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  1. I know a couple of lads that will do it unseen, but it costs. Its done via instagram if you're interested I can point you in the right direction
  2. Anyone on here? Not seen it around before
  3. Raised the coilies up about an inch today just so I don’t smash the bumper up. I inspected the rust patch a bit closer because I was thinking about reshelling it, but it doesn’t look bad enough to give up on it Also think an alignment is due before I get new tyres lol
  4. Yeah well I don’t need to Rev it crazy high as I just want a fast road car, it won’t really be seeing the track either. Like you say it’d be rude not to while I have it just sat here
  5. Yeah I’ll probs get the 5e done then as nobody like to travel to me to buy stuff because I live so far away from everyone and I do like the sound of better torque down low
  6. Currently running 230 on 4E, standard internals and the next step it’s forging. I do have a 5E engine spare and the 4E currently in the car. What are the pros and cons of both? Jake
  7. Yeah it’s my outer sill, I bought mk3 fiesta sills because I was told that they would work the best as you can’t get glanza sills anymore
  8. it’s a livesport bumper, my favourite of them all
  9. Looking good! I’m currently running 230bhp at the moment and probs gonna go forged but let us know the difference between 230 and high 200’s when you get it mapped 👍 I also replaced my cluster lights with normal bulbs recently. I think the led lights are too bright and I’ve heard they can cause problems with the electrics
  10. Took me a hot minute to get hold of one
  11. Thanks, next update will be after welding and paint I think. Got to say my goodbyes to my savings account and make peace with being skint for a while lol
  12. Cheers mate, it would be a shame to let Facebook take over. Hope the starlet scene comes back properly at some point
  13. Neglected the car for too long now so the plan is to throw some money at it. Got the livesport kit to go on (wings, skirts and spoiler). Sadly the sill needs welding up after being sat by the sea, next ok the list is wheels, brakes, tyres and some tidying up in the bay. Hopefully by the end of next year it’ll have a forged lump, stand-alone ecu, COP and hybrid TD04
  14. Am I the only one who can’t see the password?
  15. One year later... meister coilovers installed, made a huge difference to the car, still feels like it understeers too much, I think and alignment is needed soon. I plan of getting a rear arb installed too. WEPR top mount manifold is on after my Chinese manifold completely Also just ordered Livesport side skirts and wings from Fiskë which I can’t wait to get. And hopefully at some point I’ll find myself a Livesport front bumper and Varis bonnet… that’s the dream anyway. rattling coming from gearbox recently so I’ll have the box taken off and get the clutch checked out, maybe it’s co
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