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  1. Any updates on how to connect ignition ?
  2. "Some more questions" Yes i ll try to do it by myself, I want my car to run like stock, i dont want it to make more power So i will have to make the fuel tables and the ignition tables, right? what others i ll need to adjust ? For adjusting fuel tables i ll need a wideband?
  3. setup the config? doesnt it have a base map? explain me pls about the single wire retard cause my english are bad
  4. thank you very much ! another question . will the 2 step function of the det 3 work alright with the 4efe?
  5. Hey guys. Can you help about the full pinout ? I'm talking about det 3 on 4efe
  6. hey guys, same problem on my 4efe any updates?
  7. I have seen in some of my friends ep91 that their fuel gauges are showing empty when the car is off, but in mine it is always working. How can i fix this? Also something strange is that when i fill up my car the fuel gauge is going up very slow
  8. Does the interior dash clock monitors fuel consumption?
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