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  1. Thank you all! I'll probably leave it a month or so to put the decals on just to be safe😶
  2. Just a quick update. Today I got a photo of the progress on the bodywork. Had the wiper removed and boot lock as that never worked anyways. Also the original stickers were made up and arrived yesterday 😄 Excited much!
  3. Strange, must be something Toyota brought in from 98?
  4. I should imagine it will definitely have one, especially if you have AC
  5. Mines 98! I read somewhere that it was mainly 98 spec onwards that have them but I'm not sure how true this is.
  6. I'm not sure if it definitely will have them as I'm not sure all do, but, if you do have them they will be behind the glove box and will have 3 button like clips holding them in place! Pretty sure some have just a solid cover over the heater box instead. However, if you do change them think I paid £8 each and needed 2, then spray them with a nice scented air freshener so when the heaters come on it smells lovely and dust free! Chances are they will have never been changed regardless
  7. Thank you buddy, congrats also, yeah I'm sure you know the score all too well, worth every second of tiredness and dedication though!
  8. Other than all the above that's everything up to date as of now. The car is booked in from the 19th to the 21st for the bodywork sorting and some decals have been sourced thanks to burty so come next week I should have a good bit of progress. The bootlid had a lot of damage and so did the rear bumper and drivers door and quarter. The bootlid will be having the lock removed and filled along with the rear wiper for a more 'clean' look. (The boot lock has never worked during my ownership regardless) Also the bonnet will be finally sorted paint wise!
  9. I'm not sure how to pm you on here but if you have Instagram we could organise something on there! che_finnerty
  10. Most recently I fitted a bucket seat as I felt all the suspension bits I had weren't getting used to full potential. So I purchased a BB seat off of eBay with a set of 'universal' runners. After a lot of drilling and cutting the feet off of the standard seat rail and buying some decent bolts I managed to get it into the car. Probably took around 4 hours in total as I had to buy 2 sets off drill bits in the end as they kept blunting. Most of the time was spent measuring and adjusting the seat runners, but it is possible with ace results! After I had done this I couldn't believe the difference, it did mean sacrificing the original seat for the rail but it was well worth it. Especially for only around £190, by far a massive improvement to the whole driving experience.
  11. Come July I didn't really do anything to the car, however, I got some IdWorkz half rad brackets and a japspeed radiator and fan and shroud. But come the end of July I didn't get round to fitting these as I became a dad! My daughter was born on the 26th of July!😀 Since then parts have been collected and been awaiting attention as you can imagine, it's been a hectic (but amazing) few months but up until now I've not been doing much car wise.
  12. In June I grabbed some clear side repeaters and clear corner lights, then gave the calipers a lick of paint and replaced what I'm guessing to be the original cabin filters. I'm sure I don't need to tell you they were disgusting 😆
  13. After I had sorted some suspension bits and gave it a service I then fitted some Mishimoto locking wheel nuts from my Del Sol I'd just sold and gave it a once over with a clay bar and then fitted a small sunstrip to add a little colour. This was the result as of May!
  14. Awesome pic mate, if you ever want to see the car or take it for a spin just drop me a message. Yeah the suspension was VERY hard, the hardest I've had in a car, to be honest it went well before I swapped the springs it was just I couldn't take the pain of British roads anymore 😂
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