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  1. sorry for photo bombing your car in the 5th picture lol
  2. plans are probably forged at some point (but it ain't broke, so don't fix it) but the power is enough for me at the moment, still trying to save for coilovers and 4 pots but the small bits i can do once the better weather comes in (bits of bodywork i ain't too happy with) other than that i really just like driving it as it is, it does what i need it to do and honestly couldn't ask for more from her
  3. update on the gasket situation, after a month it has all been resolved and is now running sweet again, seemed like water was seeping between the layers of the athena mls gasket, nothing seemed to had been worn through or split in any way. so the head had to be skimmed by 8 thou (0.2mm) to be made flat again, used a cometic mls 1.2mm gasket on it and had it put all back together side note a little bit on the screamer needed tacking in as well, so that was done in the meantime
  4. So the first real thing went wrong a couple days ago, noticed a small bit of white smoke coming out from the exhaust and has steadily got worse over time, took it for a leak down test and it confirmed the head gasket around cylinder 2 has failed. what gasket would you guys recommend?
  5. And with the condition of it as well, I just hope she goes to a good home
  6. Just seen this beauty pop up on torque GT, under 20k miles on the clock, just shy of £10k https://www.torque-gt.co.uk/starlet-gt-020919.html
  7. bit late to respond, I'm based fairly close to derbyshire, but I'm usually knocking around south yorkshire in a black GT
  8. Not a lot to comment on here, just been taking her to shows and driving up and down B roads, been doing little bits here and there. thought to myself why not try and polish the front box and see if I can get it shiny, think it came up good
  9. I'll admit I like my GT's more, but damn this glanza is lovely mate
  10. At the moment I'm happy with how it looks but i'd like a livesports spoiler for mine as well, as for wheels i'd like to have 2 sets if I start tracking it, have the pro 1.2's as the track set and look for some turbofan style wheels, whether I come across some TOM's or Uniroyal's at the correct time is a different matter. Performance wise, i'm happy with the power right now but still juggling the idea of forged in my head, suspension wise i'd still like to get coilovers put on it but the suspension setup i palmed off the SR has done wonders to it, feels much more confident in the twisties now Then another big step would be coating the rest of the underside to preserve it and also do some bodywork bits (bonnet, bumper and bootlid are the main ones).
  11. Thanks man and yeah, I wish there was more life on the forums but oh well
  12. Been a while since I've done an update, just been enjoying her for what she is, had no hiccups up to now fortunately so did some rust prevention to the rear axle and the fuel filler and breather pipes as the axle had a fair bit of surface rust and the pipes were basically coated in rust, but were still solid
  13. looks great man, I do feel that sometimes the ep70's are either overshadowed by the 82's and 91's, or the KP starlets
  14. to be honest I completely forgot about this, a couple months after my last post, I sold her to my brother who ended up finishing it and flogging it on himself as a little side note, he also built it in the way I wanted to when I had it, 3E6 paint code (pastel type red, used on panda cars too) with Advan A3A wheels as seen below
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