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  1. Such great work mate. And thanks for all your help the other week. Shall be seeing you soon 🙂
  2. Haha. No wheels for sale here! 😉 I did see a set going on Facebook the other week so they are around, think they were going for £400 (could be mistaken).
  3. And he's already been a big help to me also. I look forward to getting to know the guy better! Unfortunately I have no sound coming from the speakers at the minute, they have been mis-wired up behind the dash and haven't yet attempted to get back there. It does look nice though compared to before... 😂 *Note that paper wedged in the cup holder. Took me quite a while to find that rattle, shall do something more permanent at somepoint.
  4. That's it, it might just be how it was maikh me feel but I swear the neighbours were giving me daggers with it. Cheers T, I shall check out the power getta.
  5. This morning I decided to swallow some of my pride and put the Blitz bung in the exhuast to see how she gets on like that for a while (yesss, I knowwww), eventually I would like a new exhuast but for the minute money is having to be spent on more pressing issues like transmission and mapping. I'm not too impressed with the sound she's making now however it's a damn site less than the massive Blitz Nur R drone which was getting to me. Honest opinions on the bung situation would be appreciated, anybody have any experience with them? I was think to go for a hi power silent next, unless anybody e
  6. Thanks Burty! Indeed he is, like a wiki for starlets, it's pretty impressive.
  7. Nice one on your purchase. I've only recently bought a forged glanza myself and cannot wait for this summer or atleast some dryer weather to get out and enjoy it properly. Enjoy! 🙂
  8. Happy new year all! 😉 Hope you're keeping well. The cold weather recently took its toll on my wideband sensor which from what I heard from @Trevstar can suffer from thermal shock (sounds about right for this time of year). Managed to find the Bosch LSU 4.9 on euro car parts for half price which was a winner. I was a bit concerned the AEM wideband would need recalibrating or something after being fitted but it turned out to be a really simple fix. I sprayed the sensor end which is attached to the downpipe with some WD40, removed the old sensor, plugged in the new one, rerouted the wi
  9. Cheers mate, looking forward to checking out your SR's 🙂
  10. These are now spoken for. Cheers all 🙂
  11. Item for sale: EP91 starlet interior. 2 front seats and rear bench. Item condition: Condition is okay, no holes or marks. Price: Free Collection only, Brighton.
  12. I didn't see the fact it was an automatic. I definitely agree on the talking to the owner, ask as many questions as possible.
  13. So about a month ago whilst sat in traffic she overheated, this was due to the fan not doing its job but this was enough for me to want to book into my local garage (southern motor development) for a full inspection. They came back with quite an impressive list (thankfully nothing awful) of things which needed attention including some bits which would make it generally better performing, such as relocating the intake away from the manifold. I got all the work done and I've now got her back (with a fresh set of proxes on all fours) and she's running & handling great. They've suggested next
  14. An alternative, though you'd need to chase for pictures! There's also a black one for £5k which the owners had since 2008. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2835486263402416/ https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1021647191674714/ There are a couple online at the minute that don't look terrible, it is a lot of smoke and mirrors though. Good luck. You will LOVE it when you get your hands on one!
  15. It needs more information. I wouldn't bother personally
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