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  1. The end of this thread has come ☚ī¸ The car was sold just under a month ago, I swapped it for a Yaris T Sport, a deal both me and the new owner was happy with. I had done all I could to the car and I've grown tired of it and the scene in general so I thought it was time for a change. The car was a great servant to me and my friend who had it before me. Id been to several shows, met lots of really nice people and made the car a great example which I hope keeps going for many years to come. I've still got the GLS but until the major job is sorted I wont be working on it much.
  2. Been quite a while since I posted a update! Been working more on the GLS then this as usual but not much has gone wrong. The starter motor decided to stop working so fitted a new one. Easy job just 3 bolts and a plug. Simples. Passed the MOT few weeks ago with no advisory's so happy days! 👍đŸģ Now with the cold weather setting in not much will be done until the spring getting ready for shows, etc. GLS probably will be another year until I get it on the road but it is what it is! 😅
  3. Been to spring and summer action at combe since the last update, was great having so many starlets on one stand once again. Nearly shot myself in the foot by forgetting my pass on Saturday but managed to get in 😅 No new updates atm, car has no problems since I changed the clutch, a few things to tidy up around the car that will be it I think. I can start putting all my spare time into the GLS then and get it back on the road hopefully!
  4. No worries, it's going fine nothing new, just dirty atm 😂
  5. Late to the party but its a shame you had to sell parts man, glad you've carried on with the build tho, keep up the good work its a great example 👍
  6. Was great seeing you and this today mate, Made loads of progress fair play, ill keep an eye out for updates on this! 👍
  7. Great job mate, saved another from the scraper 👍
  8. Got the new clutch fitted this morning on my day off, took me and a mate 5 hours in and out, would've been quicker if it wasn't for the speedo cable! Clutch had seen better days I'd say! The main seal was leaking so I replaced that too, new flywheel bolts fitted aswell. First time I've done a clutch on a starlet and it wasn't a bad job, few fiddly bolts and that speedo cable, that was the hardest parts really. If anyone ever needs help changing one here's a brief 'How to'. I probably missed out something but the main info is there. Drain the oils
  9. Really should update this more 😅 The car has been getting some love recently with a few parts finally painted and fitted. Got the sideskirts wrapped and fitted, last time I used just sealant but this time I just screwed them in and abit of sealant to keep the water out. Plate surround repainted and fitted And the spoiler also done at the same time and fitted. Wanted the lights covered cause like last time it's something different. Even tho it's a Glanza rep that's been done a million times 😂 Bought a piece of MDF from B&Q and cut a rough shape t
  10. Nice to see the car after all this time! Looking great and loving the updates 👍đŸģ
  11. Looks great! 👍đŸģ Can I ask what wheel nuts your using? Was after an original set of speedline nuts but just seeing what I can use
  12. Looks great that mate 👍đŸģ
  13. Haven't updated this for months! Purely because not much has changed because I've been working on the GLS more then the daily. The car passed the mot over a month ago, only 1 advisory! Not bad for a 20+ year old car. I've loads of bits to fit to the car but with Christmas round the corner I'll have to wait to get them painted and fitted. Watch this space!
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