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  1. They are sending pics I've asked them to as I want a folder of the resto from last June, they did the underside of my other car and sent progress all the way through
  2. Huge progress mate can't wait to see this all back together now I do like that blue bit I'm so intruiged to see the black bodywork glad it not my decision to make
  3. Great find, what's the plans then find the parts or just tinker and use daily
  4. Indeed he is mate been a massive help on my build really sorted me out between him and pikey on some parts all the lads on here have been great alot quieter than the old days how do the new speakers sound?
  5. Hard work finally paying off mate can't wait for the updates
  6. Ahh that's a shame mate hopefully you will be back soon to crack back on / drive it, been picking bits up for mine mainly spares off a tidy breaker car
  7. Good progress I've met trevstar great bloke and very knowledgeable, interested to know how the front speakers sound as I'm wanting some for my SR restoration
  8. Nice idea fortunately there is some decent build threads going at the moment keep us occupied with
  9. Well today dropped the car off and will take while easter will update soon as I get pictures hopefully it all goes to plan
  10. Hi Sam great to see your spending even more money and parts any updated pics of the car?
  11. Yeah been saving a long time il be following your progress aswell Thanks for the help along the way
  12. Right then big things happening starting Monday next week if you have been following this thread you will know for those of you that havent a quick recap This was the first car I bought with my own money at 20 years old on 3500 miles always promised myself for for my 40th I'd give it a top to bottom (had it around 20years now) I've spent this year sorting the mechanicals out and the interior and if it wasn't for the lads on here I would of struggled you all know who you are! So now its time for bodywork The list New outer sills New inner rear arches New out
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