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  1. Goldie


    Si sorted me out a stereo fascia. Like new condition. Super fast delivery. Packaged perfectly. Would definitely buy from him again. Cheers buddy!
  2. Took her out for a couple hours yesterday. So much fun! So happy with this little car!
  3. I can imagine it's a silly amount of fun to drive now with 4wd properly engaged. I took mine out for some b-road bashing yesterday, was pretty much grinning from ear to ear for the whole 2 hours I was out.
  4. 100%, will be looking into this in the not too distant future! Thanks dude
  5. Looking great! Those RW-D catch cans look the business. Can't wait to see some videos of her in action
  6. Goldie

    96 Glanza Grill

    Sorted. Please close 🙂
  7. Sorted. Please close 🙂
  8. Popped you a message. Thanks
  9. Unfortunately it was no longer available. Shame as it looked perfect. Have popped somebody else breaking a gls a message, shall just have to wait and see. At least I know what I'm looking for now. Thanks again both
  10. Thanks bud, this looks perfect! Message sent 👍🙂
  11. Hi Dale, cheers for that. Indeed it is a silver one, and it has a bit of a lip compared to the usual ones I've seen. I'll keep searching but with the way it's going will probably settle for the standard black style unless anyone pipes up 🙂
  12. Decided my boot carpet needed to go too as it was coated in oil and god knows what other filth So picked up some new automotive carpet from ebay and got to trimming that down to fit. It was a bit of a bugger as its not the easiest of stuff to work with but eventually got it in there and now it's looking heaps better and there's a very slight improvement to the amount of sound coming from the rear which is good. Next on the agenda is to respray the rear strut (hence not putting the plastics back on the strut in the pictures), replace the stereo fascia, replace the bulbs i
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