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  1. Fitted a new water temperature gauge to the car at the weekend, wanted to keep a closer eye on the temps as the stock gauge on the dash doesnt fill me with confidence. Noticed there is a spare blanked off port on the thermostat housing on the glanza's, so decided to use that to plumb in the sensor using an M16 x 1.5 to 1/8th npt adapter. Once installed I wired it up with some crimping connectors and ran the wire through the firewall into the cabin. Then I got the new gauge fitted into my a pillar gauge pod trim and got it all wired up. It only needed a 12v positive, a ground and a si
  2. Looking for a single wire o2 sensor with the plug and a working interior light for my glanza. Thanks
  3. Yeah think your right sam, the front wishbone bush is superpro and the anti lift kit is powerflex. I think powerflex do two different hardness options for every bush though depending on how stiff/soft you want the ride to be.
  4. I bought an anti lift kit and new poly front wishbone bushes for the car recently. Had some time off work this week, so decided to get them fitted. Started by disassembling the front suspension and removing the wishbones from the car. With the wishbones removed from the car I pressed out the front bushings fairly easily. I then had to cut off the rear bush and metal sleeve in order to fit the anti lift kit. I did this by grinding the sleeve back carefully untill it was almost through and then hitting it off the arm. I then gave the wishbones a good clean up, buffed the su
  5. Polybushed the rear beam on my glanza today. I was able to do them with the axle still on the car by leaving the shocks attached and carefully lowering the front of the beam down on the jack untill the bushes were accessible. I removed the centre of the original bush by drilling and cutting it out. Then it was just a case of cutting out the rest of the remaining rubber bush. This took a while but eventually got it back to smooth metal. I gave both sides a quick coat of paint while I had the opportunity. Once the paint had dried I installed the new poly bushes with plenty
  6. Yes mate there for the standard bar. They are 20mm internal diameter if that helps you .
  7. Made a few small upgrades to the car this weekend, Fitted some poly exhaust mounts and front anti roll bar d bushes. Really straightforward to install and both a nice improvement. Had some really nice weather aswell, perfect for taking the car out and testing it .
  8. Thanks bud. Thanks Sam. Yeah im not keen on the toyota spring clips either, much prefer the jubilee style hose clamps. A lot easier to work with .
  9. Been working on getting all of my coolant hoses swapped over the past few days. I decided it would be easier if I removed the intake manifold for access, so off it came. I took some pictures and made a mental note of where everthing was connected to save getting confused when putting it back together. It was a good opportunity to give it a clean up aswell as the back of the engine. Next I went about changing all the coolant hoses at the back, the original heater matrix hoses had turned soft and were worn out. I also changed both vacuum lines connecting the intake manifold to the ste
  10. Good work with this mate, really tidy GT. Liking the front mount, looks like a good bit of kit with the short route hot pipe .
  11. This arrived from Mike at tuning developments this week, a full silicone engine hose kit with jubilee clamps. Looking forward to getting them installed.
  12. Thanks bud yeah definitely. Really pleased with it, fits the bay so nicely.
  13. Got the car out for the summer recently, seeing as the weather has started to improve and most of the salt has gone away. I swapped out the boss kit for a 96spec one and now the horn works as it should. I also did an oil and filter change and put a fresh tank of fuel in after sitting over winter. The car drives really well after the turbo refresh and other improvements. Porting the wastegate seems to have helped the boost creep and it dosent creep up to fuel cut levels as easily as it did before. Allthough I have only taken it to around 5.5K rpm, set to 0.6 bar. Had to put a pa
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