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  1. I can definitely agree, really nice gearbox for the price he offered it me at.
  2. A second time? think it was hit in the rear when I bought it, DM me mate
  3. Lovely line up there mate, still miss my black one almost all the time.
  4. All sorted, bought Si's box can be locked
  5. Thanks for the offer but I'm mainly on the lookout for a c52 ideally mate. I'll get back to you if I decide otherwise.
  6. In need of a gearbox (preferably a C52), would be more ideal if it's a fresh recon box. Thanks.
  7. Might be a good time to update the thread. she's been very reliable with nothing major going wrong on her. Only today though, 3rd gear decided it no longer wanted to be a gear anymore and felt like jumping around inside the box, was able to limp her home fortunately so now she's out of commission until I'm able to source a box.
  8. It'll always be motivation boosting when you see a huge chunk of progress happen, It was the same when my old projects got pained.
  9. Glad to see she's getting the care she deserves mate, can't wait to see the car in its finished state.
  10. Managed to resolve the issue that I had, don't need one anymore
  11. In need of an indicator stalk for the GT, Will buy the pair if it comes down to it. Thanks.
  12. looks perfect mate, I'm really liking how this is going
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