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  1. I have same problem here, can´t renew my membership, my account needs also resetting. MR-2
  2. There might be wrong drivesaft, I just changed to my "new" EP70 Starlet drivesaft, old Corolla was popping out same way, it is too short. Previous owner had changed wheelhubs from EE90 Corolla and that why used bigger bore outer joint drivesaft, fail.
  3. Thanks for info, I still have my 1E engine mounts, have to try that for 5E block.
  4. Sad that Photobucket killed my picture links, nothing bigger haven't happened. Engine/transmission is out and some parts are taken out, gona clean all out and then body goes maybe sand blasting while I restoring all other parts. Just made blower plate for my modded radiator and one pipe is moved and few mounting treads are welded on to the top, so slow project, too many other projects going on at same time :/
  5. Speaking myself, sorry :/ Drivesaft comparsion EP70 vs GT EP82, same lenght, right is only little thicker and outer joint treads are bigger, but fits to EP70 hub.
  6. Starlet parts should be almost identical, I have Starlets and Paseo EL54. I have mixed some parts to older EP70 from newer models, so those are also one choice. Droplinks are two version, You have check those visually first, front bushings have also two size, rears are same, and so on... EP70 arms and EP91 arb pictures for example
  7. Wanna recomends about KP60 to EP91, how about basics first, engine and horsepower. Normally oem disk and maybe just better pads...
  8. You need this kind of lug nuts, can find Your local dealer or ebay for example.
  9. And this 1.3 EP71 (used to be EP70 with 1E) have EE90 hubs, brakes and arms, that drivesaft is maybe from oem Starlet. What I remember I changed AE80 4A-F Corolla hubs and brakes and changed outer joint from Corolla to EP70 drivesaft, too many years and hoping save some time for future :)
  10. I haven't change newer engine yet, but have heard that there has been some problems with it or full engine/transmission height, sitting too low overal? What mount You have used on P7, 1E, 2E, 3E, 4E, 5E? Transmission shouldn't change anywhere... Other thing is left side drivesaft, what to use, have seen two too short drivesaft, which drops out inner joint when turning? Have done my own 1E>2E conversion twenty years ago and don't remember having any problems...
  11. Nice tread to read, well done head works That gearbox is pain in ass, I have that project coming also with mechanical TRD diff. Was those gearbox parts and Quaife expensive?
  12. Long time since I was here, have seen Your project going forward on Facebook, well done mate :)
  13. Next project was lowering front. Got free VW coilovers and those where on my friends EP70. This adjusting wasn't my favorit and I got idea cut lower parts from AE100 Corolla. After little cut and paste I had lower set with Starlet uppermounts. Also that night had little bit hurry and had to use smaller diameter bolts, distance wasn't same in Corolla, have to tune it later more. No front is very good to drive and won't hit anywhere with et35 7,5" 195/45R16 tyres. Can go lower also, but this is my daily and winter is coming, so I keep it that level. Rear still have Kyb shocks and Tein lowering springs, it is okay level for me and rear must be softer anyway to get all availble grip. Winter time also started in Finland, have to use 14" old winter tyres again, car looks maybe lower with those...
  14. It was time to get rid off that stupid black hood, whic was painted by earlier owner. Found little rust under paint and few spots inside also. Sanded it first and sprayed acid primer, result was boiling, then my 1K primer was dryed in the can and had to paint prime it with some shit zink primer. I was little hurry doing this in the work at night time and no other paints available at that moment. Top coat was sprayed with proper 2K paint, went well after few horrible hours, much better on white color, not so teenager look :)
  15. Next project was adding some old Ford honeycomp plastic mesh and front bumper partially painting, wanted some gunmetall color also there, same as on my TTE wheels. Center mask was from mk3 Golf, earlier owner cutted that also, not perfect and one day huge stone went threw it, so it is rapidly fixed. Also factory new front lamps, old one were leaking little bit. Same time I painted signal inside for more darker look, don't still match with main lamps. Double parking lamps also and rear lamps are also opened inside for wider look. Sorry for picture tsunami :/
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