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  1. Hi guys and girls, i cannot find a speedometer cable anywhere, desperately need a new one if anyone knows how to get hold of one it would be very much appreciated ep91 4efe 1998 by the way rik
  2. Yes i absolutely love the 4efe engine. It’s taken me right back to my first car having fun under the bonnet.. i will be putting some pics up soon as I’m in cleaning mode at the minute.
  3. No not at all, and thanks for the reply.. minefield when trying to buy seconds..But i don’t want to rush into it and have problems. I shall keep searching and thanks again.
  4. Hi guys can anyone tell me the best offset for a ep91 4efe starlet with the view to lowering the car 35mm in the future? New to the starlet world but I’m in love already. thanks guys Rik
  5. So i have fell in love with the Starlet 4efe ep91 so much i have two projects on the go 😂
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