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  1. Just been reading through this, nice build dude, keep it up. What's next?
  2. Love that little EP70! Nice work 🙂
  3. Yes yes! A great little feed, I've really appreciated all my interactions! Merry Christmas to you all Ben X
  4. I'm not usually one for taking pictures of my car but found myself in the work carpark the other night which seemed to be quite a fitting venue for a couple quick snaps.. I've just refitted the reflet rear lights after giving them a bit of a refurb (they've grown on me and liking the fact I've got the choice between the two types) Missing the wipers in these pictures as currently refurbishing them, looking heaps better with a new lick of paint
  5. Sorry to see you off but fair play! Such a great build, be interested to see what you do next
  6. Same, always thought it was a good shade. You tempted with something else?
  7. We'll have to arrange something for next spring after Trav's settled in. I picked up some heater bulbs from Toyota yesterday and got those fitted, £14! 😳 Atleast it's sorted now. I also removed the old Blitz boost controller and fitted a fascia I picked up from SIWFC off here a little while ago, which meant I finally could plug in my demister.
  8. Hey Burty, wheel wise I find it hard choosing anything else other than the speedlines as they look so natural on there. Should hopefully get to meet at somepoint dude, Trav and I have talked about a visit at somepoint
  9. Hope you are all doing well and staying sane now the seasons have changed. Thought I'd post a little update as it's been a while. Cars been running great throughout the summer, longest journey being a 400 mile round trip to Wales from Brighton via Somerset. The journey did make me decide that noise wise enough was enough and so I picked up the HKS high power silent I'd been contemplating, that's all now fitted to the car and although not sounding as fun as the Blitz exhaust it's less antisocial. I keep toying with the idea of a set of new wheels but next purchase will lik
  10. Nice work on the engine bay, very tidy! I really like those wheels too. What sort of power are you thinking of running?
  11. Nice, yeah I think I'll try getting hold of one in a couple years time when prices have dipped a bit (before they shoot right back up). You lead me perfectly to my next question, what is the bubble it's living in? My guesses storage which avoids damp etc?!
  12. Very nice indeed mate! Give us the details, how is it? 🙂
  13. Hello mate. Nice work as always! You decided which standalone you're going with yet? The Link? Good shout on getting the seats blackened, that paint went far too easily when moving her outside, can't even see how that happened!? Looking forward to seeing your new place in the flesh, not going to lie I'm pretty jealous of the space you'll have for activities! 😉 Just need yourself a pair of wellys and a tweed jacket now! 😉 The models looking great, it's a really nice thing you did for him and I hope his family get to see it and appreciate it all the work that went in.
  14. Perfect having that on your doorstep. I used to be in Taunton hence partying in the area
  15. I know Haldon Hill, been to many a free-party up there back in the day. Where abouts are you based then bud?
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