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  1. Got a set of Corolla 15" 10 spoke wheels. Painted them black and dressed them in 195 50's
  2. Sorry guys, It's still the 5 door with all the bumpers, front/rear lights, rear hatch, side skirts and front bonnet of the Glanza S. It's been sat for the last few years. Just started rubbing it down and getting it ready for paint.
  3. Just found this again. That's what I was talking about - a map clamp and suitably larger injectors.
  4. Is the preface front bumper badge still available - any around that needs a new home?
  5. Stainless system fitted now and the car is a hoot to drive 😆
  6. I'm back and so is the Starlet S 😉
  7. Tks James, But probably looking at over £100 delivered. Will have to wait for something cheaper.
  8. Any one know of any sets going for sale or where I can find them. Only front door ones seem to be about for the 5 door.
  9. 3SGE amazing smoooth and revy engines Then came the 3SGTE
  10. Need to construct a ram air intake next to radiator so more air forced in as you go faster. Had a ST162 in 88/89 and done the same with that and could hit the rev limiter in 5th cant remember the speed though.
  11. Wows skinny, thats amazing. Looking to have the Glanza S ex manifold 4-2-1 and sports system fitted and bet there'll be more from the 4EFE Ohh and all she has is V-Power
  12. Had a chance to do a bit of a blast on a very private road the other day and was well pleased/surprised. The car with 2 people in it got to 6200 revs in 4th at an indicated 108mph. Only mod at the moment is advanced ignition, foam panel filter & Corolla intake.
  13. Does not have any apparent issues with charging capacity. Been on since September and using lights all the time.
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