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  1. Nice work on the engine bay, very tidy! I really like those wheels too. What sort of power are you thinking of running?
  2. Nice, yeah I think I'll try getting hold of one in a couple years time when prices have dipped a bit (before they shoot right back up). You lead me perfectly to my next question, what is the bubble it's living in? My guesses storage which avoids damp etc?!
  3. Very nice indeed mate! Give us the details, how is it? 🙂
  4. Hello mate. Nice work as always! You decided which standalone you're going with yet? The Link? Good shout on getting the seats blackened, that paint went far too easily when moving her outside, can't even see how that happened!? Looking forward to seeing your new place in the flesh, not going to lie I'm pretty jealous of the space you'll have for activities! 😉 Just need yourself a pair of wellys and a tweed jacket now! 😉 The models looking great, it's a really nice thing you did for him and I hope his family get to see it and appreciate it all the work that went in.
  5. Perfect having that on your doorstep. I used to be in Taunton hence partying in the area
  6. I know Haldon Hill, been to many a free-party up there back in the day. Where abouts are you based then bud?
  7. I'm happy enough with them though haven't had much to compare with
  8. Hello mate, nice build going for a fair price! If I wasn't with mine I think i'd snap this up pretty sharpish. Good luck with the sale.
  9. Nice bike! I was over at windhill bike park on Monday and swinley bike park the weekend prior, has to be the most fun a workout can be. Currently riding my cousins santa cruz butcher whilst deciding which bike to buy myself. https://youtu.be/k5VPwyva0VM
  10. Took the day off work yesterday and popped up to see Travis. After putting the world to rights we took to finishing off the boot space. I painted and clear coated the rear strut last weekend after finally the weather calmed down a bit, I think the silver makes the boot really pop.
  11. Welcome back! She looks real tidy
  12. Goldie


    Si sorted me out a stereo fascia. Like new condition. Super fast delivery. Packaged perfectly. Would definitely buy from him again. Cheers buddy!
  13. Took her out for a couple hours yesterday. So much fun! So happy with this little car!
  14. I can imagine it's a silly amount of fun to drive now with 4wd properly engaged. I took mine out for some b-road bashing yesterday, was pretty much grinning from ear to ear for the whole 2 hours I was out.
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