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  1. Currently hunting for parts to glanza rep my EP91 starlet and I've got a glanza boot spolier with a brake light and im at abit of a lost end at how to remove the small spolier already on the car and attaching the glanza boot spoiler any suggestions? Cheers
  2. Saw this a couple of weeks ago outside esso in Buxton very good looking piece of kit!
  3. Anyone got any good wheel sets that would fit a 1998 starlet S? Relatively inexpensive
  4. I'm looking for a glanza front bumper for my starlet rep project they seem to be few and far between at the moment so if if anyone is selling around the Derbyshire area I'd be interested My question about the boot spoiler is I have one from and glanza and wondered whats the best way of removing the old one without damaging paintwork and fitting the new one, from what I've read it's held on with a bonding agent
  5. BUMP... Does anyone have one still havent managed to find one?
  6. I've had anoher look and i cant see or feel anything
  7. I cant seem to see any bung or gromit
  8. Did what you said and came across these Are just the connections? As i was looking i couldnt see a spot where the loom could get in to the car and im not fond of drilling holes any suggestions
  9. Its for an EP91 (1998) So are the connections already under the dash?
  10. Im looking in to fitting electric windows to the starlet once i get door cards with the controls in and i wondered if anyone has done it that has any tips or horror storys Is it worth getting an universal kit or finding genuine parts? Is it a ballache? Is there connections in the dash that it can connect to? Can you get proper starlet kits instead of universal one? Can you get gromits to fit over the winders once its fitted
  11. Just looked at all your work and your doing an amazing job car looks fantastic! Really glad you ditched the smooth boot! Thinking off painting my brake calipers and valve cover next any tips? Keep up the good work
  12. Starting to see a few more Starlets around my area When i bought mine 2 years ago there was only around 3 or 4 i saw knocking around my area. Nice to know if there was any meets around aswell
  13. I've been looking for one for awhile now and im sick to death of cheap ones But i really wanted to go for authenticity with my starlet Anyone selling or know where i can get one? Cheers Fleminglad
  14. Hello Im a starlet owner from Derbyshire I've wanted a starlet ever since i saw one on my paper round when i was 14 or 15 and got one as my first car and its my pride and joy I bought it for 450£ with 51k on the clock the man was in his 80s and had to give up driving but you could tell he didnt wanted to give it up the car. Pretty much all standard all ive done to it was a new sound system and i managed to find a parcel shelf from an SR which now has FLI speakers in as well as front and a cone airfliter which really gave the car alot of character and turns heads when you but your footdown with people thinking "did that sound just come out of that?" But the questions i have are how much oil does the gearbox and engine take? Cheers
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