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  1. I live close by (not me, but happy to know there’s more in the area) 🥺
  2. Karenasx_

    Engine loom

    I’m after a full loom/harness for my ep82. Mine has been sliced here and there that many times I can no longer make sense of it or what goes where😂
  3. Aye was second hand thought I was best of buying another as turbo solutions wanted £400 for a rebuild. May have found another shop who can rebuild it for quarter that though. also I think I've found the issue is related back to the catch can, so going to do away with that and try again...
  4. All internal branches are dry still ?
  5. Hello, just looking for some advice. I've got a tf035 which started to smoke, oil seals = fucked. went and collected a new TF clocked it last night then come this morning same issue, oil is leaking and the car is smoking. Am I missing something here or doing something wrong ? Any advice is appreciated, booked for tuning in two weeks with rdt, so kind of stressing out here.
  6. Looking at WEPR mani dp etc, bigger injectors with an Emanage blue ecu Just wondering if anyone can guide me in how fit the oil and coolant lines please
  7. Very quick update** Collected a new head for the car which should be fitted next week, in the main time I've took back all the repairs on my Toms bumper and re-strengthened it with fibreglass (I say I, I mean the very kind fibreglass man at my boyfriends work) ????, that still needs sanding back and painting. Speaking of painting, I've stripped back all the pink off my rocker and strut brace, and rather than 50 shades of pink, I'll be spraying them in a fantasy pearl pink. I've decided the car requires a remap so after speaking to Mike from TD I've just purchased an Toyo sports mani and dp,
  8. I went! Was in my scooby though,, only seen one Gt, a few glanza's and a red sportif
  9. Anybody know the owner of this? I keep getting tagged in spotted photos of it on Facebook !
  10. I know right! Excellent customer service, so happy I went with them, would definitely recommend
  11. I only need the one though! 🙈🙈
  12. I'm still unaware, it happened during the time the car was away but no one is owning up, and i have no proof to be going around making accusations. It's more annoying that it wasn't actually me, and it's been damaged while in the trust of some body else
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