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  1. Thanks Jase. Only a small update but picked up a few bits from toyota last week. New headlight adjusters and front bumper fixings for where it attaches to the wing. Got them all fitted and replaced the originals. Wanted to replace the adjusters while they are still available as mine had seen better days. Just a shame you cant get new headlights from toyota anymore .
  2. This arrived from 86aero in Northern Ireland this week, a fibreglass replica of the 96 spec oem front lip. Managed to get it test fitted and cut around the intercooler, heres a before and after. Then I prepped it for painting by sanding it flat and smooth. I had to fill a few small imperfections and low points but got it looking pretty good. I gave it a few coats of primer before painting in 040 white to match the car. This is the finished product. Really pleased with it. I have always wanted one of these and it really changes the look of the front end.
  3. The car passed its mot for another year last week with no advisories. Also thanks to @Patches on here. I managed to find the original auction sheet from japan, aswell as a few pictures from the auction.
  4. Havent updated this in a little while but finally made some progress on the seats recently. After waiting 9 months for some rails off the lad in Ireland who makes them, I gave up and decided to make my own. Started off with some 3mm thick steel that I cut and bent to shape to suit the starlet floorpan. I bought some recaro rails that bolt straight onto the recaro trendline seats. I just had to use some stainless steel spacers and longer bolts so that they would clear the base of the seat that hangs down. Then I was able try the seats in and decide where the rails needed to be p
  5. Recieved my aluminium power steering pot from RW developments last week. Got it all fitted up with my roose silicone hoses and fresh power steering fluid. Very happy with it, looks great in the bay compared to the standard one. Also picked up some 98 spec glanza wing mirrors to replace my originals as one has been badly cracked since I got the car. They are a slightly different shape to the 96 ones and the glass is a little larger, but the plug is the same so they bolt straight on. Pleased with them, they've also been repainted in 040 white so look well on
  6. Added an oil pressure gauge to the car this week. Bought a prosport gauge and used a remote adapter line that fits into the factory oil pressure switch to fit the sensor. I had to make a bracket to mount the adapter and sensors just above the gearbox. Also added a heat protective sleeve to the oil line because of its location near the turbo and downpipe. I decided to carefully disassemble and remove the insides of the dash clock so that I could run the wires for the gauge neatly through the dash. Got the gauge wired in and up and running. Just need to stick it
  7. Thanks Tyler, good to hear. Yeah it is really, been a little bit unsure which route to go down with regards to the management. Ive decided it would be better to go straight for a standalone ecu set up similar to your own. Going to start putting some funds aside for it and will see how things go next year.
  8. Thanks mate, yeah really pleased with it. Looks so much better than it did. Thanks Claymore, found your thread on the walbro pumps helpful to make sure I got the right one .
  9. Got to work on removing my fuel tank over the past few weeks. Managed to get it off the car after draining all the fuel out and disconnecting everything attached. As you can see there was quite a lot of surface corrosion so got to work buffing it back to bare metal. Once I was happy I gave it a good clean and hung it up for painting in the garage. Started by giving it a few coats of red oxide primer to protect the bare metal. Once that was fully dry we went over it with some coats of black and left it to dry. Also painted the fuel filler t
  10. Thanks mate, yeah he was okay with me but seems Ive had better luck than others with him.
  11. Haven't updated this in a little while. Ended up having to swap out the tuning developments hose kit for a roose motorsport one after a lot of issues with the TD hoses leaking coolant through the cords. The roose hoses seem to be much better quality and I havent had any more leaks since fitting them. I Took the car down to Japfest at silverstone in september and went on the UKSO's stand. Had a good day and saw lots of starlets. First time ive done a long trip in the car and it drove well, did around 300 miles there and back. One thing I did pick up on though was that the
  12. Yeah thats the plan, looking at tee'ing into the oil pressure switch on the front of the block for a sensor. Added an oil temp gauge to fill the last gauge pod this week. Used the spare port in the oil filter housing to fit the sensor, another M16 x 1.5 to 1/8th npt adapter was required. I used locktite 545 thread seal on both fittings to prevent leaks. I then had to drill a hole into the lower power steering bracket to run the wire through. I ran the wire around the back of the power steering pump out of the way of the belts and up through the firewall. Got the gaug
  13. Fitted a new water temperature gauge to the car at the weekend, wanted to keep a closer eye on the temps as the stock gauge on the dash doesnt fill me with confidence. Noticed there is a spare blanked off port on the thermostat housing on the glanza's, so decided to use that to plumb in the sensor using an M16 x 1.5 to 1/8th npt adapter. Once installed I wired it up with some crimping connectors and ran the wire through the firewall into the cabin. Then I got the new gauge fitted into my a pillar gauge pod trim and got it all wired up. It only needed a 12v positive, a ground and a si
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