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  1. Goldie

    96 Glanza Grill

    Hi, I'm looking for the black grill which fits to the 96 front bumper. I already have a Glanza badge so purely the grill required. Many thanks, Ben
  2. Goldie

    GR Yaris

    Wicked! Enjoy! 😉
  3. Amazing bit of history there, such a rare thing! Enjoy 🙂
  4. Hi, When starting her up this morning I noticed murky water coming from an exhaust Gasket along with some exhaust gases when I gave it a little revs. I feel this is probably just down to the recent rain and a poor seal on the exhaust joint (something which I will be replacing). Any further thoughts?
  5. A gearbox oil change is a great shout, thank you! And yes, I think every 2k miles sounds like a necessary amount. Cheers, Ben
  6. Thanks Claymore. As the car is new to me in the last month I'm going to change the filter, drain then put fresh oil in her and give her some fresh coolant for piece of mind.
  7. Hi all, possibly a daft question however I wondered if and what additional maintenance/upkeep should be made on a forged engine to keep her sweet. Thank you
  8. Cheers all! Loving Glanza life so far! Although mostly hibernating I've managed to pick up a couple bits for her this week. Managed to persuade a matey on Facebook to sell me his weather strip from the door he had going, so no more whistling windows at 30mph+ 😁 Picked up an ashtray and cigarette lighter from ebay which she was missing when I bought her. Started looking at tyres, I'm thinking about going with pilot sport 3's but not 100% yet. Going to start looking at tidying my centre console soon, tempted to smooth it off and put another gauge in there as I don't really fancy having a head unit.
  9. Stunning bit of kit dude! Best of luck with the Mot and glad to hear you're on the mend!
  10. There is now 🙂 Will get some of the interior when I have a moment. It's really tidy!
  11. Goldie's Glanza V
  12. Hi all, After years of dreaming and after finally deciding to take the plunge, several months of searching, I've found myself an awesome V. Looked at a couple around the 300hp mark but felt very anxious about committing (some YouTube videos certainly don't give you much hope that they have been well looked after). Then came across this one, fairly unmolested apart from an engine which hasn't been run at full pelt. So hopped on a plane, flew north and brought her home.... Engine Fully Forged by TD Wossner Pistons Scat Con Rods ARP Head Bolts ALC Bearings Athena 1.2mm Head Gasket Uprated Fuel Pump Uprated Injectors Emanage Blue Mapped by SOS Motorsport @ 0.9 Bar - 226bhp Racetech Manifold Mamba Tech Td04 Hyrbid with Billet Compressor Wheel Turbo Smart 40mm External Waste Gate Stage 3 Competition Clutch Blitz Nur Spec Exhaust TRD Suspension Grooved Front Discs EBC Yellow Stuff Pads Full Immaculate Recaro Interior TRD Steering Wheel Speedline SR Wheels I've a couple of bits I want to do to make her a bit better: Tidy Centre Console Area (it needs a new gauge holder) Sort ABS light which is currently on Sort Airbag light which is occasionally on Wipers have seen better days so sand them down and give them a new lick of paint Rewire in Oil Catch Can Fit new Window Weather Strip on drivers side *I'm in the market for one if anybody has one going* Fit Anti Roll Kit Fit Anti Lift Kit It doesn't currently have a stereo - I'm tempted to put in a bluetooth amp and wire in the speakers to that so that I can keep the centre console free of headunits. I'm here to learn, your advice is always much appreciated. I look forward to getting to know some of you better! Cheers, Ben
  13. I've now found myself a Glanza, fully forged with a Td04 hybrid running 230hp and can quite happily say that's plenty for me. It's currently .9 bar and is capable of 1.6 however I can't see myself wanting to turn it up for quite some time. I'm very glad I didn't buy one that's sitting at 300+ hp, the anxiety that I'd bought a time bomb would be too much and previously said there wouldn't be the road to use it. Thanks again for all your help and opinions, they were definitely a deciding factor when buying my car
  14. I think our grandparents will be very comfortable in one.
  15. A tidy V, I look forward to seeing where this goes! 🙂
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