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  1. If you don't want to post it here you can email me on nafeez92@live.com Thanks lads
  2. Hi all, I'm new in kent and struggling to find a friendly mot. My glanza is in tip top condition it's just been decat. Anyone's help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. After a lot of trial and error i managed to find the correct resistance value for the airbag bypass. its a 1.8 ohm resistor across the 2 wires on the airbag connection plug. the colour for the resistor is Brown,Grey,Gold ,Gold. Hope this will be useful for someone else in the future.
  4. Dear all, Can someone please let me know the resistance value to turn off airbag light on the dashboard when changing steering wheel. on the net i am seeing different values ranging from 1.8 ohm to 3.9 ohm. Thanks
  5. check your rotor arm inside the distributor cap mate, maybe there is corrosion or its not touching the end when rotation. or just the leads has gone bad.
  6. Hi Guys, Has anyone used Castrol Power1 4T 10W-40 4 Litres in a 4efte engine?
  7. Hi Guys, Hope everyone is ok. can someone please help me find a wheel hub for a starlet Glanza V. cant find it anywhere for sale but i came across a hub for yaris and not sure if its going to fit, does anyone know the specs for Glanza? Yaris hub specs: Width [mm] : 68.5 Outer diameter [mm] : 125 Outer diameter [mm] : 38 Bolt Hole Circle Ø [mm] : 100 Outer thread [mm] : M12 x 1,5 mm Fitting Position : Front Axle Many thanks Nafeez
  8. Hello Guys, Quick update, since then i have been using NGK copper-core spark-plugs and the problem is solved.
  9. Redline tunning bro 5 Hemmells, Basildon SS15 6ED
  10. Hello mate, Im not an expert but according to what you are saying, the air suction when you are starting the engine come from a bypass pipe from the wax stat i dont know if this can go wrong or blocked. Secondly i would consider checking all the wiring for the sensors and specially the igniter and also swap the ecu with someone around just to check and eliminate doubts. These are the only things i can think of if you have fuel and spark. Correct me if i am wrong anyone.
  11. Hello mate, i got a full set of kyb excel g shock absorbers with stock or lowering springs with the top mounts(all 4) PM me.
  12. Yes Bean. it will work exactly as the stock actuator if you use the t-piece between the actuator and the turbo and the third part of the t-piece goes to the solenoid.
  13. Calum122, i will have to correct you because the stock actuator has only one preload with 2 ports, if you blow on one side of the port the air come out straight through the other one. there is no 2 chambers.
  14. Hi Guys, Is this any good? have anyone used this turbo and would you recomend this as a direct ct9 replacement. Plese see link below: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hybrid-CT9-turbo-for-Toyota-starlet-EP82-EP91-stock-turbocharger-upgrade/331783788622?epid=1676231465&hash=item4d3fdad84e:g:AscAAOSwQItUJ6zl Thanks.
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