some patience still on the hunt for a tte lip a replica is all I'm after tbh
  10. So today I sprayed the wiper arms the little things make a difference right?
  11. il be following this as i know how much effort you put into the SR you set the benchmark to other SR owners on that build
  12. The more i look at this thread the more i feel the need to do the same
  13. today was a good day for parts really cant wait to get this started now cant believe i got one il post up over weekend! heres a pic of the starlet next to my celica because everyone loves pics
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