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  1. Hey guys, thinking about a change of car and was wondering what you guys think would be a fair value for my Ep95 turbo starlet. (see build thread) it needs the paint sorting and some better seats but is otherwise pretty sorted. I've not totally decided yet and may well keep it but there's so many cars I want to try and so little time 🤣
  2. Only a small addition, but in my opinion an important one. Having seen the damage done when a friend sucked a rag into his turbo, it always makes me uncomfortable having no filter. Few quid on ebay and about 5 minutes to trim and fit, I'm feeling much more comfortable for the drive to jdm combe next week.
  3. Just to enjoy it for now mate, it's already making more power than I was targeting so I'm happy. Will be taking it down to jdm all being well.
  4. Cheers mate, dyno results are in. Have to say I'm both surprised and impressed, Shaun clearly knows his stuff when it comes to tuning these cars. Can't wait to pick it up and feel the difference for myself.
  5. I know I've been quiet recently, and progress has been slow. Tbh it's hard to find the time with a family and unpredictable work schedule so I have entrusted the car to Shaun Corr @ ss autos to fit a replacement cylinder head due to a crack on the 4th exhaust port, and to fit a few upgrades while it's there. More to follow soon.
  6. It took a while to find one, tbh there's a fair few Toyota's that use very similar units that would almost certainly fit with modifications, failing that I had been in talks with a custom propshaft maker and a specialist in Land rover freelander viscous couplers that could tailor one to suit the starlet on a custom prop. This would have been considerably more expensive but would definitely work as its what the yanks are using now for their 4wd civic builds. At the end of the day though this is the result I really wanted. A lot cheaper than custom. I can't tell you how relieved I was when
  7. Overnight parts from Japan 🇯🇵 Took a while to find one as these are now discontinued by Toyota. But unlike my one which had gone solid this is working as it should. Can't wait to get my 4wd back as I had to drop the prop out to protect the diff and transfer box from damage.
  8. Yes still got it, not much to report at the moment, will hopefully have some news soon though as I've been saving up for the next big upgrade.
  9. Was good to meet you all too. I will definitely be attending more meets in the future.
  10. Powerflow exhaust was fitted today, the sound is beautiful. Nice deep sound, not raspy like some even at high rpm. A bit quieter than the abomination that was on there but so much better sounding and as the last system was mostly the original Ep95 pipe it was strangling the hell out of the poor engine. Now that it's got a more appropriately sized pipe it revs better and faster and even seems like its boosting a little higher on the boost guage, only about 1psi higher but still. Also got some stickers on to cover at least some of the bad paint.
  11. Been doing some digging, diff is fine, looks like viscous coupling is to blame, removed front section of prop so just fwd at the moment and got my importer on the case of getting a viscous from Japan, failing that I've got a plan 🤫
  12. So today's update is, full set of rainsport 5's and more importantly full alignment, the first since fitting the coilovers. The drive has been absolutely transformed, it was scary to drive although I knew it was due to alignment and wasn't using the car for more than 5-6 miles a week. Now it handles beautifully and I can really appreciate how good these coilovers actually are. 😁 Full powerflow exhaust is booked in for a week Wednesday and I will update with pics when done.
  13. I don't know how it is compared to a normal ep91 as this is the first starlet I've ever owned. I'm not aware of any diffs available, however the way it was gripping on wet roads, when I was trying to break traction, I really don't think they're necessary. Not sure if someone has managed to fit some sort of lsd in the rear though as it does skip slightly at low speed on full lock, for example backing onto my driveway.it does not do it under normal driving conditions though 🤔. More investigation may be required. So yes open front viscous centre and supposedly open rear but this thing grips like
  14. It was a silly amount of fun when it was sending the back out every time you thought about the throttle. I think it will now be a lot quicker and safer lol. The weather was atrocious here yesterday but I couldn't get any wheel spin out of it, just goes where you point it now.
  15. So today I've got it back off the stands for the first time in about 6 weeks (maybe more) and took it for a test round the block. I'm now of the opinion that the 4wd was never working since I've owned the car, it was mental before, snaking the back end even in the dry and deadly in the wet (although it is fun sending a 3dr hatch sideways 😂). Now on soaking wet roundabouts with a foot full of 2nd gear and it just won't slide. This thing is now behaving exactly as you would expect a 4wd car to, goes exactly where you point it no matter how slippy the road is 😁
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