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  1. Update time, the NGK leads arrived along with my oil filter and spark plugs later last month, but the issue was that I noticed the lead diameter is too small, kind of like an oem+ sort of lead as they're only 5mm, but they'll end up on my mum's auto glanza so i'm okay with it. Got a bit of a rust situation that has shown itself more recently too, but as winter comes, i'm hoping to restore her a little as the bodywork really isn't great and i'd like to get her under sealed. As for other things too, I ended up buying some KV85 leads for maybe later down the line, and bought the mk3 grille off matt as his still had the badge intact, he also threw in one half of the boot trim that he had lying around, which i'm very thankful for. And as for that misfire, matt also suggested the rotor arm and distributor cap may have some small corrosion on the metal contacts, so I got some sandpaper on them and put it back together, but the problem still unfortunately persists.
  2. Used to have a green 80 before I could drive, then had a couple 91's including an SR, now I have an 82 GT. Welcome to the forum though mate, she's clean
  3. I'll have to check that, I reckon I know which lead it's happening on, or at least on which cylinder it's on
  4. Small update for the GT. So for a couple of months, it has had a small misfire whenever i booted it in second gear, first seemed okay and third onward seems to show no issues when boost came on. I ended up buying the NGK HT leads from nengun and some new Grade 7 Spark plugs from fensport to hopefully resolve the issue
  5. Hi there, just wondering if anyone on here has had any experience with NGK's run of HT leads, and if they're either as good or better than magnecor's lineup of leads. They will be going on a TD04 setup at 1.1 bar if this changes anything.
  6. Hi mate, for some reason I can't open a DM to you on here, won't allow me to add anything in the text box
  7. Lovely little GT there mate, can't wait to see what's done to her.
  8. The work has been done to her and she's running beautifully again. only headache I had after was for some reason, the guy working on it tried moving the pipe that went from the expansion tank to the rad so the writing was facing the correct way on the expansion bottle top. ended up kinking it and then rested on the power steering pulley, slicing it. so I had to cut that bit out and put a small metal fitting in the centre for now, will get another pipe soon though.
  9. Cheers mate, when the weather gets more predictable, i'll start doing more stuff to the underside, just need a proper look under and start listing bits that may need replacing or coating.
  10. Small update, around a couple of months after the gasket was sorted, the crank seal ended up going bad and then the new rocker cover gasket wasn't up to snuff (wasn't OEM toyota). Bought the new bits needed and it'll be going to the garage tomorrow to get those bits sorted.
  11. sorry for photo bombing your car in the 5th picture lol
  12. plans are probably forged at some point (but it ain't broke, so don't fix it) but the power is enough for me at the moment, still trying to save for coilovers and 4 pots but the small bits i can do once the better weather comes in (bits of bodywork i ain't too happy with) other than that i really just like driving it as it is, it does what i need it to do and honestly couldn't ask for more from her
  13. update on the gasket situation, after a month it has all been resolved and is now running sweet again, seemed like water was seeping between the layers of the athena mls gasket, nothing seemed to had been worn through or split in any way. so the head had to be skimmed by 8 thou (0.2mm) to be made flat again, used a cometic mls 1.2mm gasket on it and had it put all back together side note a little bit on the screamer needed tacking in as well, so that was done in the meantime
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