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  1. So I've fitted a glanza boot lid and spoiler to my starlet and it looks awesome in 6P2 green But I've hit a bit of a snag with the rear lights. I've got a rough idea of what I need to do but I wanna know if it'll work. so the connector already on the car is smaller than the connector on the glanza loom, so would It be a simple case of removing the wires from the connector that's already in the car, fitting them in the connector that was chopped off the glanza boot lid and matching it up the wires to the glanza loom equivalent? if so does anyone have a wiring diagram?
  2. My ol' girl Charlotte finally has a resting home for some TCL. Got some plans for her so if anyone is selling and coilovers or shock absorbers, an exhaust and any other bits it would be appreciated Side note. Has anyone ordered any Merch in the last year that hasn't received or heard anything about it?
  3. I want something thats not going to be too low to the scraping point and not too hard The roads around me are pretty shocking
  4. Im looking for some good spots to get some photos of my car to get printed for the walls in my new place Im looking for something near a waterfall or ford in or near the high peak Ive checked the ford on snakes pass which is very popular with car photographer's and its been gated off now and doesnt seem accessible at a glance Any suggestions let me know?
  5. Im in the progress on glanza repping my S reg 1998 starlet but its taking its time 😂 Can anyone recommend any good lowering springs either 35 or 40mm or has any for sale in the uk (high peak area) Im new to the lowering scene?🤷‍♂️
  6. I've had the same problem twice took nearly 3 months for one order and my newest order i place in april and still hasnt arrived🤷‍♂️
  7. This is probably a question thats been asked before but i couldnt find anything does anyone know how to carefully get this stock boot spolier off and fit a standard glanza boot spoiler in its place preferable without drilling holes as im not fond of it I dont want to charge in to it not know where to start and i do want to keep it so i wouldn't wont to break it
  8. I've just tried but for some reason it isnt working 🤷‍♂️
  9. Thanks for linking me to this left a comment hopefully they can be saved
  10. Car looks amazing shame you let it go😭 You may be just the person im looking for I've got a glanza spolier im trying to fit to a starlet EP91 boot and wondered whats the best way of doing it I also have some glanza headlights that have cracks in another user linked me to this thread and i saw you 3D printed repairs and wondered if you had any tips to see if they can be saved I Also need your 3D printed parcel shelf stays in my life my dad broke both of my by accident and i drives me mad😂
  11. I recently bought some glanza headlights for my EP91 starlet im turning in to a glanza rep But i noticed the headlights have chips and cracks im told they can be fragile but think the guy just wanted to get rid on them Can they be saved?
  12. Currently hunting for parts to glanza rep my EP91 starlet and I've got a glanza boot spolier with a brake light and im at abit of a lost end at how to remove the small spolier already on the car and attaching the glanza boot spoiler any suggestions? Cheers
  13. Saw this a couple of weeks ago outside esso in Buxton very good looking piece of kit!
  14. Anyone got any good wheel sets that would fit a 1998 starlet S? Relatively inexpensive
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