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  1. Thanks for the reply. I will try to get my chap to tighten it further. It only concerns more why it keeps getting loose again if he thinks it's fine. I can imagine by the time I get to the MOT place it will be loose and fail again!
  2. So today my UK EP91 failed it's MOT on 'excessive play in rear nearside wheel'. I've had an issue with this passenger side rear wheel since I inadvertently went over what was a large hole in the side of the road where a B road had collapsed away at the edge due to rain or something. I went over the hole with the rear wheel, a huge bang occured and there was some grinding noise for a few mins, before that went away. Noticed that rear end of car was a bit all over the place. Took the car to mechanic who only found the rear passenger wheel had excessive play in it. Everything else he said looked fine. He took the wheel off, and reassembled things with a new hub pin. The mechanic told me there needed to be some play in the wheel and he was not going to do the nut up too tight. But wheel play had diminished. I drove the car for a while but noticed after a short while things felt loose again going around corners etc. Took the car back to him and wheel play was back to being excessive again. We then repeated this whole cycle again one more time. So getting fed up I took the car to my local tyre fitter to check that the alloy wheel was not warped, as I thought that might be the root cause after the big pot hole I went over. Not sure if they checked the wheel tbh but they came right back to me and said 'it's the bearing'. So, both rear wheel bearings were subsequently replaced. I thought this had made things better, but then the bombshell today of a failed MOT on this same wheel. The very experienced old school mechanic I use is usually pretty darn good, but he has told me he thinks the 'younger' MOT guys are wrong to fail on this, as quoting him 'there has to be some play in an adjustble taper roller bearing' - but it's obviously worse than the other wheels hence the MOT fail. So other than confirming 100% the alloy wheel is not warped and not some sort of root cause I can't see with the bearing already replaced what else it can be..... Any idea guys? I've read some other forum posts on similar issues people have had, and some have replied that the hub nut must be really tight? Is there a torque setting anyone has used for similar issue I can give the mechanic, as he is convinced that if too tight then damage will occur. Any help appreciated as this issue is really beginning to get on my goat! Clearly the new rear bearings were money wasted and I don't want to waste anymore if I can help it Cheers.
  3. Post requirements in wanted section chap.
  4. Post in the technical section mate. Probably some questions already posted / answered on same subject. There are not many subjects now that have not been!
  5. Good job. Now I can pay my subs :)
  6. Nice condition, a bit of surface rust around fixing bracket which will clean off with a few minutes of elbow grease. Not bent or twisted. This was fitted to my UK EP91 S when I bought it (was going to be a project car for another UKSO member). But it was knocking on the air box, and was pointless on a standard N/A that I had no intention of modding. So it had to come off... Collection by yourself, or you can arrange for a courier to collect for you. Cost & Payment: £10 - payment up front if you arrange a courier to collect it, or I will accept cash on day of collection if you prefer to come & collect it yourself. Location is South Lincolnshire / PE10 No currently on Ebay, but it will go there if no interest on UKSO by end of June. Any questions please feel free to ask, thanks for looking.
  7. Hello all. A couple with a couple of out of control young boys have moved in near me recently. One of the little sods proudly told me this week that whilst at work he sat on the bonnet of my Z4m! Fantastic news.... i'm sure the aluminium bonnet appreciated that as much as I did (cue red mist rage and thoughts of getting away with killing said evil child). So my thoughts must turn to protecting the car now (which is on my drive when I am at work). Does anyone have recommendations / experience with the home network security cameras? I am thinking about the ones like Netgear ARLO and such like. I would rather not have to get a NAS box to hook it up to, but I will need one that can set up at least one viewing 'zone'. It doesn't need to do night IR stuff as the parents do at least drag him in at night - which is a small miracle as they don't care much about other disciplines....... Any help appreciated, Cheers.
  8. Bought nice clean 98 Starlet S from him, only 36k miles. All was good, and car which replaced my lovely original has been a nice little chap so far.... Damien is a good chap to boot ;)
  9. Cheers, yes I've been on eBay and realised the link item is not what I need! Thanks for confirming.
  10. Hope someone can help me out here please. So I've bought some alloys off eBay as piccie below, Toyota branded and they have flat seated bolt holes. The standard steelies my Starlet has on have tapered nuts so won't fit with new alloys. Are the flat ended nuts on the europarts link below the ones I need to get to fit the studs? https://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Toyota_Starlet_1.3_1998/p/car-parts/transmission-parts/car-transmission/wheel-bolt-and-wheel-nut/?924730090&1&b57a60b28dd8d1902210da91942916eb6999d959&000866 Any help appreciated. Ta.
  11. He's a great guy, and his You Tube vids on all sorts of car / bike refurbs and mechanics are really interesting. Just so happens he has done a series on fixing up Starlets including welding and complete stripdown of parts from one car to rebuilding of another with parts. This link shows the first 5 Starlet videos, which is one series of 4 vids from a few years back, but also the first part of a new series to get his new $300 dollar daily back on the road. He has just uploaded a new video on getting the engine out of that which is not on the playlist yet. Really worth watching this guy.
  12. Never got around to posting this, but now with a twist in the story I will. Bought a rear bumper from him, he was away on hols I think but met his (cool) Dad I think it was and collected it. Was great to chat Starlets with him, and see BMX's nice import outside. Bumper was in very good nick as he promised. Now the twist.... had bumper refinished and sprayed up as new by my local bodyshop who are ace. Due to work have had to wait to fit it. But went in this Saturday 12th just gone and helped chap fit it at said bodyshop. Interesting to see him push out back panel that guy who ran into back of me stoved in as well as ko'ing the old bumper. Looked great! Well it was not to be. Last night at about 6.45 as I was coming home from work a Lithuanian lorry driver in a 40 tonne artic decided to pull out of a junction as I was just coming onto him and despite best efforts as he had come across my lane entirely I could not swerve round him enough and we hit nearly head on at 30-40. Needless to say there was only going to be one winner. Not me or my little Starlet. Car is a write-off. But thanks anyway for the bumper. It looked ace for the 5 days it was on!
  13. Aldershot is just too far down south chap, sadly due to work and stuff I don't have the time to get down there. Cheers anyway.
  14. Very kind offer mate. This may be too costly for courier though? I would need to look into that first, unless you know sort of prices if you have used before?
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