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Build Thread

Found 17 results

  1. Hi all and welcome to my build thread! This is my 98spec Glanza I have owned the car for a year and a bit and now it’s time for a forged build! the shell itself is a very clean example and fairly stock in my eyes, rough spec as follows: *Emanage blue ECU with Glanza harness and 3 bar map sensor ready to plug straight in and be mapped *Greddy profec boost controller all plumbed in HI/LO setting fully adjustable *Full stainless Japspeed exhaust inc decat *Toyosports stainless manifold has been welded *hks adjustable actuator *Big FMIC in black with a
  2. Hi i am going to open a blog here on my starlet I've had it for a year bit haven't had the funds to actually get properly into what i wanted to do with it since i have had a new job i have started to get the funds together to do what i wanted to do which is Forge it strip it put a Cusco 7 point roll Cage in and basically Do as much as i can to it I will keep photos coming when i get the car back from the garage as its having an MOT once i get it back the works will commence ill keep updating as i go along.
  3. So abit of background about my car/build (this build thread is long overdue by the way) Previous owner was Sachin, I beleive he was a member on here. He had the engine built/forged by the great Burwash. Was running Race-Tech setup on a td05-16g < Standard. He never put it up for sale but due to being a good friend i had my eye on it for a while. I then just built the fund up and offered him the cash. Needless to say, i've been the owner for a while and couldnt help but improve what was already a good motor. Im not a mechanic, and i would never pretend to be. I know Starlets but
  4. As some of you will know i have purchased Jae Glanza's Glanza , so this is now my motor. Here are a few pics, an link to were it all started http://www.ukstarletowners.com/topic/23914-jaes-glanza-v/ First Pic when i picked her up an washed an polished her!! Now on 45's all round and oil dropped Went with the understated Black Calipers Cleaned up the engine bay add some more blue hose, painted the rocker cover matt anthracite, tip buy the seals when taking this off for painting Took the Glanza decals off and replaced them with genuine new ones as they looked tired Got a set of D1 wheel nu
  5. Item For Sale: Wiseco 74.5mm Pistons and SCAT Rods Item Condition & Description: Used and removed from my forged 4e due to valve guide wear (and breaking it) Excellent condition, no burn or bluing to the rods, rings and ringlands all good although obviously worth measuring the ring gaps before you re-use them. Might be good to go but obviously worth a quick gap measure. Rods come with the ARP bolts. New ring sets arent expensive and easy to buy. Ring set code is 2933xc, if you want to check. Any wiseco supplier in the uk will supply them, just contact them with the code. Also availabl
  6. Right here we go guys been trying to get this done for some time now. Ive had my glanza for 2 and a half years now after looking for a clean stock 96 spec for around 6 months so when this beauty popped up i had to have her so after a 4 hour drive to see it she was sat onmy drive that night and a massive grin on my face from the drive home. The spec when i bought her :- Stock 4EFTE engine Stock body ( very clean ) Evo 6 Recaros and custom rails 2 1/2 inch Custom Exhaust 15" Team Dynamique pro 1.2 alloys HKS BOV The plan was to keep or totally stock but after 2 months of ownership i
  7. Well here we go! I have finally got my new car! Its a Toyota Starlet GT Turbo 1995 quadlight in white! I had a couple of mates come with me to look at it in high wycombe and tbh it was a dog. Mechanically sound but cosmeticly needs a good going over. Priced at £2250 and got him down to £1750 but still wasnt happy so we left. The next day i had a call from the seller saying he would let it go for my original price which was £1500 sorted! My mate and the missus drove me down to it last saturday to go and collect it so here are the pics when i got it Pics of
  8. Hi guys, got a forged lump which has done roughly 10k miles top end and only about 1k on a bottom end. I'll be running a GT28 on it at about 0.8bar on stock ECU while I run it about at first making sure it's all a-ok. How much do you reckon I should run it in more before taking it to get mapped?
