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  1. I forgot it was Sunday . Gutted I missed it 😢
  2. T-dog

    Short shifter

    Sorted now , can be locked . Thanks
  3. All done . Cheers socks 👍🏼
  4. Great news , when can we renewal are memberships ? 😀
  5. T-dog

    Gt4 upgrade

    All the info is in this thread mate
  6. T-dog

    Gt4 upgrade

  7. I've sealed a few Sumps on these cars now and found that the only sealant that really works is the Toyota black sealant . I tried Halfords stuff and few off the internet. Also is it a genuine seal or aftermarket ? As I had trouble a few years back with cheap crank seals not seating right
  8. T-dog

    Map sensor question

    That’s been bent mate . Should be dead straight . So yeah could be casing a issue were it’s kinked
  9. T-dog

    IOW Jap Takeover

    Maybe a little bit . Like a good 5 miles
  10. T-dog

    IOW Jap Takeover

    I’m in for sure
  11. I've Got a cover if Toyota let you down
  12. I've got y-cam outdoor cameras installed around my house . Fantastic bits of kit
  13. Does it fit a starlet handbrake lever ? Thanks
  14. That colour love it , going to look mint when done
  15. T-dog

    Earth Points

    Driver side engine mount to body . Top of the Gearbox to passenger side body . I added one to inlet to firewall . You could add loads but up to you lol .
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