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  1. Need ignition barrel light / footwell lights if anyone has any
  3. Anyone had any luck rebuilding the Trd coilovers?
  4. I have my radio and hazard switch illuminated when the lights are on but the boost lo switch, rear screen switch, mirror switch, and fog switch aren't any ideas?
  5. My airbag light is staying on I have tried new clock spring and different airbags and resistors still no luck (97 glanza) can't take bulb out due to local test failure anyone had similar issues?
  6. Il take that down pipe then and get details pmd to you
  7. Messaged you about bumper mate
  8. Just fitted corolla inlet on starlet really bad misfire burning oil slightly and really bad wine any advice would be much appreciated
  9. Just wondering if anyone had done one on an na (96 ep91 sportif) Tia
  10. Just wondering what people have used is it possible using a glanza carrier to run bigger discs and pads? Calipers look similar
  11. How have people fitted them into headlight seeing as there is no cap to drill and insert
  12. To fit na preferably jap can and not much mod needed thanks in advance
  13. Surely if you get the glanza carriers calipers are needed as well?
  14. Anyway way you could box it up and I have it picked up by courier mate?
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