  9. Item For Sale: Apexi Power FC in good condition, a few wee marks on the case but this does not affect the running of system at all. It also comes with a brand new FC Hako cable that hasn't even been used yet. This is used to connect the ecu to your laptop for mapping, logging and general monitoring. This is compatible with all the different types of software eg CoPilot, FC-Edit and FC-Pro. I also have the boost control kit which comes with a 3 bar map sensor and harness along with a 3 port boost solenoid which connects to your factory wiring in place of the original hi-low solenoid. To
  10. Been thinking about starting a build thread for a while now but never got round to it. I bought my first ep82 in march 2012 and had it on the road 2 months before it ran out of mot. Will add some pictures tomorrow off my old phone. Had the intention of putting it back on the road after the repairs were done for a new mot, that was a year ago now and i dont even have the same car i started with. Collected some awsome parts for my build so far, will upload pics and details tomorrow Finally got some pics uploaded. That's the day after I got her home, picked it up from Manchester after going
  11. Contents: Page 1: First Car | Build Start | Shots Of Her | 16" Rota Grid Drift | Wheels Refubished | Engine Bay Shot | Tyres Refitted | Wheels On | Old Engine Out | Apexi Power Fc | New Fully Forged Engine | New Rocker Cover Gasket & Seals Fitted | Rear Beam Removed | Bits Ready To Be Powercoated | Polished Rad | Spec 6 Clutch | Powerflex Bushes | Powdercoated Bits Back | Powerflex Rear Beam Bushes Fitted | Powerflex Engine Mount Bush Fitted | Sump Refitted | New Bottom Ball Joints | New Waterpump | Super Pro Front Arm Bushes | D1 Spec Wheel Nuts | Tanabe Shocks Refurbished | Powdercoate
  12. Afternoon people, I have a Forged Glanza V running the below supported mods, what power should i be seeing and who recommends which mapper? Fully Forged 4EFTE (Burwash Build) WEPR Manifold WEPR 3" Side Exit TD05H-16G 550cc Injectors Light port & Polished Head Water Methanol Injection - Devilsown Any ideas people?
  13. Hi guys, thought it was about time I started a build thread on my Glanza V, hope this gives you guys some inspiration and ideas on your own builds, so here it goes, hope you like it So here's a spec list of the modifications so far Chassis 15" Rota Grids Yokohama S drive tyres BC Racing coilovers Ultra Racing Rear anti roll bar Custom 4mm wheel spacers Brakes WMS 275x22mm kit Yellow stuff brake pads Hel Braided Brake lines Bodywork Carbon Culture Front Bumper Genuine Livesport Side Skirts Varis Replica Rear Bumper Jam Style reverse bonnet scoop Custom Front Splitter Rear Mud fla
  14. Item For Sale: Adjustable blue cam pulley Item Condition & Description: Brand new. Fitted to the engine however the engine has never even been ran with this on. Reason for sale is that I have been told these cannot handle big power and as I will be running over 300 (hopefully) it has to go. Price: SOLD Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal Price includes postage Item For Sale: Greddy E-manage blue ecu Item Condition & Description: Brand new. This ecu was fitted to my car however the engine hasn't been ran and the ecu doesn't even have a base map on. The unit itself
  15. I wasnt going to do this for the simple fact that I dont like bad mouthing people and cant be bothered with the hassle that it brings but if I had read about the experience I have had before I sent my car there I wouldnt have took it. Basicaly I did my head gasket in doing a track day and instead of fixing it I decided I was going to go forged so I rang two companys one of which been race-tech and the other been another reputable tuner. Race-tech qouted me 8 weeks aposed the the 10 that the other quoted so i decided to go with race-tech. I drove the car down there in the state that it was in
  16. Item For Sale: jd tuning tow hook Item Condition & Description: tow hook for the rear , good working condition but could do with a re paint due to paint flaking Price: £20 delivered Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: pm me but can post most things Item For Sale: TMD race spec rocker cover Item Condition & Description: in good working condtion , could do with a respray tho to be perfect Price:£100 delivered Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: pm me but can post at buyers expense unless stated Item For Sale: few things pictured .sa
  17. ITEM: Forged 5efhte Engine: CONDITION: Very good condition. Approx 4,000 miles since rebuild. EXTRA INFO: 74.5mm JE Oversized Forged Pistons 5efhe Conrods ACL Race Bearings 1.2mm Steel Headgasket Fully Reconditioned Cylinder Head ARP Headbolts Zisco Valve Seals Zisco Valve Springs 5efhe High Lift Cams Comes With Receipts PRICE: £1200 LOCATION: Dublin, Ireland DELIVERY TERMS: Courier, post, collection or can meet CONTACT INFO: PM Browner or contact Conor on (00353) 86 378 4399 PICTURE:
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