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  1. Thank you guys! Much appreciated 😄
  2. This also sorted out the extremely awful exhaust leak/knocking I had, whilst allowing me to now chop off the exhaust hangers someone bolted through the boot floor pan. As far as I can tell this was done to (try) to stop the midpipe and back box from knocking against the chassis. The backbox was a Yaris T sport one apparently so not the original starlet one regardless. So all in all no big loss here. Also a lot more pleasant to look at from underneath as the catalytic converter had been crudely chopped out alongside the midpipe hangers and had a crappy piece of pipe welded in place.
  3. Thank you guys! Sorry I've been on a massive hiatus as of recent as we just sorted our first house. However, the SR is still in the forefront of my mind. Dropped the car off on Tuesday for the exhaust to be made. I went with 2.25 inch straight through to an outer rolled tip with just one silencer on the muffler. It looks bloody ace while keeping some of the character of the Remus backbox, however; its far too bloody loud, so I'll be dropping it off this Monday coming to have another silencer in the mid pipe put in. I'll post the pictures below, the reasoning behind the 2.25
  4. Cheers man! They're 195 50 15s, I don't know if that's what the speedlines have from factory but they fit well like you say! I'm thinking of getting 15mm spacers on the front and 20mm spacers on the rear to try flush out the arches a little more too 😄
  5. CheFinn


    Absolutely awesome pictures, love it
  6. Another quick one, gave the car another wash yesterday on the way home from work; managed to squeeze the side decals on before dusk and its fair to say they look brill
  7. Cheers mate! Yeah that's definitely on the list at some point, +1 more thing to do
  8. Cheers Dale! Quick update, not posted anything for a few as I've been busy getting some bits sorted and ordering a bunch of parts Took the car for a clean today! First since it's blow over and put the front and back decals on. Didn't start the side ones as the weather started to get too choppy, I'll throw some pics up and I managed to grab some new front shocks as I've been putting it off for a while 😄
  9. Looking forward to seeing how they all look! Ace build!
  10. Thank you all! I'll probably leave it a month or so to put the decals on just to be safe😶
  11. Just a quick update. Today I got a photo of the progress on the bodywork. Had the wiper removed and boot lock as that never worked anyways. Also the original stickers were made up and arrived yesterday 😄 Excited much!
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