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  1. I haven’t had an engine light on at all throughout. But i will give that a go when i rebuild.. to see what’s what thanks. i think i know now which you mean, if the rain holds up i can get on it tomorrow. 🤞 and thanks I’ve really enjoyed learning as i clean haha. I want to get this running well then i can get on the look and bodywork.
  2. Hi thanks, so all four lines then? i have cleaned the throttle valve and is sitting better in the chamber now and bought a New ICV to pit on just incase £20.. stupid question but is fuel piping ok for the vac lines? Gonna replace all these and clean the fire wall whilst I’m there haha. I haven’t got a code reader but I’ll have a look for one. thanks for all the good advice I’m learning heaps Rik
  3. Which hoses are the one’s to change? For a vac leak?
  4. What’s the best way to replace the vacuum hose under the throttle body that goes under the manifold?
  5. Hi pal, thanks yeah I’m doing that today and having a look at the hoses.. i will let you know later.
  6. Thanks guys. Have you any suggestions on the best hose replacements? i was thinking of taking the TB off to clean properly whilst changing the hoses. I am abit ocd and the build up of dirt from over the years is doing my nut in haha.
  7. Hi thanks for the reply i am still learning and getting confused haha. yeah idling really high and then drops suddenly and back up to high in regular sequence. I’m thinking my ICV Is goosed but ??? now revving around 3000
  8. I think my idle control valve is goosed, took my filter off and when running i cover the wax stat hole in the TB up with my finger and revs go right down.. JUST NEED TO FIND A REPLACEMENT NOW!!
  9. Hi guys yes I’ve fixed the MAF sensor into the air flow tube behind the cone filter. Left it out first and just idled high, now I’ve fixed it into the tube this has started.
  10. Thanks guys im having some idle issues after fitting cone air filter but she’s driving well? Any thoughts on this? IMG_3696.MOV
  11. It is more blue but yes has a tinge to it. Thanks I’m loving the starlet life haha.
  12. Clear indicators and side lights on, just bought these bad boys! Just getting them refurbished and gloss white. Can’t wait to get them on..
  13. Hi peeps.. just bought some nice new alloys for the project, getting them gloss white before fitting, what ya think? random question has anyone got or know someone who might have a tacho cable!! Mine is goosed and MOT early next year.
  14. Hi guys and girls, i cannot find a speedometer cable anywhere, desperately need a new one if anyone knows how to get hold of one it would be very much appreciated ep91 4efe 1998 by the way rik
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