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    I have a few interests, my main one being computer games but mainly old Nintendo stuff

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  1. good luck with the V ownership mate, you won't regret it!
  2. looks like DM's aren't working and unfortunately I don't have instagram it'll be fine for the time being though mate, I'll just keep my eye here
  3. honestly mate I'd love to see it again
  4. yeah that was the same suspension I had on the GT when I bought it, it was bad then so I can only imagine they felt like scaffolding poles lol Quick pic of it when I had it, cadwell park 2 years ago this month
  5. I'd never forget this little car, I owned it between December 2017 - late 2019 and I'll regret selling it on. Glad to see it's gone to a good home, can't wait for the updates to roll in!
  6. It’s been terrible for years now mate, awful stuff lol
  7. Yeah mate that was me, definitely made my day seeing it
  8. ahh okay, well either way if i'm out, i'm always on the lookout for starlets
  9. good stuff man, i'll be keeping my eye out for ya
  10. I mean I had a set on the ep91 and they were perfect, might have just gotten a bad one or something.
  11. This is where i had my issue on the driver's side, but it could be twisted/bent a little. And the door frame is just a little too shallow for the provided clips, only had issues on the driver's side again when i've had the window down.
  12. when I get a chance I'll try to snap a few pics, but i've found them to be imprecisely made, as in the passenger one fits perfectly but the driver's side is just short, and we had to make a few modifications so they would actually sit in the frame.
  13. thanks man, and yeah I feel lucky to have one, they're all getting rarer now mate
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